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Monday, November 14, 2016

Will Kalonzo Be Appointed Foreign Affairs CS by Uhuru When Amina Moves To The AU?

Kalonzo Musyoka: Out in the cold from being VP has been rather chilly
One of the saddest things about politics is the fact that a politician gets pretty used to the limelight. So much so that when they are out in the cold it really does get chilly... very very chilly.

Especially if you are the kind of politician Kalonzo Musyoka is. Even if you are reading this and you don't like Raila Odinga take a moment to compare the ODM leader with Kalonzo. Raila has reinvented himself and remains very relevant in Kenyan politics.

In stark contrast Kalonzo's game plan has looked uphazard, desperate and unorganized. Even in his own backyard he has serious problems from Charity Ngilu. After falling out with JUBILEE the determined lady who once stood for president against Moi, looks like she is positioning herself to claim a throne she has always believed is hers; that of Kamba tribal Queen. And I dare say she has the votes tally and development record to prove it. Not to mention governor Mutua who has also laid claim to the very same throne and is no doubt the front runner in Ukambani politics as you read this.

Recent moves by Kalonzo to position himself as the best united opposition candidate to face the incumbent President Uhuru Kenyatta have not quite worked according to plan. Even Kalnzo's staunchest financial backer Senator Johnstone Muthama seems to have hidden away his cheque book.

And so when rumour mills started spewing out this story about Kalonzo being appointed the next foreign affairs cabinet secretary to replace Amina Mohamed who has a good chance of becoming the next African Union (AU) Commission chairperson, this blogger was not too surprised. The truth is that Kalonzo can gladly accept such a prestigious globetrotting job anytime. Even if it is for the few months between January and August or thereabouts when the country is expected to go to the polls.

Would Raila accept a similar appointment? Would Wetangula accept a similar appointment? There you have it, that is the kind of politician Kalonzo Musyoka is.

To be fair to Kalonzo he denied that he would accept such a post. Read his denial HERE. Do you believe him?

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