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Courageous Kumekucha Was Terrified...

Courageous Kumekucha Was Terrified...
...To Even Touch These Stories

Friday, January 13, 2017

Is One of The NASA Principals A JUBILEE Mole?

Many Kenyans are very excited about the brand new National Super Alliance (NASA) coalition that has supposedly brought all opposition political parties together.

There have even been jokes on social media about how JUBILEE will pack up their bags and go home as early as 10am in the morning on voting day. Others have joked about how worried President Uhuru Kenyatta must be and how he is probably already shaking in his boots. In fact one political site has gone as far as claiming that a hurriedly convened meeting was called at State house to discuss the matter, participants being in panic mode.

Well, for starters I do NOT believe that the president is that shaken. One of the reasons is that (according to my impeccable sources) the ruling coalition has a mole right inside the coalitions’ top leadership or principals as they are called. That means NASA will not be able to sneeze without the JUBILEE high command being aware of it, let alone come up with a strategy that they will not hear about long before it is even executed.

Read the rest of this story in my latest Kumekucha's raw notes or even download it for free HERE (no email required, no registration required).

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