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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

CIA role in 2007 elections and how it will sabotage NASA in 2017

Shocking: Did you know that it was the CIA that gave the evil South African apartheid government Mandela’s location which led to the legendary freedom fighter’s prompt arrest?

It is extremely sad that the vast majority of Kenyans believe that the CIA station in Nairobi (the largest in the region) and the officers manning it are on holiday in Kenya and their work mainly involves taking care of American tourists.

Poor naïve “wajuaji” Kenyans have no idea about what has happened in the past or what is set to happen in the forthcoming general elections.

My latest research shows that Langley (the CIA headquarters is in Langley, Virginia USA) is set to play an even bigger role than it did in the fateful 2007 general elections that ended in bloodshed and mayhem.

Firstly it is important to set the record straight. I, like the vast majority of Kenyans, love America and most things American. However this is politics and in politics there are no permanent friends. You are of course welcome to be naïve at your own expense.

The official line you will hear from the US embassy is that the super power has no interest or intention in interfering with local Kenyan matters or decisions being made by the people of Kenya such as the presidential elections this August. And that is diplomacy. The reality my friends is a whole different ball game.

For instance there is plenty of evidence that points to heavy CIA interference and involvement in the ill-fated 2007 presidential elections.  It is also a fact that the Americans are NOT big fans of Raila Odinga and I will tell you why in a minute. Admittedly it is also true that the Kenyatta family has always been deeply suspicious and wary of the Americans.

But before we dive into what is in store for Kenyans (more so with the America-first-at-all-costs Donald Trump seated at the White House as President) let us convince you what these bad guys are capable of and what they have done in the past in the name of American national security.

Read online/download for free the rest of this article in this PDF Kumekucha special report.

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