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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Duale's '82 Coup Remarks Could Lose Votes For JUBILEE

Already choking on the words he vomited at Mark Too's funeral on Monday. But the damage could be much more

The Kalenjin community are an extremely sensitive lot and it is said "hasira yao iko karibu" (loosely translated they have a very short temper).

While it is understandable that majority leader Aden Duale is extremely close and a indeed a bosom buddy of Deputy President William Ruto. And that he feels the need to be over-eager in defending the deputy President in his ongoing turf war against the Baringo senator, Gideon Moi, Hon Duale should have thought twice before he made the remarks he made. The offending remarks were in fact made at (of all places) the burial of former KANU politician Mark Too on Monday.

"My father in law picked up your dad Moi, from the bushes during the 1982 coup attempt and now Gideon it is your turn to carry Ruto on your back," Duale boomed in his usual careless, carefree, diarrhea of words. And in that style of his of shoot the mouth off first and ask questions later.

Duale has a really poisonous tongue because this is not the first time he has gotten into trouble for opening his mouth without thinking through the consequences of what he is vomiting out.

Many Kenyans will remember the hilarious incident, which also happened in the Rift Valley where Duale was dressing down the Bomet County governor Isaac Ruto for corruption and unaccounted for funds in his county.

"Hii si pesa ya mama yako.." (This is not your mother's money). Isaac Ruto stood up in a fit of rage breathing fire and had it not been for the quick intervention of those around a fist fight was a certainty.

The picking-Moi-from-the-bushes comment could end up being very costly for Duale and JUBILEE. Costly enough to lose votes in an area that already looks like it is going to be split with votes being divided between JUBILEE and KANU. As I have said in my latest book, Elections 2017: This is what is set to happen KANU is an affiliate party of JUBILEE but voters in the Rift Valley can very easily do crazy things just to spite Duale for his remarks.

So did it really happen? Was Moi picked from the bushes in 1982?
It is said that soldiers loyal to President Daniel arap Moi went all the way to Kabarak to collect him and bring him back to Nairobi in a military operation dubbed operation maji machafu. When Moi saw the soldiers he at first thought that they were part of the coup and had come to kill him. Now it has never been said that Moi was in the bushes hiding when the soldiers came and it is unlikely that he was. Fascinatingly it is believed that the then president was brought back to Nairobi inside a combat military tank.

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