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Thursday, January 26, 2017

Mageria Kumekucha: Why JUBILEE Will Win In August Bila Jasho Nyingi

Let me start by introducing myself.

I have been asked by Chris Kumekucha to be writing the JUBILEE political point of view in Kumekucha from today until after the elections. I am an experienced journalist who has worked in Kenya and other countries for many years.

My day for writing in Kumekucha will be Thursdays, like today, but on other days when there is hot breaking news, you will also see my writing. I will also be contributing daily to the elections update so please join the yahoogroup if you haven't already. Join by sending an email to

Chris Kumekucha's initial idea was that I write on the same page as he writes that Raila propaganda. I declined. Respectfully.

Let me start by thanking Chris for his great wisdom. Today as you read this the majority of Kenyan voters do not have any good political analysis to read. Raila has taken over the entire media, blogs, newspapers, social media etc. and everything is in support of the opposition and their agenda. I will ask you later what the opposition has done for you and I hope you will be able to tell me. Anyway, I reluctantly accepted to include the word "Kumekucha" in my byline (My pen name shall be Mageria Kumekucha and you can see my real photograph ABOVE). Why reluctant? Because I do not want to be seen as a Kumekucha Chris stooge.

I trust that Chris Kumekucha with his great reputation in Kenyan political writing spread right across the globe will keep his word to me to allow me "total freedom to write anything I want." Those were his exact words. I say this because I am going to say some things today that I am sure he will not like.

Going through the tons of Kumekucha writings and books over the last 2 weeks, I came across one book that he has hidden very well which openly shows why Uhuru and JUBILEE will win in August. If the man is truly impartial and non-partisan in his writing, why has he hidden this great story so well? Focusing instead on fictional rigging stories fed to him by Raila people?

Anyway I am here now and everything that has been hidden shall now be exposed and shouted from roof tops.

Here is a very important lesson, again it is in many Kumekucha blog posts about what kind of person makes a good leader. Good leaders are not people who fight for leadership day and night. President Uhuru never wanted to be president and it is written in black and white in this Kumekucha book I found very well hidden titled What Jomo Told Moi About Uhuru. Even his father before him, Jomo never wanted to be President. However Jaramogi Oginga Odinga fought to be president until all his teeth were falling out and he was begging Moi for just a small chance to seat on that seat.

That is just one reason why Uhuru will win very easily in August and shock many people. Take my word for it, there will be no round 2.

Raila, as you all know has been campaigning daily, every minute, every hour to be president since a long time ago. He even attempted to get the presidency by violent means in 1982. I know Raila people are already fuming but the truth is that I am writing nothing but facts here.

If you are wise, be very afraid of people who fight to be your leaders.

But let me spare that big pretender today and focus on something every Kenyan voter needs to know about the Uhuru presidency. It is an amazing story, written by Chris Kumekucha himself which he chose to put under lock and key until I came along and found it.

It is the story of how Jomo became president and it touches very much on Uhuru and his current presidency.

Young Jomo when he was about 9 years old was an orphan and already looking after his younger brother who was barely two years old. Thrown out by his step father, he walked for many days before reaching his maternal grandfather's house. He arrived when it was raining very hard and he and his small brother stood at the door drenched in rain. As he stood outside the hut his grandfather saw him for the first time since he was born. Being a man who could see beyond the physical he told the shivering boy that he was destined to be a great leader and that great leadership was in him and his seed.

Now, in my next post I will open your eyes to the amazing and unprecedented achievements of the Uhuruto administration within such a short time. I urge CORD people to put their emotions aside and just use their brains to carefully consider and analyze what I have to say and then make an informed and honest judgment for themselves. I will also tell you Raila secrets you have never heard of that will reveal the true character and nature of this man. No propaganda, only facts!

For now let me urge Kenyan voters to put aside their hatred of the Kikuyu and just use their brains. Not their hearts. To analyze and consider the truth and facts. Please ladies and gentlemen let us stick to the cold facts, and not manufactured stories and rumours that have no evidence to back them.

Until that next time I would urge you to get a copy of that book What Jomo Told Moi About Uhuru. I promise you that your blind eyes will be opened. Here are some of the things you will learn and get very amazed, I promise you;

1) Relationship between Uhuru and his mother (the very first lady Kenya had). And why she is still his chief advisor to this very minute and why she is very qualified for that job.

2) How Uhuru was brought up to be president from day one.

3) How Moi heard about the Magana prophecy for the very first time and why he took it so seriously many years after Jomo had died.

4) Secrets of the Kenyatta family you have never heard of as well as the lies that people have told and why.

5) Get to know who Mama Ngina Kenyatta really is. Our media here in Kenya has no idea.

Get it by sending Kshs 599/- to the usual number 0701 333112 or Paypal $5.99 to

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