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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Could Raila's Claims About NIS Involvement In Rigging 2017 Be True?

Today's Standard newspaper has published an article making some claims that will sound very familiar to all those who have read my book Elections 2017: This is what is set to happen.
Kindly note that this is NOT a I-TOLD-YOU-SO post. Rather it is an election update by a very concerned patriotic citizen of the republic of Kenya to keep everybody (even those who do not have the book) informed on developments that are NOT good for our country (whatever side of the political divide you belong).

As I told one of my avid readers this morning, if I end up being proved very wrong and our elections go like clockwork I will be the happiest man in Kenya. And I will happily eat humble pie and apologize to Kenyans for being alarmist. Even if we all know that sometimes blowing the whistle can discouarge and even avert a crime that is about to be committed. Who would prefer being proved right to a nation being saved from imminent disaster? Only a mad man I think.

Highlights of claims in the Standard article;

* National Intelligence Service (NIS) is heavily involved in the ongoing voter registration with the aim of influencing results in August.

* Interference in the voter registration involves taking Biometric Voter Registration (BVR) kits across the borders of Uganda and Ethiopia and assisting citizens of the two countries to register in a Kenyan election process.

* “NIS will break down this nation and send it to the dogs, if it continues on this path of seeking to influence election results by way of fraud. We challenge the NIS to come clean on this matter and assure the country that it is abandoning its disgraceful involvement in voter registration.”
Read the entire article for yourself at;

P.S. My latest "wild claims" about the elections are even more "far-fetched" than these ones which have been printed in a national newspaper this morning. But I believe they are 1000% TRUE. (Download or read online the Kumekucha Raw notes issue that has them. The Raw notes are free)

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