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Friday, November 11, 2016

How To Use The Best Debt Collectors In Kenya To Increase Your Profits

Unpaid debts is one of the major problems for many Kenyan companies. As a debt ages, the chances of collecting on it continue to decrease dramatically. Do not fall into the trap of just sitting there and doing nothing.

Many times it becomes a better use of your company's time and resources to concentrate on other aspects of your business and hand it over to some of the best debt collectors in Kenya. 

Of course the other option is to hire an inhouse credit manager. But those who have been in business long enough are well aware of the headaches of hiring a new employee and having to spend a lot of your valuable time supervising them. Especially if that new employee is handling a sensitive issue like money. 

And so hiring a debt collector will more often than not be the smart move to make inorder to save money and increase your profits.

What are the signs that you need a debt collector?

* A new customer does not respond to the first request to pay up. For some unknown reason, the consumer will not or cannot pay. 

* Your payment terms fail. Some of your crafty clients may choose to pay when they feel like. This group is responsible for 25 to 50 percent of the cost of collections. You will reduce your costs and potential losses dramatically by quick action.

* Your customer makes repetitious, unfounded complaints and it becomes obvious that the main motive here is to delay or fail to pay you. Such characters are often better handled by a debt collector. The small percentage you will need to pay the debt collector is a better option than wasting your valuable time here.

* You are divorced and your ex-husband delays sending money for the upkeep of your children. Chances are that he will take a debt collector much more seriously.

How Debt collectors get paid
Most debt collectors charge a commission or percentage based on the many factors of the accounts they are trying to collect. Here is a good one you can use;

Tropical retrievers 
Rahimtulla Trust, 1st Flr Moi Ave 
Phone +254-202319654      Mobile phone 0725808080

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Very useful tip that I badly need in my business just now. Thanks.

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