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Friday, November 11, 2016

Real Reason Behind Martha Karua Joining Jubilee

Martha, Martha, what have you done?
Martha Karua does the unthinkable in the CORD playbook
Martha Karua as always chose her words very carefully in making her bombshell announcement to support Uhuru Kenyatta for re-election in 2017.

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She said she was not dismantling her NARC party but was simply supporting the incumbent meaning that the party will not field a presidential candidate BUT will have candidates for all other elective offices.

Still word on the street was Karua amerudi JUBILEE (Karua has returned to the JUBILEE party). But wait a minute. Return? She has never been a member of JUBILEE in her life has she? There is a simple explanantion here. What folks on the street were saying is that Martha has returned to her Kikuyu brethren whom she had abandoned for ile jaruo.

For those who know what they are doing when analyzing Kenyan politics there is no mystery here. Or as the Americans would put it; this is a no brainer.

Still let us spell it out so that there are no doubts. Martha is a vibrant active politician. She has been out in the cold for almost 5 years now. Her initial game plan was to mount a serious challenge for the presidency in 2013 and then ride on that to win it in 2017. But what happened? She got slightly over 40,000 votes (I am proud to say one of those votes was mine). Very few legislators made it to parliament with than number of votes, let alone consider such small figures for the presidency of Kenya. Bottom line she was nowhere.

And so she has to face reality this time round. Naturally a good place to start is as governor of her home county Kirinyaga. Now voters in that region are blind to anything other than JUBILEE and president Uhuru Kenyatta. Indeed any association with CORD in the area will always be firmly rejected, almost to a man, by voters.

So what Martha has done is to simply make herself visible. And she has had to say stuff that she does not believe in in the process. Like saying she fully supports the steps the president is taking to fight corruption (ouch!!). Just take a close look at what Martha has had to say about that subject in the last handful of years. The very opposite. Read This. And also read that. Anyway this is politics. Kenyan politics.
Kirinyaga Governor Joseph Ndathi: Umeanza ku-pack boss?
Meanwhile on the ground the iron lady has caused serious tremors with this latest move of hers. The most frightened man on the ground (who has no doubt broken into a cold sweat) is of course the current Kirinyaga governor Joseph Ndathi. You see Martha is wildly popular in Kirinyaga and she has NEVER lost a single election there. In other words bwana Ndathi might as well start packing early because it is rather obvious who the next governor of Kirinyaga is going to be.

Very sad that even a principaled politician like Martha Karua has to bow to the pressures of that evil monster called tribalism in Kenyan politics. Very sad indeed.

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Martha Karua's bombshell announcement to support Uhuru

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Anonymous said...

Of course Martha Karua is the next governor of Kirinyaga. This is not news Kumekucha Chris. Give us real news, and stop sleeping on the job.

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