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Saturday, October 12, 2013

Crazy Shebesh, crazy Ruto

Since the inception of the Kumekucha brand I like to keep my hand pretty close to the pulse of Kenyans on the ground. This has helped me a great deal. More recently I have found social media ideal, although it covers only the middle class and omits the vast majority of Kenyans on the ground. Reading through social media yesterday one thing struck me.

Kenyans do not realize or at least some of them have forgotten that a court of law is very different from the court of public opinion. The fact that Ruto and Sang' defence lawyers poked holes into the testimony of the current witness on the stand does not mean that Ruto "is winning" his case. However when you look at the Sonko/Shebesh photos, it hardly matters whether the photos were "photoshoped" or not, irrepairable damage has been done so much so that the truth is now completely irrelevant.

The said witness at the ICC mixed up a few things BUT that does not mean his whole testimony will be disregarded. Remember that in the successful prosecution of Liberian Charles Taylor in the same court it took only ONE woman's testimony to sink the former president/war lord. Bottom line is that Ruto's supporters should not get the champagne out yet, let alone try to pop it open. Getting the handkerhsiefs out would be much more prudent.

Remember also what I said earlier here. All the prosecution has to do is prove that Ruto was influential enough amongst the Kalenjin community to have ordered or even partly financed the astrocities. Most Kenyan lawyers can do that in their sleep and so if the ICC prosecutors have the right counsel (and I am persuaded that they do), this is an open and shut case. Ruto supporters can continue enjoying their court of public opinion victories in court but sadly  they will not count when it comes to the final verdict.

Shebesh and Sonko are finished for all intents and purposes. But it gets worse for Shebesh

Impeccable sources involved in the negotiations
(ordered by the President) between Shebesh and Kidero after the slap told me that Shebesh had asked for a huge sum of money as compensation. Kidero is an extremely wealthy man who would have gladly paid the double digit million figure to ensure that his moment of fury does not bury his political career. However if the Kidero cheque to Shebesh has not cleared by now, it never will. The kinky photos have changed everything and it will be difficult for any judge in the country to rule anything in her favour. Indeed the cock and bull story of Shebesh assaulting Kidero in "his lower abdomen" can now be easily sold and bought by anybody including a court of law. It matters little that it is NOT true. That is how serious dear madam Shebesh's problems are.

Sizzling, HOT and NOT recommended for people with weak hearts... introducing the brand new Kumekucha real time intelligence reports 

Too many times something big has happened in Kenya only for me to realize later that I had the advance warning information all along. For instance I received info 6 months before the Westgate attack that there was a possibility of a Mumbai-like terrorist attack on either the Village Market or Westgate shopping malls. This info was not used in my raw notes because we were not able to verify its' authenticity (we like to confirm info from, at the very least, one other independent source before we publish anything in these raw notes.) However I am sure some of my very well informed regular readers here would have easily digested it based on how familiar they were at the time on developments within the al-Shabab high command.

Again on Monday (after black Saturday 21st September 2013) at the height of of the Westgate siege I received information that the terrorists had escaped. There was no way I was going to publish that at the time. It did not make sense even though it came from a highly reliable source. More so because gun fire and explosions could still be heard inside Westgate.

Again almost two days after the siege ended another bizarre report came in to the effect that there was still a lone terrorist firing at the KDF from the Westgate ruins. This info has still not been verified to date.

These are just a few of the most recent examples.

Without sounding defensive, it is NOT that I am sleeping on the4 job it's just that with the huge number of contacts I have managed to build over the years, there is too much info flowing ion my direction.

To partly solve this problem, I have decided to give you my readers, access to these raw intelligence reports. I wish I could give it out for free but as you all know gathering this info is not FREE and neither is it easy, otherwise I would have already had dozens of copycats doing this all over the web already as we like to do things in Kenya.

The new product will be called
Kumekucha real time intelligence reports and features info in its' raw form (not yet processed and analyzed by me or my team). My Raw notes will continue as usual with improvements that are ongoing.

Some of the first reports you will receive as a subscriber to Kumekucha real time intelligence reports are puzzling meetings between some shady characters and highly placed members of the Supreme court in the ongoing power struggle there and some sizzling new info about a well known female MP (all yet to be processed but from proven and reliable sources). And much more. If you are interested send an email now to umissedthis at gmail dot com for an instant response.

I have a brand new special offer where you can get my raw notes for FREE. Get details now.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Ruto will be given a fine of 10million to pay to the victims. He will return home a happy man. Uhuru will not go to the Hague and will be looked for like Shabir of Sudan.

Then the party will start for Kenyans. Murder, Dictatorship, Political blackmails, threats, victimization, etc. Uhuru will be declared president for life and Ruto will be happy to be DP for life.

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