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Friday, August 30, 2013

Isaac Ruto suddenly changes his mind about the referendum. Very fishy indeed!!

Isaac Ruto (pictured) has in recent weeks scored enormous points right across the political divide nationally for his stance on devolution. His very vocal and articulate push for a referendum to increase budget allocations from the national treasury to county governments has rapidly gained enormous support right down to the grassroots. Isaac has had no qualms contradicting William Ruto in public meetings and receiving a louder and bigger applause every time.

Although JUBILEE insiders have been quick to brand him a CORD mole, the most beautiful thing about Isaac's spirited pro-devolution campaign was that it was effectively removing ugly tribal politics from this debate.

Now two days ago the fiery Bomet governor emerged from a meeting with a man voters firmly rejected in the last elections Joshua Kuttuny (pictured above), with a sudden change of heart. Ruto has now abandoned his call for a referendum and is ready to talk to the JUBILEE high command about other ways of increasing the said allocations, something he has been swearing NEVER to do.

Just to jog your memory, Kuttuny (35) is the clownish immediate former MP for Cherengani whose political speeches have always been pure comedy with little substance, better suited for the popular Churchill comedy show. Apparently his constituents just laughed with him and at him and chose a rookie independent candidate Wesley Korir instead. Kuttuny (who has never held any other job in his life other than that of being a clownish Mpig) was recently resurrected from joblessness oblivion and brokenness when he was gifted a plum job as President Uhuru Kenyatta's political advisor (the grand title for that is Director of Political Affairs in the Office of The President). It is in that new capacity that he met with Isaac Ruto. Fascinatingly Kuttuny has a big problem expressing himself in any other language other than deep sheng. In the clip I have linked to later in this article he struggles with the English language. So much so that one wonders how such a man could ever have been trusted by anybody to represent a constituency in the august house where the main business is debate.
But what exactly went down during the closed-door meeting with Kuttuny? What made the Bomet governor so quickly agree to do something he has always sworn he would never do?

That was one meeting shrouded in mystery which is solved in my very latest raw notes. But incase you are not a subscriber this Youtube video clip provides an important clue to help you figure it out for yourself.

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