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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Shebesh seriously ill

One of my regular readers here sent me an email last week expressing great concern for embattled Nairobi women's rep, Rachel Shebesh.

It is interesting how everybody seems to have ignored the fact that Mrs Shebesh suffers from a rare but deadly illness known as Bipolar disorder. We live in the information age and anybody can gain info in a flash about the disease. The truth is that Shebesh is a text book example of the ailment.

Bipolar disorder, also known as bipolar affective disorder, or manic depression, is a mental illness classified by psychiatry as a mood disorder. Individuals with bipolar disorder experience episodes of an elevated or agitated mood which are alternated with episodes of depression.

Mania can occur with different levels of severity. At milder levels of mania, or "hypomania", individuals appear energetic, excitable, and may be highly productive. As mania becomes more severe, individuals begin to behave erratically and impulsively, often making poor decisions due to unrealistic ideas about the future, and may have great difficulty with sleep. At the most severe level, individuals can also experience very distorted beliefs about the world known as psychosis.

Most Bipolar patients also experience Hypersexuality. By definition this is extremely frequent urges to have sex that is way above normal. Or suddenly increased sexual urges or sexual activity. The International Classification of Diseases of the World Health Organization includes “Excessive Sexual Drive” which is divided into satyriasis for males and nymphomania for females, as well as “Excessive Masturbation” in some instances (continued in my current raw notes).

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Anonymous said...

Are they not all like that? look at the one who killed the young Alliance Alumni.Lucy, Martha,etc. Care must be taken.

Taabu said...


Kwani are you Sonko's rival? Please move on just like Sonko after sampling deadly fruits.

But if you want induce a symbiotic BIPOLAR and succeed Sonko you must up your game. Otherwise you have no chance with Wambui.

Good luck mate.

Anonymous said...

WSR outshines UK!
The Hague, Netherlands: Deputy President William Ruto Tuesday said he will continue attending trial at the International Criminal Court (ICC) until UN Security Council decides on AU summit deferral request.

Ruto however said that the deferral will not be necessary if he is excused from continous presence in court.

While addressing a press conference at The Hague, the deputy president said that the Government had formally applied to the United Nations security Council to defer case against him and President Uhuru Kenyatta.

“We want the best possible chance to be able to deal with those allegations and to clear our names,” Ruto said at a press conference during lunch break at The Hague

Anonymous said...

Familiar titles?

Charles Taylor: Preacher, warlord, president

Nyanza si Kenya said...

BRAVE Ruto Shuns AU Shames Boss U.K.

Anonymous said...


What the ... were you thinking or trying to accomplish by revealing confidential health related information - if any - of a WRep in the name of Hon Mdm Shebesh?

Don't you know that you are exposing yourself to a potential string of lawsuits, litigations, blindsights and a slew of repercussions?

For the record, Hon Mdm Shebesh suffers from a myriad of other deep seated social and professional related issues but BD, BAD or MD is not one of them at all. You can take that to the nearest bank and cash it.

As a matter of fact, there was one very public figure by marriage who qualified to be a certified individual - victim - suffering from extreme BD, BAD, and real MD at its worst while the rest of the country looked on as the usual weekly or monthly drama unfolded.

The rest is history since the victim's immediate family and public handlers decided to tack the person away from the limelight after several damage control interventions and missions had failed miserably.

What else can be said about Hon Mdm Shebesh, other than there is another soft and private side to her that is unknown to the general public, which is, she is socially gracious and merciful to former political opponents and backstabbers - like you know from her primary, secondary and college days - and her compassion is a constant within her family circles and very close friends.

All things taken into account, the combination of expansive love, understanding and particular concern should always be extended to our fellow Kenyans who are struggling with mild or deep mental health related issues.

Bipolar disorder is more common in our midst than many of us would like to admit or are even aware of its never ending effects and the toll it has taken in several segments of society.

For our information, BAD, BD or MD has been responsible for the breakup of thousands and thousands of relationships, marriages, friendships, partnerships and communities involving people from all walks of life.

Hon Mdm Shebesh may have her personal demons and political baggage however BAD is not one of them because it would have adversely affected her political career and family life.

Chris, you are going to need a lot help in the department of damage control unless the afore mentioned issues had already been made public by a reputable source or an authority in that particular area of mental health related field.

Anonymous said...

Vote thieves are unmasked. They fixed you Ruto. You have been all along claiming People's President Raila was the one. It is Uhuru and Kibaki and their men who implicated you. WSR dont think you are smart, they are smarter than you. You are just a instrument to some people's presidency.

Wash your face and wake up. ODM was the best place to be. You will see. Either in the Hague or a bullet in your head. Ask Tom Mboya.

Anonymous said...

For starters, there are some people from my father's former village of Ukingoni who would like to issue an immediate disclaimer to the effect of letting it be known throughout the county of Mbalamwezi and elsewhere that none of them holds a B.A. in Psychology, M.A. in Clinical Psychology nor have they ever completed the necessary doctoral course for Psy D from any accredited universities in the whole of Ulimwenguni.

Further, since they are neither currently practicing as certified counselors in residence within various institutions, facilities and adult counseling centers within Mbalamwezi County, there is one thing they agree in common which is they are in unison about disagreeing with regard to the released information that Mheshimiwa Fulani may be suffering from bipolar affective disorder (BAD).

However they are of the collective opinion - as unprofessional as it may be - that she may be such a perfectionist to the point where it always causes her undue stress in her political career, social interactions as well as personal life.

Although Ukingoni village does not have known certified resident counselors - kalembwana(s) - with a very down to earth traditional way of discussing or assessing mental health situations without seeming condescending - classifying or blaming it as a product of uchawi and so forth, they seem to agree that Mheshimiwa Fulani like some of her counterparts seem to have been afflicted with a severe seasonal case of Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD) as opposed to bipolar affective disorder (BAD) as stated as stated elsewhere.

Hence, they recommend that Mheshimiwa Fulani undergoes a year long private traditional cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) on a voluntary basis - without any duress or undue influence - under the guidance of a certified and well respected female kalembwana from Ukingoni Village or from around Mbalamwezi County.

In the meantime, all the residents of Mbalamwezi County can do so far is wish Mheshimiwa Fulani well and a steady recovery should she decide to get down with the traditionally tailored program sooner than later, because oppositional defiant disorder (ODD) is treatable and manageable in seventy percent of known cases throughout Mbalamwezi County.

Anonymous said...

Jubree kwisha!
Deputy President William Ruto blames senior State officials for his tribulations at The Hague

Deputy President William Ruto claimed top PNU officials and close confidants of retired President Kibaki fixed him over the 2007 post-election violence that landed him at The Hague.

In a surprise move at the ICC Wednesday, Ruto’s defence team said the officials, two of whom are in top positions in President Uhuru Kenyatta’s Administration, linked him to the election chaos.

Ruto’s counsel Shyamala Alagendra linked Interior Principal Secretary Mutea Iringo, Senior Political Adviser to President Uhuru Nancy Gitau and former Justice minister Martha Karua to the scheme to nail Ruto.

In President Kibaki’s Government, Ms Gitau served as Director of Political Affairs in the Office of the President while Iringo was Deputy Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Internal Security.

Anonymous said...

Is she really that seriously ill as you have put it?

Anyway, let credit be given where it is due. In other words, if there is one thing she does not have to ever worry about every morning of her life, it would the commercial curse of applying a gallon of low grade cosmetic paint on her face before showing up in public for whatever reasons.

It goes without saying that the majority of African women and men with her type of skin complexion and texture should never fall for the commercial hype that snares victims to blindly embrace cheap temptations and imitations - snake oil - that passes for beauty products on most supermarket shelves and under the counters of many beauty parlors in our so-called "developing world".

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