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Sunday, November 13, 2016

The Best Event and Party Organizers Kenya: Valentine Catering Services Ltd.

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Valentine Catering Services: One of the best event and party organizers in Kenya

HOTLINE: 0718 134 175
Corporate Functions: – cocktails, trainings, team buildings and year end parties.

Social Functions: – weddings, birthdays, mbuzi parties, graduations, chama meeting etc.

Valentine Catering services is your best choice for all your personal or professional functions. We will work hard with you to always create the concept or image that you want projected.

Valentine Catering Services will oversee all the details (small and big) for you, leaving you able to relax and enjoy the function knowing that all will go as planned.

And all this in a cost efficient manner that will work within your budget.

We will be thrilled to work for you on your next important function

Call or WhatsApp Wedding Services Kenya on: +254 718 134 175 / +254 718 134 185
Email us:

A unique and efficient event management company


Anonymous said...

Who doesn't know that Party oranizers and Event organizers are in such high demand this time of the year as we head to the festive season? Very clever, Kumekucha Chris. Lakini wapi siasa, that is what we want to read with elections just around the corner.

Anonymous said...

Party time season. Chaos, people making fools of themselves at company events and losing their jobs etc. Be careful guys, sio mwisho wa dunia work has to continue in January and bills have to be paid.

Anonymous said...

There are good event organizers and terrible ones too. The latter are in the majority. Like one I used last year (name with held). Total nightmare. Bure kabisa.

Anonymous said...

I concur with anon@1:59am above. Nightmare can be an understatement.

Anonymous said...

Valentine is an excellent outfit. Very eager and enthusiastic young men. Loved the energy that they put into their things.

Anonymous said...

Am looking for services to deliver a valentine gift within Nairobi. Am out of the country, i want to surprise my better half. Contacts

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