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Wednesday, November 09, 2016

What A Donald Trump Presidency Means For Kenyans

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A Donald Trump win in the just concluded US elections is not good news for most Kenyans.

A vast majority here view the man as an opinionated racist. Based on his campaign and utterenaces there is little to discount this widely held view which has been repeatedly expressed on social media locally.

It is instructive that Trump won mainly because he promised stricter control on immigration into the US and more jobs and prosperity for Americans. The jobs will mainly come from massive investment in infrastructural projects in that country. The most memorable of these is the wall he threateningly promised to build across the porous Mexican border details of which are still rather sketchy.

The bottomline is that any Kenyan planning to immigrate to the US who is a Muslim will have a pretty hard time if the president elect makes good his repeated campaign promise. Even non-Muslim Kenyans will encounter problems because Trump promised to keep immigrants from any country that has had a history of terror activity or incubation of the same at bay.

It will however be interesting to see how the infrasructural projects will pun out because there are certain hard labour activities that are the preserve of immigrants. The kind of jobs that Americans don't really like.

Relations with the Kenyan government should not see any major changes because the president-elect is as American as they come and the policy in Washington has always been to keep important strategic partners happy. Kenya as a country can hardly be ignored or put in the back burner when it comes to Uncle Sam's dealings in the region. Indeed it is virtually impossible to get anything done in the region without the partcipation of our country. Little wonder that President Uhuru issued a statement moments after Trumps' victory.

Mercifully the powers of the US presidency are limited and it is unlikely that many of the more controversial Trump campaign pledges that may affect Kenyans at home and abroad will ever see the light of day. If they do not go belly up in Congress, the courts will be kept busy interpreting the liberal American constitution to them.

It should also be said that even Trump's ability to captain some of the overly ambitious economic dreams he sold to the electorate is in doubt. The man has had a long history of failed and bankrupt businesses before he finally rose to fame mainly riding on a success whose foundation was his father's real estate business. 

My prediction is that there will be an initial surge in the American economy which will be difficult to sustain as the new president settles into the realities of the job and by the time his four year term ends the tide will have turned significantly enough for the yankees to be itching for a Hilary Clinton presidency.

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