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Sunday, September 29, 2013

6 Americans were involved in Westgate attack

 Collapsed floors at Westgate shopping Mall, Nairobi.

There were at least 6 Americans amongst the attackers who stormed Westgate last Saturday, according to a list of the attackers by nationality just published in the Kumekucha Raw notes. The total number of attackers were 15.

This new info has hardly surprised terror analysts because Al-Shabab has been getting a lot of recruits from the US over the last 6 years and more specifically from Minnesota, home of the largest Somali community in the United States. It is believed that well over 60 young American Somalis have left the US for Somalia to join the al Shabab over the last 6 years alone.

All are believed to have been from Minnesota. Minnesotas' Somali community, concentrated in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area, includes people who fled the long civil war in their east African homeland and children born in the U.S. Many are now American citizens.

Al-Shabab's recruitment efforts in the United States began in 2007 when small groups began discussing returning home to fight Ethiopian troops who entered Somalia to prop up a weak U.N.-backed government and were seen by many Somalis as foreign invaders. The recruiters aimed their appeal at the young mens' patriotic and religious ideals.

The terror groups' recruiting technique is essentially a call to jihad, that this is a religious duty. Internet videos are a major tool for the group. Many feature scenes of men with covered faces firing automatic weapons, marching or practicing martial arts, as well as images of dead bodies and religious documents. Some show English-speaking suicide bombers reciting last wills.

The group often appeals to young men who have had trouble assimilating into American life, perhaps because they are unable to get a job, dropped out of school or got involved in gangs.

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Anonymous said...

The US should send all Somalis back home.
Kenyans should also do so by including Aminas and Issaks.

Kenya should also kick out the intelligence and the interior minister, who is not even qualified to be a secondary school dormitory prefect.

Kenyans should obey rule of law and show those with court cases the door. These people are busy with their lawyers and have no time to manage the country. NEW PRESIDENTIAL ELECTIONS.

Choices have consequences, many have told us that.

Anonymous said...

I agree ALL Somalis SHOULD be expelled from Kenya. I am tired of hearing Kenyan Somalis. They are ALL the same as their Kinsmen in their God-forsaken backwaters country. Their loyalty is Al-shababs.

I hate ALL Somalis! Sewage rats!!

Anonymous said...

That has been my real beef with some of my so called distant relatives twice-removed who are base in Marekani.

They have done everything to fault and deny any remarks that point out the fact about the majority of media outlets within their various fifty-something states - the equivalent of our little counties -continue to report about 24/7 about Kenya Mall Attack without alluding nor acknowledging the reports that 6 Americans were involved in Westgate attack.

Wonder why the media outlets have found it notorously difficult to explain it to their views and educate them more about the potential dangers of a segment of a lost generation of American born young adults.

Burying their heads in the sands of denial will not do them any good at the moment as well as in the future.

Anonymous said...


Watch out lest the GRAND MULLAH (AA) comes for you with 'legal' guns blazing.

You have been warned.

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