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Friday, February 27, 2015

The Meshack Yebei Puzzle: 8 Solid Facts

This has to be one of the most puzzling whose-body-is-it mazes ever recorded in Kenya. Here are 8 Facts on the Meshack Yebei murder and body identification puzzle, can you solve the mystery and come up with a plausible theory?

1. A body found in the man eaters area of Tsavo National Park and taken to a Voi morgue on December 30th 2014 was yesterday (Fri 27th Feb) positively identified by his widow Lilian Yebei and his brother Rev Moses Kisorio as that of ICC witness Meshack Yebei (pictured above). DNA test pending.

2. This is the second time that the family are positively identifying a body as that of Meshack Yebei. The first time was in December 28th shortly after a body was fished out of River Yala in Nandi county 100KM from Yebei's home in Eldoret.

3. The ICC has said Yebei was not a prosecution witness in Ruto’s trial, but the court offered him safe residency abroad anyway. Yebei accepted this for a time but recently opted to go back to his home town in the Rift Valley, it said.

4. Yebei had been contacted during the course of investigations for the Ruto-Sang trial but he was ultimately not included in the witness list, the office of the ICC prosecutor Fatou Bensouda said.

5. Yebei was linked to the trial of Deputy President William Ruto and was implicated in efforts to corrupt witnesses, the International Criminal Court (ICC) has said. Prosecutors reiterated they had not been planning to call the man, Meshack Yebei, as a witness because of this.

6. The ICC described the witnesses as being "under siege" from "a network of individuals" using bribes or threats to dissuade him from testifying.
7. After his disappearance, Yebei’s mother received a text message purporting to be from her son saying that he was safe in Uganda with ICC officials. The court said its officials had not been in contact with Yebei at the time of his abduction.

8. Yebei was on opposite political sides with deputy President Ruto in 2007. Ruto was in ODM and Yebei was a PNU pointman in Rift Valley.

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