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Monday, February 13, 2017

Why Trouble Will Come Long Before The Elections

 I shall keep this brief.

Experience has taught me NOT to rush to publish when I receive information. Especially when that information is way too alarming or sensational.

For weeks now I have sat on a certain piece of information. Even when I got similar information from a second source that suggested that as unlikely as it looked, it was true.

It took a harrowing weekend with a desperate informant scared for his life (who ended up suddenly vanishing into thin air) for me to put it all together. Then I remembered my most recent headline stories here have sounded just as far fetched before the info was confirmed in the mainstream media.

Now I can write my article and indeed am doing so as you read this.

Everybody is worried about trouble breaking out during the actual election. So worried that they are ignoring current developments and what they mean. And who can blame you? We have become so numb with shocking news that nothing shocks us anymore.

Why trouble before the elections? What are the key events that we have ignored that are leading us where nobody wants to go? What precisely will be the trouble? What can an individual do to limit their personal risk and that of their loved ones in it all?

The answers are in my special report published for Club595 members. It is easy to join and you will have access not only to this info but to all Kumekucha books, latest videos and articles. See you at the club.

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