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Friday, August 30, 2013

Has the referendum push been dealt a death blow?

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Is the referendum campaign dead in the water now?

This is the question on the mind of most political analysts.

The ruthless neutralization of the main face of the push for the referendum one Isaac Ruto has left many dumbfounded. Read this earlier Kumekucha article on how it was done.

Not that Deputy President William Ruto did not warn Jubilee renegades several times that they would face dire consequences should they fail to disassociate themselves from the push for a referendum spearheaded by the opposition. Now he has made good his promise, or so it appears. And anybody feeling the pain now was warned.

Still, it  is not in Isaac Ruto's character to remain cowed. Anybody who has closely followed his politics for any length of time will tell you that. And so whatever it is that they have used to silence him, you can be sure he will find a way to hit back which will muddy the waters even more. The two Rutos (Isaac and William) have faced off many times before and the truth is that Isaac has come out as the more persuasive and convincing debator in this referendum issue that has so dominated our news in recent days, even putting more pressing and urgent matters like insecurity in the back burner.

As we continue to carefully analyze developments on this issue over the next few days, there is plenty of truisms we must appreciate. 

CORD will NOT quit.

The people of Kenya will NOT quit in asking for more money to go to the counties.

The JUBILEE government will not lie down and watch money (replace that word with "power" where this issue of funds is concerned) being snatched from them and taken to the grassroots.

But surely something will have to give at the end of the day... will it not??


Anonymous said...

Why the referendum? Why now? Where were the so-called 'referendumists' or pro-referendum forces in 2010?

Are they clamouring for a referendum just because CORD and its inner circle of the well connected have failed to find ways and means to eat together as they have done in the last five years?

'CORD will NOT quit' its usual brand of politics that have nothing to do with a constructive push forward for the whole nation, other than a lame excuse of trying to get back their opponents while t the same time find a better avenue in which to lick the self-inflicted deep wounds.

The time has come for the old guard at CORD to QUIT the politics of going around in circles - chasing its own tail - and pave way for its young members to lead the organization into a different direction.

Otherwise the politics of stagnation will remain a staple for CORD unless they evolve without chasing the political shadows left behind by the dark political forces at JUBILEE.

Anonymous said...

Pop quiz for Cordomites, those who will never give up (1 mark):

a: How much allocation does the katiba say should be handed over to the counties?

B: How much has been allocated by the jubilee government?

Now, is A > B or is B > A?

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