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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

So you are sure you know who the JUBILEE presidential candidate will be? Read this and re-think or maintain your position

Events in the background have been unfolding rather rapidly in recent weeks as we head to certain deadlines that are required by the IEBC for the 2017 polls which have already been dubbed the most difficult Kenya has ever faced in its' history.

And one cannot help but agree with that asessment. Kenyans go to the polls in August as a deeply divided nation after the very unfortunate events of 2007 set in motion a chain of events that have tested the republic to its' very limits. Some believe that something has to give sooner or later.

Over the years I have been fortunate to build up sources of information that have helped me keep my readers ahead in terms of what is going to happen next. Experience on the other hand has helped me create certain rules that have served me very well in the eyes of my readers and in my enviable record of accuracy in the very tricky territory of breaking stories before anybody else even has a whiff of what is happening.

And that is the chief reason why I have held back for a long time what I have published just a few minutes ago in Club595. I have even deliberately tried to play it down because it is without doubt the biggest story I have ever handled.

But alas, what do you do when you get information and then you start clearly seeing the signs all around you and also start to get other information that seems to confirm what you have been told but decided to sit on because it was too hot to handle? Do you keep on ignoring it because it is too far fetched? Do you get scared because the story is way too big for you or any writer for that matter?

All those emotions and thoughts have passed through my mind over the last few hours as I agonized before I made the final decision to release the story a few minutes ago. In releasing it I have empowered my readers to read, watch the video attached and make their own judgment and conclusions as we wait to see how things play out.

I can only urge you to give yourself the opportunity of being amongst those who read, watch and decide for yourself this latest bombshell, even as you enjoy the tons of other highly sensitive information (a lot of which is now unfolding and turning out to be true after all).

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