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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Strange behaviour of patient found with AK 47 magazine of bullets

Yesterday The Star newspaper carried a front page story about a Mr Ali Gitonga revealing that he was the man admitted to Aga Khan hospital whose clothes contained an AK47 magazine of bullets. His family have pleaded his innocence which is easy to believe until you read my previous raw notes which broke this story long before it was published in The Star newspaper. Here is what my source had said;

One of the victims we handled had a magazine of bullets on them which was discovered in their clothes. I suspect that he may have been one of the terrorists. The man was very badly injured and after surgery he stayed in the ICU overnight but was hurriedly transferred the next morning to the Forces Memorial hospital under heavy security. The fate of the bullets he had on him are not known after being taken to the hospital security office by nurses.

At first some people in the hospital claimed that he was a police officer but it is highly unlikely that a police officer would be taken to hospital while still armed. His name tag was also different. Instead of having the usual two names, he only had an initial before his other name.

The man was black and obviously an African even from the way he spoke and had plenty of white hair on his head although he was not old. Even stranger was the fact that the minute he recovered from anesthesia he looked terrified and even attempted to run off. He was however sedated and transferred to the ICU."

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