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Sunday, September 29, 2013

America in denial as a major breeding ground for terrorists

By Kumekucha reader
That has been my real beef with some of my so called distant relatives twice-removed who are base in the United States.

They have done everything to fault and deny any remarks that point out the fact about the majority of media outlets within their various fifty-something states - the equivalent of our little counties -continue to report 24/7 about Kenya Mall Attack without alluding nor acknowledging the reports that 6 Americans were involved in the said Westgate attack.

I wonder why the media outlets have found it notoriously difficult to explain it to their viewers and educate them more about the potential dangers of a segment of a lost generation of American born young adults.

Burying their heads in the sands of denial will not do them any good at the moment as well as in the future. 

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