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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Damning conclusive evidence that can only result in GUILTY verdict

Is it fair to hold an entire nation at ransom for a personal offense you allegedly committed? Is it okay for millions of Kenyans to suffer whatever consequences will emerge from the ongoing tussle between the government of Kenya and the ICC and international community at large for the sake of no more than two people?

Or should we throw caution to the wind and sacrifice everything to rescue our head of state and his deputy?

Those are the hard questions that Kenyans need to start asking themselves pronto. The time for tribal euphoria or petty local political contests is long over. The aftermath of whatever honeymoon we were on is the harsh reality that cannot be wished away. It is a reality already facing us squarely in the face.

The latest explosive information that this blogger has received explains a lot of what has been happening over the last few weeks. The information is extremely sensitive and reveals evidence of a conclusive nature that the ICC prosecutors have on the Kenyan cases that can lead to only one verdict if the cases proceed to their logical conclusion.

Still, it is also important to spare a minute for the truth of what really happened in early January 2008 that landed President Uhuru Kenyatta at the Hague. A neutral Kenyan will not help but sympathize with the President who for all intents and purposes received the wrong phone call at the wrong time and ended up being at a very wrong place at a very wrong time. But that's how the law operates in our world and when you are aware of the facts and throw away your political leaning chances are that you will want to sympathize deeply with the president and support his move not to attend his trial at the ICC.

But then you do not need to follow my view blindly. Simply read the facts for yourself and then make your own judgement (more details on how you can do that at the bottom of this article).

The case of William Ruto and former journalist Sang is a completely different ball game. VERY different. It is widely known that Kalenjin youths took blood oaths gladly, fuming with a rage that had been building up within the community for decades. They were then financed and facilitated to go out and exterminate (couldn't find a better word here) or to use the language coined at the time; to remove madoadoa (loosely translated it means to remove the ugly spots).

What happened next is the kind of stuff you cannot even make up in the scariest Hollywood horror movie you can possibly imagine. One woman watched her husband being killed and cut to pieces (mercifully the children were away visiting a relative). She was then raped by several youths until one of them started complaining that the she was "too narrow" and the opening needed to be enlarged. This "sick" enlargement" was done using an already bloody and filthy panga. The rape then continued with the blood flowing. By some miracle of the most high God, that woman survived the ordeal to talk to the Waki commission. I often wonder what kind of "coaching" such a woman would have required from prosecutors to tell her story and what happened to her. Incidentally the same woman must have heard the youth talking amongst themselves and chances are high that they mentioned names that would lead to their source of funding for the ghastly acts they committed.

I will stop there and resist the temptation to reveal exactly what happened at the Kiambaa church in Eldoret where as the women and children screamed in sheer agony and as the terrible terrible stench of burning human flesh rent the air, the warriors danced to the screams and cries of the women and children. Yep oaths do that kind of thing to you. After all oaths were also widely used by the Mau Mau in the 1950s and helped them commit terrible atrocities in their efforts to draw attention to the plight of the land that had been forcefully taken away from them by white settlers in Kenya.

I apologize for bringing a bad taste to your mouth this morning but the Kumekucha blog fully covered the horrors of the 2007/2008 post election troubles and I still have lots of material we were not able to publish even in Kumekucha (because of its' horrible, horrible, sickening nature. It has all refused to leave my mind). In the last few months and weeks I have made a big effort to ignore the horrors and discuss the ICC cases with a straight face and without emotion. But as I write this nobody wants to talk about the victims. Indeed even relatives of those victims have put politics ahead of getting justice for their departed and loved ones. That has provoked me to let out some of what I have been trying so hard to forget, today.

One thing I want to assure you, based on the latest information I have. At the end of the Ruto/Sang trial (if it goes all the way). No sane member of the human race will fail to feel sick right to the pit of their stomach over what happened (mostly to very innocent people). Is it right then to mock God by calling on his name in prayer to make the plight of the victims go away and ensure that they never get justice? How is it possible to even start to say such a prayer while ignoring the voices of the dead and buried (most of whom died terrible deaths not befitting even an animal) crying out to God for justice from the ground?

To receive the highly sensitive information referred to in this article kindly email umissedthis at gmail dot com for an instant response.

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Anonymous said...

State cancels the Laptop Project tender process

Things are falling in place,including avoiding a "personal problem"

and did you hear from ICC that Kibaki (not Rao) fixed Ruto?

It is all a hoax sirkal from that community

Anonymous said...

shame, shame, shame. If we are Christians let these 3 guys go to the Hague to present their cases. Barasa should accompany them. If they are innocent they will come back.

But let them not drag us into their personal problems.

Anonymous said...

Let us make it 'if we are real human beings' then let the major culprits and their known underlings be held accountable and face the necessary consequences for their individual and collective actions before, during and after the 2007/08 political/ethnic blood bath.

Btw, who is it - or who are they are - that has always said, "the nation of Kenya is far greater than one individual", one political party or group of individuals with a sordid past?

Kenya as a country and Kenyans as a people - united or not - are able and will definitely survive and go on to thrive in the next five, ten, fifteen, twenty and more years should The Hague deliver a crashing hammer or rod of justice once the current trials have successfully come to a timely conclusion.

Liberia, Sierra Leone, Rwanda, Bosnia, Kosovo, Serbia, Ivory Coast, et al have gone on to survive the worst they have been put through during one of their most darkest hours and deadly chapters of their nations existence, even after the major instigators and perpetrators of the afore mentioned had been away under lock and key.

The already gathered despicable evidence speaks volumes and volumes to the point where drastic action must be taken at The Hague as well as locally so that those - the owners of the twenty-five names mentioned in Waki Report - responsible for the 07/08 political/ethnic blood bath should be made an example of.

A nation or people that forget their sordid or evil past are ....?

Let justice be delivered and felt in all ways, forms and shapes so that future generations of Kenyans may learn from their deadly and costly sociopolitical mistakes.

Anonymous said...

Is it right to mock God by calling on his name in prayer to make the plight of victims go away and ensure that they never get justice?

Pardon the rants, raves and chants for moment, however the gods must be laughing at mere mortals whenever such prayerful gimmicks are held in public by prophets - clergy - for profit galore.

Talking of shameless and open season greedy clergy who will do anything under the sun to be seen in the presence or company of worldly rulers and questionable political figureheads, present day Herodian kings aka Herod the Great, Herod Antipas, Herod Agrippa I, Herod Agrippa II, et al.

Regarding prayer, it all depends on what type of personal god and sacrificial altars that some of these people and clergy for hire pray to after the fact.

Lest we forget the recorded bloody history in documentary form where neo-fascist Italian bishops and a pope are seen blessing Mussolini's fascist troops on their way to invade Ethiopia and murder thousands and thousands of innocent Ethiopian civilians during the second world war (WWII).

by all accounts, the Universal God - Creator - is very different from the type earthly gods that some politicians, clergy and people pray to in many such circumstances.

The renowned retired archbishop of South Africa has gone on record to remind his fellow Christians and non-Christians that such gods made of golden, silver, bronze, wooden, stone and clay effigies have eyes but can't see, have ears but can't hear, have noses but can't smell (anything at all), have legs but can't walk, have hands but can't touch nor heal, and only reside in man-made tombs and shrines that pass for places of occasional worship rather than in the heavens above and everywhere on earth.

The self anointed characters and fakers are always busy trying to make it through their own versions of shady religious mechanism and are known to only believe in the dollar, worship the Euro, celebrate the shilling, preach the self-serving brand of excessively religious prosperity and at a same time are keen about seeking a place on the high political tables around the counties and country.

Woe unto them and their followers because their feet made of clay are bound to crack and shutter sooner or later like their predecessors from the past.

Anonymous said...

Nonsense in order to find one guilty one needs a motive, what was Uhuru's motive? At that point he was a mere MP and the highest he could rise was a minister which he had already been. However, rayila had plenty to lose as you had alluded earlier, he had spent a fortune to campaign and the only way he could recoup that investment was getting a seat at the trough by hook or crook. He chose blood shed and fingered ruto as the fall guy. He got his seat all right and recovered his investments but lost the numbers he so badly needed to get the presidency the only stumbling block to the seat was Uhuru so he was fixed too, in order to clear the path for rayila and enable him repay his benefactors with lucrative oil and defense contracts.
To date uhuru is being asked to cancel chinese deals and give them to the west to make ICC go away!!

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