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Friday, October 18, 2013

What was Raila's role in 2008 post election violence?

His name has been mentioned by numerous Kenyans in connection with the post election troubles of 2008 mostly asking why Kibaki and Raila were not charged as the most responsible. However all indications are that the ICC has not and will never investigate the former Prime Minister regarding the post election troubles and the ongoing Kenyan cases?


Why, when we know that the the greatest damage done were the atrocities committed by ODM sympathizers at the time in the Rift Valley and more specifically by the Kalenjin community?

Actually this is an extremely difficult topic to discuss anywhere in Kenya because it quickly becomes impossible to say anything without being branded a supporter of either side. But let us forget the politics for a minute and look at the hard facts, shall we?

Raila Odinga won the 2007 presidential elections and by estimates from various parties not by a slim margin but by a landslide. But the loser of those elections was instead declared the winner by about 200,000 votes. Raila was the victim of injustice on a scale that is hard to fathom. For instance a presidential campaign costs an absolute fortune and nobody has ever talked about compensation him for taking part in an election whose winner had already been decided well in advance.

There is plenty of evidence to suggest that those who rigged the election had prepared for trouble and riot police were given careful orders to shoot demonstrators dead so as to quell the violence quickly, which would have worked pretty well except where they were dealing with the Kalenjin militia who have a long history of vanquishing enemies with guns using only their bow and arrows and surprise blitz military tactics (ask the British who were resisted for 11 long years along with their powerful arsenal of canons).

It is also true that the ODM high command planned to make the country ungovernable by sabotaging communications (hence the uprooting of the railway line in Kibera). The truth that nobody wants to talk about is that they also encouraged resistance by the Kalenjin militia in the Rift Valley. That militia ended up committing serious crimes against humanity. Ruto's defenders have always argued that they got the order to unleash their terror from the top echelons of ODM who ended up NOT appearing anywhere on the Waki report. Understandably this is not the kind of argument any sane person would want to argue in a court of law because they would be admitting in the process that they actually committed those crimes (rest of the article is a wee bit sensitive but you can see it in a few seconds, please read it in your email inbox for FREE).


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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I knew Raila was completely comfortable with the slaughter of innocent Kenyans when he tapped Ruto to represent him during The Kenya National Dialogue and Reconciliation meetings starting from 29th January 2008.

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