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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Presidential Candidate Unmasked (SHOCKER), Esther Passaris Unmasked, Both Like Never Before

It should greatly DISGUST Kenyan voters how our politicians and those who seek to stand for public office in our banana republic treat US, the voting public. Incase you did not know, let me spell it out. They treat us as idiots who did not go to school and can easily be swayed based on tribal emotions and cheap propaganda. In short, they see voters (YOU and I) as idiots and having no brains kabisa.

And that is why they will make you believe that their private lives should remain private, even when they are elected into office. Unfortunately some of us voters have been tricked into believing that lie.

Why the heck would you want to put your very life in the hands of a person you hardly know and don't want to know? As we have seen in recent times, our leader is responsible for our very safety and the safety of our loved ones. Let me just give you all a very simple example. From the information I had then and have now, thousands of those poor innocent Kenyans who lost their lives in the senseless killings of the 2008 post election violence would still be alive and with us today if somebody somewhere whom we elected with all our hearts (me included) had shown just a little leadership. Just a little.

Anyway let me not get carried away venting. Bottomline, if you want your life to remain private, then just remain private and stay away from public office and keep your sordid secrets there. BUT if you want to lead us...

Kalonzo Musyoka wants to be your president and Nairobians, Esther Passaris is keen to be your governor.

Indeed Kalonzo Musyoka is just the kind of person who becomes president of Kenya even as people are making fun of him. Our history is such that the Dedan Kimathis, JM Kariukis, Tom Mboyas, Kenneth Matibas, Raila Odingas and Gitobu Imanyaras never end up as our presidents. It is always those guys who play it safe like Jomo, Moi, Kibaki and Uhuru who end up as President. NEVER EVER the real champions or the guys who really do the fighting and hard work to make our lives better.

Very sad but very true.

For that reason chances are high that history could very well repeat itself and through some strange shift of fate and bid to have a compromise candidate (all Kenyan presidents so far have been compromise candidates) Kalonzo could end up on the ballot as a top contender to be your next president. So you need to take the guy seriously and you also need to know a few things he never wants you to know about him.

Personally I like Esther Passaris. I really do and yet I have no idea why. Maybe it is because I am a normal man. But as a writer I have to present you with the facts. And let me assure you. Shocking is a very weak inappropriate word to use to describe the facts about Esther.

Club595 members will this morning receive 2 red hot special reports that unmask these two characters like never before.

How did a struggling poor lawyer like Kalonzo Musyoka suddenly come into wealth? Why did he kneel down before an illiterate, uncouth but powerful politician called Mulu Mutisya? Why did a P.S. who did not believe in GOD point hands at Kalonzo Musyoka when while seated at his office which is in the building called Office of the President, he was attacked and almost killed by forces he could not see (incident recorded in the daily press)? Why were several bulls slaughtered in honor of Kalonzo before his most bizarre entry into parliamentary politics? In fact bizarre is not the word because it started with a very strange still unexplained today incident at some AP camp. What statement was he given by a witchdoctor that he repeated in public most recently?... several times.

You really do not want to see the list of the powerful, rich and famous who have dated Esther Passaris. Trust me, you really don't. Still it is published in my special report (for your eyes only, if you are a club595 member).

See you on the other side where my hands do not shake when I release some of this highly sensitive info, as they are shaking violently even now.

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