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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Threat to JUBILEE: We will replace Kidero with Raila

I know of no other politician in the entire world who triggers as much emotions for and against them than Raila Odinga. And you can correct me on that one.

Now you will have noticed that calls for Evans Kidero's resignation have vanished into thin air. I am reliably informed that JUBILEE activists smelling blood and calling for his resignation were told;

"Just imagine a situation where Kidero resigns and Raila stands for governor of Nairobi... and Kidero supports him..."

The Jubilee activists broke into a cold sweat and walked away. Na hio maneno ikaishia hapo."

JUBILEE government is keen on promoting the local movie industry and so there are no marks for guessing who the villain would look like in a JUBILEE horror movie. The face that makes many of them wake up in the middle of the night sweating profusely and screaming for their mothers in their mother tongue.

The big question here is why? What has Raila done to cause such fear? One would be forgiven for concluding that children in certain parts of the country who refuse to eat their food are told; "Nitaita Raila."? Imagine the effect if it works on full grown men. I am sure the child would hurriedly eat up all their food plus a second helping.

But spare a thought for a minute for Kidero's handlers. I mean these guys have dealt with a very serious crisis admirably. Efficient, clinical and damn effective. If I was Uhuruto I would be actively looking to poach them to work for me.

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Anonymous said...


I don't know how to take you nowadays.

Ever since Railonzo teamed up, you seem hellbent on showing that every single thing being done by the gava is only to thwart Railonzo. Just for your information, I neither voted for Ralonzo nor did I vote for Uhuruto but I at least acknowledge that Uhuruto have done some things right. On the other hand,they have also done somethings wrong.

Toa goggles tafadali.

P.S. The final IEBC numbers have been out for a while now. Please show us how they were fiddled with to allow Uhruto steal the elections, as claimed by Railonzo.

Anonymous said...

Odinga or Raila as he is better known by legions of his friends, foes, object observers and countless other outsiders, is not the real boogieman or the enemy - the so called white elephant towering above the Kenyan skies aka deadly green snake in our mdst.

The real enemy is and has been the culture of negative ukabila and endemic lack of all Kenyans from all walks of life being taught accountability, tolerance, respect, civility, common sense and national pride by their parents - dead and alive - and other leaders at local and national levels.

Furthermore, the deep seated hate for Raila Odinga and people from other communitiees is as a result a throwback from the distrustful inter ethnic interactions as well as very destructive political culture that was engineered by tribal chauvinists from all backgrounds dating back to the 1960s, 70s and 80s.

We, the people, have been and will continue to be our own worst enemies for decades to come, while paying very little attention on the real enemies of our communities and country at large, namely, impunity, corruption, abject poverty, ignorance, (preventable tropical) diseases, stagnant economy (that only serves the few) and warped emotional political quotient at own peril.

Raila Odinga the son of Oginga Odinga and Uhuru Kenyatta the son of Jomo Kenyatta (formerly Johnstone Kamau) and the current toxic crop of handlers, associates and diehards are a generation of people who not and have never had the country's social, political and economic best interests at heart other than their own - evil, crude and destructive - tribal interests.

We are a nation that is very sick and in need of deep healing at all levels, in all regions and communities of Kenya.

Anonymous said...

Why would Raila Odinga lower his great political expectations and childhood dream of becoming the king of the whole regions located a 1000 mile around his birthplace in order to settle for a governorship position with all of its pitfalls?

By the way, the name Raila Odinga always sends cold chills up the necks of his so many political opponents and tribal rivals because he is part of the real problem rather than a solution in the same manner Uhuru Kenyatta is and will be for a long time to come.

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