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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Harassment of mobile phone company bosses was unnecessary

Kenyan security forces now a laughing stock 

No human being or organization can possibly do everything. This is the reason why it is imperative to prioritize everything that has to be done.

You would think that after the horrible Westgate attack the police and other security personnel in the country would be busy putting their house in order and following previously ignored leads to arrest local collaborators in the terrorist attack.

Instead what have they been doing? Busy looking for River Road documentary makers who came out with productions on the Westgate siege and (the funniest of all) questioning CEOs of all mobile phone companies in Kenya over unregistered lines in their networks. This is making us a laughing stock in the eyes of security agents elsewhere in the world. Leave alone the fact that this action could easily send the wrong signals to potential investors in the country.

One of the reasons why all the fuss over unregistered lines is so hilarious should be obvious. It would take a common thief (let alone a highly trained terrorist) less than 5 minutes to come up with a false identification and register a line on any network in Kenya. I mean it is even possible to get an American passport in Eastleigh, Nairobi that will enable you to fly anywhere in the world. So are the police saying that the terrorists would have registered their lines with their real names and exact addresses somewhere in the bush in Somalia? So that all the police would have needed to do was to walk into their hideouts and arrest them? Please!!!

If the authorities were so keen on harassing the mobile phone company bosses (I guess there is some sick glory in arresting a celebrity like Bob Collymore)  4 phone calls from the cabinet secretary Interior would have done that job. But it seems somebody wanted the glare and publicity of the press so that they could be seen to be doing something when the truth is that somebody seems to have run clean out of ideas.

Sizzling, HOT and NOT recommended for people with weak hearts... introducing the brand new Kumekucha real time intelligence reportsToo many times something big has happened in Kenya only for me to realize later that I had the advance warning information all along. For instance I received info 6 months before the Westgate attack that there was a possibility of a Mumbai-like terrorist attack on either the Village Market or Westgate shopping malls. This info was not used in my raw notes because we were not able to verify its' authenticity (we like to confirm info from, at the very least, one other independent source before we publish anything in these raw notes.) However I am sure some of my very well informed regular readers here would have easily digested it based on how familiar they were at the time on developments within the al-Shabab high command.

Again on Monday (after black Saturday 21st September 2013) at the height of of the Westgate siege I received information that the terrorists had escaped. There was no way I was going to publish that at the time. It did not make sense even though it came from a highly reliable source. More so because gun fire and explosions could still be heard inside Westgate.

Again almost two days after the siege ended another bizarre report came in to the effect that there was still a lone terrorist firing at the KDF from the Westgate ruins. This info has still not been verified to date.

These are just a few of the most recent examples.

Without sounding defensive, it is NOT that I am sleeping on the4 job it's just that with the huge number of contacts I have managed to build over the years, there is too much info flowing ion my direction.

To partly solve this problem, I have decided to give you my readers, access to these raw intelligence reports. I wish I could give it out for free but as you all know gathering this info is not FREE and neither is it easy, otherwise I would have already had dozens of copycats doing this all over the web already as we like to do things in Kenya.

The new product will be called
Kumekucha real time intelligence reports and features info in its' raw form (not yet processed and analyzed by me or my team). My Raw notes will continue as usual with improvements that are ongoing.

Some of the first reports you will receive as a subscriber to Kumekucha real time intelligence reports are puzzling meetings between some shady characters and highly placed members of the Supreme court in the ongoing power struggle there and some sizzling new info about a well known female MP (all yet to be processed but from proven and reliable sources). And much more. If you are interested send an email now to umissedthis at gmail dot com for an instant response.

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Anonymous said...

Banana Republic. KANU will rule forever. One tribe will rule forever. They will manupulate using digital computers whether you want it or not. The mischief started in 2007.

Anonymous said...

this is the reason we have been asking this

"DID WE HAVE REAL Terrorists in this whole Westgate saga?

Anonymous said...


PRESIDENT Uhuru Kenyatta has admitted that the Westgate operation was bungled. The president made the admission on Sunday afternoon when he visited the police Recce Squad members at their Ruiru base and treated them to lunch. The President also left behind half a million shillings that was used to buy bulls to give meat to all police officers in Nairobi.

“The President told us that he knows something went wrong at Westgate but we should not be discouraged from performing our duties,” said a senior Recce squad officer. Uhuru vowed to constitute a thorough investigation but did not explain or single out who in his view messed up the operation.

“He was very sorry about the turn of events but encouraged us to put that behind us and continue to defend our country as he seeks to establish facts about the attack and the operation,” said another Recce squad member.

The Ruiru based Recce squad is an elite police unit trained to guarding VIPs, including the President and his Deputy, and also to handle hostage cases.

They were called to Westgate an hour after the attacked started and, together with armed civilian reservists, managed to contain the terrorists inside Nakumatt supermarket on the ground floor of the mall by late afternoon.Together with the civilians, the Recce squad rescued hundreds of people from inside the mall.

However they were then ordered out by KDF and other security agencies who took almost an hour to get going.“Before the changeover there was a friendly exchange of fire between us and KDF. KDF shot dead one of our officers who had done so much earlier and in retaliation our officers also shot dead three KDF officers. This incident caused a lot of tension and we left Westgate in protest,” said a Recce officer who was at Westgate.

Police, intelligence and the army have been engaging in blame games over the four day siege which wrecked Westgate and in which 80 shops were looted.

Security agencies are yet to show bodies or photos of any terrorist killed in the siege. Some international forensic teams who flew into Kenya to assist in finding out exactly what happened returned home last week in frustration after they were not allowed full access to the mall.

Police now believe there may have just been four attackers after scrutinising CCTV footage although other attackers may have sneaked out in the early stages pretending to be shoppers.
ists to the malls.

Sources said the man flew to Kenya in August and headed to Somalia through Garissa.“He is very well known in Daadab.We believe that part of the planning was done at the camp” said a detective.

Only a 16 year old Form Three student from Murang'a Road secondary school who was arrested on Tuesday and a driver Ali Hassan Gitonga have been detained.

- See more at:

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