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Monday, January 09, 2017

Museveni Has Assisted In Fiddling Of Elections in Kenya... And Will Continue To Do So

 Any mention of a foreign country involved in local politics elicits wide yawns and disinterest. A foreign country influencing things in Kenya? Get out of here!!

The truth is that it is almost standard procedure in International espionage to use foreign allies to do dirty work in your own backyard. This has many advantages the key one being that if something goes wrong you retain your deniability. Just do a little research.

Now most Kenyans in the dark like President Yoweri Museveni. But apart from stripping stark naked dissident opposition women politicians in Uganda, he has contributed a lot to the fiddling of Kenyan elections. Kumekucha's latest raw notes (to be released later today and FREE since the beginning of the year) reveals just how and what he plans to do in Elections 2017.

* See video of Ugandan woman politician being stripped naked (explicit)...

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Anonymous said...

Hio raw notes!!! wawawawawa

Thanks for doing this Chris. Free is the way to go my broda.

Anonymous said...

Read or download to your phone the very latest issue of the sizzlingly hot Kumekucha's Raw Notes here.

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