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Friday, October 11, 2013

High wire ICC drama plus who released Sonko/Shebesh photos and why?

Some years back I used to work for a company that had a draconian mzungu CEO who micro-managed everything. He had many highly qualified managers but he never allowed us to make any decisions, no matter how small or how petty. There was even a time when this CEO went on holiday in Europe for 2 long months and STILL micro-managed the company via sms replying in minutes even to queries from sales reps on the floor like; "Can we give this customer a 5% discount he has given us business worth Kshs 4.5 million over the last year alone." He would then place calls at the end of the day to key managers usually after he had gone through the sales and expenditure figures for the day (the man had access to the company computers via his laptop wherever he went).

The point I am trying to make here is that the President of the Republic of Kenya does not have to be in Kenya to govern and he does not even need Skype to keep his administration running smoothly. But yesterday the media reported that Deputy President William Ruto was returning to the country over the weekend so as "to allow his boss, the president to travel to Addis for an extra ordinary African Union summit. Somebody somewhere is working very hard to convince anybody gullible enough that the country cannot run when both the President and his deputy are away, even if it is to neighboring Ethiopia where any Kenyan can cross on an old Black Mamba bicycle and still stay in touch with their family in Kenya.

Get this right; Presidential authority is NEVER EVER transferred, NOT even to the deputy president. What happens is that the president delegates various tasks now and then. And so this issue of the Deputy president being in the country to allow the president to leave is pure hogwash. These are NOT class prefects we are talking about here.

Ladies and gentlemen, what we have here is a very well choreographed script playing out and the title of the movie is "ICC siege." The current high wire suspense scene started with the foreign secretary Amina Mohamed reading out her lines the highlight of which was "no seating president in history has ever had to go through the indignation of being tried in a court anywhere in the world while still in office." blah blah blah. We will always fully co-operate with the ICC blah blah.

Now one of my sources has delivered a bombshell on my desk this morning about what will happen next (details in my latest raw notes).
Saturday's scene of this ongoing movie should be most interesting. In all likelihood the AU heads of state in their extra ordinary session will pass a resolution that will legalize Uhuru's skipping of his trial at the ICC. After that it will become all politics. Why issue an arrest warrant for a sitting African head of state? Would you do that to a head of state in the West? Is there a precedent? How legal is such an arrest warrant? What legal basis is there to enforce a Western arrest warrant on African soil? blah blah.

==============================One of my raw notes readers sent me the following question this morning;
Is it a coincidence that nude photos of Sonko and Shebesh in a compromising position came out just days after Sonko hinted on a motion to push out NSIS Chief  spook Gichangi over Westgate attacks and same week with his testimony on parliamentary committee on security? Could it be that Sonkos phone and online activities are under constant surveillance ? Comment on that.

My answer; All politicians and prominent Kenyans are under constant surveillance and the closer the said persons are to the president the more serious that surveillance is. This is standard procedure. Having said that your theory about the timing of the release of the nude photos cannot be ignored. More so when you know from these raw notes that there is a very serious survival campaign that has been launched to keep the said chief spook in office and enable him to weather the current storm over Westgate-related security lapses.

The bottom line is that somebody released those photos and you can be sure it was not for the purposes of entertaining the Kenyan public. Some people think that it is Sonko himself who released the photos (notice that most of them are posed rather than surveillance photos. However the NSIS can also easily gain access to photos saved in computers or even cell phones). Still, Sonko releasing the photos which would also damage him does not make sense.

Some highly sensitive additional info may either prove to be useful or confuse things further..
.(continued in the current raw notes).

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