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Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Breaking News: Uhuru may skip Hague hearings

In the strongest indication yet that President Uhuru Kenyatta does NOT plan to attend any sessions of his trial at the ICC foreign secretary Amina Abdallah in a lengthy but guarded briefing with the press just a few moments ago emphasized that no sitting president in history has ever been tried in any court internationally or locally while still in office.

And although she was very guarded and avoided answering questions directly from the press about whether or not the president will attend his trial at the ICC, it was very clear reading between the lines of what she said that Uhuru has no intentions of ever going to the Hague and the very best that he will do with co-operating with the ICC will be to agree to attend via a video link from Nairobi.

When you analyze Amina Abdallah's press briefing today with what is happening in the background it is almost a certainty to analysts that the president has NO intention of ever setting foot at the Hague.

For instance the trial of his co-accused deputy President William Ruto is not going well (see my earlier raw notes today).

The authoritative Associated press said just a few minutes ago that the Kenyan foreign secretary's statement appeared to be "
laying the groundwork to avoid having President Uhuru Kenyatta appear at the International Criminal Court next month."

There is also the fact the GOK has been dragging its' feet over the handing over of former journalist Walter Barasa whom the ICC wants to try for interfering with witnesses in the Kenyan ICC cases. The government did nothing for two months and when the arrest warrant on Barasa was made public after 60 days it was said that the matter would be determined by the courts (even before Barasa had filed any case in any court opposing his arrest warrant).

Not to mention the fact that
African Union chief Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma yesterday asked U.N. Security Council envoys on how they might react if asked to defer the international trials of Kenya's leaders so they can deal with the aftermath of the Nairobi mall attack.
African leaders are due to meet in the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa for an extra-ordinary meeting this weekend to take a common stance on whether to join Kenya's planned pull-out from the International Criminal Court (ICC) over the prosecution of its leaders.

Zuma said African leaders felt that after the attack by al Qaeda-linked group al Shabaab on the Westgate center in Nairobi last month, Kenyatta and Ruto needed to be in Kenya instead of traveling to The Hague for their trials.

These new developments are NOT good news to Ruto who could easily be detained at the Hague if a confrontation ensues with the ICC as is likely to happen the way things are going.

Kumekucha caught napping several times

I have to admit that many recent events in Kenya have caught me napping.
For instance I received info 6 months before the Westgate attack that there was a possibility of a Mumbai-like terrorist attack on either the Village Market or Westgate shopping malls. This info was not used in my raw notes because we were not able to verify its' authenticity (we like to confirm info from, at the very least, one other independent source before we publish anything in these raw notes.) However I am sure some of my very well informed regular readers here would have easily digested it based on how familiar they were at the
time on developments within the al-Shabab high command.

Again on the Monday after Saturday 21st September at the height of of the Westgate siege I received information that the terrorists had escaped. There was no way I was going to publish that at the time. It did not make sense even though it came from a highly reliable source. More so because gun fire and explosions could still be heard at Westgate.

Again almost two days after the siege ended another bizarre report came in to the effect that there was still a lone terrorist firing at the KDF from the Westgate ruins. This info has still not been verified to date.

These are just a few of the most recent examples. It is because of this happening too often that I have decided to give access to these raw intelligence reports. I wish I could give out free but as you all know gathering this info is not FREE and neither is it easy, otherwise I would have had dozens of copycats doing this all over the web already as we like to do things in Kenya.

The new product will be called
Kumekucha real time intelligence reports and features info in its' raw form (not yet processed and analyzed by me or my team). My Raw notes will continue as usual with improvements that are ongoing.

Some of the first reports you will receive as a subscriber to Kumekucha real time intelligence reports are puzzling meetings between some shady characters and highly placed members of the Supreme court in the ongoing power struggle there and some sizzling new info on a well known politician always in the news (all yet to be verified or processed to make sense). And much more. If you are interested write to umissedthis at gmail dot com for ordering information.

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Taabu said...


HE Jomo Jnr is going nowhere. Kenyan voter gave him the mandate and the voter is now collateral. Personal challenge my foot.

That said, his actions may complicte WSR's case. But who cares i the face of self-preservation?

Brace yourself fr tough times. Don't forget the Kenyatta family has plenty abroad. Will they sacrifice that % of wealth???

Game on (meanwhile stay safe, will ya?).

Anonymous said...

saw it coming

They were to sacrifice WSR!

Anonymous said...

Mmm, the royal dynasty of an East African family that has plenty of wealth stacked away abroad and is willing to use it in order to have blanket immunity granted to one of its own?

If that is the case then what became of the billions of dollars and euros that dead man Mobutu once had safely stacked away in various banks in the UK, USA, France, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Monaco, South Africa, Vatican (Bank), including countless other offshore accounts in the Cayman and shell accounts spread all over the remote but secured financial locations in the western hemisphere?

Does the name Emperor Bokasa ring a bell including what became of all his plenty of wealth and palatial mansions and estates in Belgium, France, Switzerland, Miami (USA), Spain?

By the way, what wealthy East African Family tried to purchase the historical Highclere Castle in the 1990s, including the surrounding thousand acre estate for five-hundred million Sterling pounds, but were denied the golden opportunity due to the combined efforts of the old money families in Hampshire?

A hundred million Sterling pounds would have done a lot of development in their own backyard and neighbouring areas had it been put to better use three decades ago.

Anonymous said...

Zimbambwe we come!

Anonymous said...

Poor man in trouble. Choices have consequences. The two tribes will be feasting while other 40 will be suffering. Should they wait for 2017?

kumekucha said...

Hello Taboo,

You went AWOL for a long while. Delighted to hear from you again.

Fellow pensioner,
Chris Kumekucha

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