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Wednesday, February 08, 2017

Prophecies on Kenya Poll Violence 2017 PLUS Breaking News Alert

For your information ONLY. BREAKING NEWS ALERT: At precisely 1:30PM Kenyan time, Thursday 9th February Kumekucha will break what he claims to be his biggest story this year so far. It will be send directly to Club595 members. Because of the highly sensitive nature of the contents that story will NOT appear anywhere else. NOT EVEN on this Kumekucha blog. This is to inform club members so that they look out for it. The reason the story is being broken at 1:30PM will become clear once you read through the first few paragraphs. Not a Club595 member yet?

Prophecies on Kenya Poll Violence 2017:  Some predictions alarming, others surprising and what the one who has always gotten it right is saying

Prophecy is a very tricky thing indeed.

It is true that Kenyans are generally deeply religious but the truth is that apart from the majority others belong to many different religions. And some religions do not believe in prophecies of any kind.

You can therefore understand my hesitancy for a long time in publishing this special report. Kenyans are already so deeply divided that it seemed to me throwing in religion as another front for disagreements would just make things worse.

Then there is the fact that prophecy has to be taken with a lot of maturity because there is only one test for a true prophet; that what they predict comes to pass.

Have you heard of the Bible Code? This is where computer software used on the scriptures and words read in different angles produce amazing prophecies. It is claimed that the Bible Code predicted President Barack Obama’s unlikely win of the presidency and his re-election too. But another prediction about his assassination while still in office never came to pass because he has recently completed his last term in office.

This is the open approach I would like our readers to take when reading this special report about the predictions on Kenya in 2017 and especially on polls violence. We will look at the most sensational and then finish off with my analysis of all the prophecies. I will also cover one particular man of God who has never gotten the presidential polls outcome wrong since 2002.

This chapter will hit Club595 members inbox shortly. Not a member yet? Read what to do HERE so that you too get this free special report like the others.

My personal belief is that one cannot ignore prophecies. After all you lose nothing by listening or analyzing them. Also very important is do not believe somebody 100% just because one of their prophecies came true. That is the trick con men use to lure the unsuspecting into their schemes.

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