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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Several Cheating Wives "Trapped" In The Act By New Ukambani "Mganga" In Kisii Town

A woman witchdoctor from Ukambani has invaded Kisii and is causing chaos.

We all know that Kenyans have taken to extra-marital affairs like there is no tomorrow. And in these days of equal rights wives are not being left out of the game.

the result is total chaos. In a short span of a few weeks, the usually busy but controversial-free Kisii town has been disturbed with screams usually coming our of lodgings where couples literally "get stuck" during intercourse after being caught in black magic spells by suspecting husbands who consult the Kamba woman.

Apparently the whole ordeal is so painful that the same of being caught becomes secondary.

And if you are the unbelieving type the whole action has been caught on Prime time TV news and you can take a look at the video of the latest incident above.

What I find interesting is that witchcraft is a criminal offence which the lass in question is apparently not aware of.

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Terror to cheating wives in Kisii

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