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Monday, December 23, 2013

Has JUBILEE Clinched Major Defections From CORD?

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Dalmas Otieno and Dorothy Atieno Okello married last week
SERIAL BRIDEGROOM: Dalmas Otieno married his third wife in July this year in a low key traditional marriage ceremony. The 30 year old lass who is the latest Mrs Dalmas is Dorothy Atieno Okello (pictured here). Dalmas holds views on the ICC cases that contradict the official position of his party. What is going on?The CORD coalition is NOT speaking with one voice about the ICC cases. There is no doubt now that there are a sizeable number of prominent politcians who are with JUBILEE on many issues and in the process are contradicting their own party's official position.

Dalmas Otieno a very close aide of former Prime Minister Raila Odinga over the weekend during a function in Migori attended by Deputy President William Ruto called for an end to the Kenyan cases at the ICC. So did Migori governor Zachary Obado. Both are in ODM and the CORD coalition.

What is really going on here?

Apart from the ICC cases, we know for a fact that Nairobi governor Evans Kidero is much more cosy with President Uhuru Kenyatta of JUBILEE than he is with his own party leader Raila Odinga.

But the clincher are reports coming in from Machakos indicating that the county is very likely to vote JUBILEE in 2017 courtesy of Governor Alfred Mutua who has build a huge following in the county and beyond. The governor of Machakos is another prominent CORD character who is way too cosy with JUBILEE.

Where does genuine co-operation stop and betrayal start?

Who is financing South Sudan troubles
It is obvious who the biggest loser of the ongoing troubles in South Sudan will be. It is Kenya. Above everything else the country has lost a major market for its' products and work force at a time when the economy is headed south. Very hard times ahead for already struggling Kenyans.

In my latest intelligence reports I reveal and break it down for you. Analysts are now asking if the country stepped into shoes that were a wee bit too big for her. How do you declare a country many times more prosperous than you your enemy and expect everything to be okay?

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Anonymous said...

@Chris of Kumekucha,

Would you rather be in praise of a SERIAL BRIDEGROOM - Dalmas Otieno - in his third traditional marriage, or in louder praise of a renowned serial bridegroom - Lawrence L.H. Zeilger - in his western style ninth legal marriage?

On one hand, people on the African continent might not be aware of the fact that anyone - man or woman - in the western world can marry or remarry as many times as they wish so long as the 'outgoing spouse' is let go - dumped - in a legal manner, or an ex-spouse is legally divorced.

While on the other hand, there are many people in the western hemisphere who prescribe to certain social schools of thought, and others who adhere to various religious traditions and backgrounds of their choice, who never hesitate to rebuke and castigate serial bridegrooms like Dalmas Otieno at the drop of a hat or coin.

Ever wonder what became of free choice with regard to legal, religious or traditional marriages that involve consenting adults, living in Europe, North America, South America, Central America, Asia, Middle East, and on the African continent?

Have we, citizens of the world, now embracing the fact that what is real good for the goose is no longer good for the gander?

And should one size fit all or what?

Anonymous said...

Kenyans who have already staked their political claims within the fences that continue to demarcate JUBILEE, CORD and other political camps, should not be surprised if and when more counties begin to sway in the unpredictable direction being undertaken by Machakos county prior to 2017.

As for the dreaded year of 2017, it is not and will not be the most auspicious moment for the country that is still bloodied and fragile in so many ways, to hold another general election just for the sake of it, given the myriad of unresolved sociopolitical issues, political/ethnic murders, looting of private and public properties, forceful mass evictions, land grabbing, etc., cases that the office of the president, the attorney general, director of public prosecution, chief of police, et al, have not bothered to deal with or look into for the express purpose of safeguarding law and order throughout the nation, as well as maintaining a semblance of respect for the current constitution.

What real changes or different type of governance, if any, will the country and its citizenry experience after 2017 general elections?

Is there any real point of rearranging broken chairs on a deck of a sinking ship that became Kenya since December, 2007 and March, 2012?

Anonymous said...

What is really going on here?

The incumbent governor of Nairobi has no alternative but to walk a very fine line as he continues to govern and diligently serve a metropolitan area that is home to residents who are not just from several political parties, but also from different walks of life.

While at the same time, the governor is very much aware of the strategic value of why he has to collaborate in a gingerly manner with various political and private entities and elements from JUBILEE, CORD, business community, the general public, including the emissaries of the powers be at the house hill.

Sadly, CORD has failed abysmally to be or act as the opposition coalition after having failed to capture the old colonial governor's mansion on the hill, what is now better known as the state house.

And it may end up costing CORD a lot in terms of much needed political capital and in so many other ways that may end up haunting and hurting the coalition that seems to be its last leg. Lest the general public forget what became of FORD.

Anonymous said...

What do some of us make of major or minor defections, even from unlikely, seemingly unproductive places?

Quite apart from best - if not self-serving - political practices, what sort of coded signal or message is suggested by someone or individuals who throw caution to the wind by seeking political refuge in a well-worn camp where vultures can eat them, or on rocky coalition ground where it is unlikely that they will be welcomed as equals, or among slithering groups of politicians who will choke them?

By the way, how can JUBILEE dare clinch major defections when it has yet to put out discord and simmering fires among its own file and rank?

Anonymous said...


Don't you think it is still too early to start reading in between the cups full of tea leaves, given the fact that anything from the unknown or far left field may take place between now and 2017?

As for defectors they would do well to note the parallel between the political camp they are deserting and the one being sought after.

Then they could raise the question of what parallel is implied in their disloyal or treacherous self-serving political maneuvers.

And, oh, by the way, it is not the political defections that are the problem, but whom or what the gullible defectors end up serving at the expense of the electorate and constituencies that are used as stepping stones or door marts, that end up becoming the real problem for the rest of the nation.

Anonymous said...

Have the powers of divination escaped Kumekucha?

Anonymous said...

Dalmas is a true Kanu man, still living in the past.

Anonymous said...

It is difficult and at times hard to believe the good news, season greetings, well wishes, and the usual culture of gifting - tit-for-tat - and the merry making that becomes the order of moment during this time of year, and especially at a time when millions of people in places such Syria, Central African Republic, South Sudan, etc. are trapped in the worst type of hellish existence - valleys of death on earth.

However, one must be careful not to come across or seem sound as the Grinch - Zukuzuku - that is busy trying to dampen the holiday season and end year celebrations around the world.

That is why I will join many joyous crowds around the globe as the ancient tradition dictates, and not engage in delivering an alternative seasonal message other than have the goodwill to offer a courteous season's greetings - better late than never - as follows;

Naomba - 'nataka' - Wanakumekucha na wigineo kusherehekea sikukuu ya Krisimasi na mwaka mpya kwa umoja, amani, utulivu, na upendo, popote na kokote walipo.

Anonymous said...

What is financing South Sudan troubles

First of all, South Sudan's history of a very long struggle for independence unfolded as a story of awe-inspiring dimensions that are public knowledge and do not need to be reiterated.

A chronicle of South Sudan revolution is one of the longest in the history of civil wars, ancient inter-ethnic clashes and battles on the African content.

One moment the world witnessed one of the glorious and historic occasion when South Sudan was birthed into nationhood and enthusiastically entered into contract with all of its citizens by promising to uphold all national and international laws.

The next moment, while all was thought to be well and fine despite growing pains that newly independent nations normally go through in order to find a right footing, several myopic leaders of the newly founded people of South Sudan blatantly violated the contract agreed upon on independence day, by allowing the public and private sectors to be plagued with heavy corruption, greed, widespread underdevelopment, ethnic strife, nepotism, impunity, authoritarianism, existence of marauding militias and unresolved conflict within the armed forces.

By all accounts, the current president and the former president have failed the nation and people of South Sudan by adamantly refusing to work toward a long term resolution with regard to pre-existing sociopolitical and cultural issues that continue to haunt, rock and bedevil the whole nation.

So far, the political debacle that has been brought about by the two nemesis has just granted an unnecessary lifeline and bargaining chip to Omar al Bashir when it comes to his longstanding feud with the ICC, if the Kiir and Macher are not held accountable.

Anonymous said...

Wakenya - Bakenya, Abakenya, Vakenya, al-Kenyans - enjoy a belated Happy Xmas and end-year holidays wherever in the - cities, towns, villages, counties, or, country - world you are.

As for many households and gathered guests in various urban and rural neighbourhoods of ... Kenya, the celebrations of 'Boxing Day' and other holiday condiments continue to be enjoyed thanks to the creativeness of our country's former ... acquaintances.

Talking of the good old ... guests who introduced pockets of populations in Eastern and Southern Africa to the world's greatest sport of football - kandanda - that is now better known as English Premier League Soccer.

Happy Holidays and a very Peaceful 2014.

Wow! Time flies by in a split of a second, 2004 seems to have passed by many of us several decades ago. One of the reasons why some of us are already dreading the inevitable onset of 2014, that if we - some of us - will still be around, alive and healhty.

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