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Monday, November 14, 2016

Using The Best Event Planners in Kenya is Cheaper Than Doing Everything Yourself? Really??

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You are a serious business, whatever your size, and it is the festive season again. And even if it wasn't, you would at one time or other need to organize an event. A launch for a new product or some motivational event for your staff.

So would you organize everything on your own or would you seek to hire from some of the best event and party organizers in Kenya?

Recently a close associate bulked to pressure and reluctantly decided to hire an event management company for the first time. He has always said that hiring such firms is a waste of time and money. They increase the budget, never get things done right etc. We had the accountant closely monitor the expenditure and then compare with previous ocassions when he has done everything inhouse.

Okay to cut a long story short it got one of his long time employees fired. It was discovered that the nice, innocent looking lady had been inflating at least two items on the list and pocketing the difference. But even minus those misapproptiated funds it cost Kshs 495 less when he hired the event organizer.

And then you have to factor in the time he and other staff members had to put in running around and making calls. Valauble time that would have been better spent serving clients to earn real money for the business.

This true story just confirmed what I have always known. You cannot compete with people who do the thing every day. They know the cheapest suppliers and they know where things usually go wrong blah blah blah. If you get the right company with good references they will always end up being cheaper and more efficient. Period.

Interesting and instructive food for thought for any business executive or even private party planner.

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Anonymous said...

Chris, these business features are informative and all. But we need our daily dose of politics. There is so much happening bwana.

Anonymous said...

Image is everything. Use the wrong party planner, end up in a mess and mess up your image built over many years in an instant. Think about it.

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