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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Is it cool for a public servant to be so arrogant and abusive?

His first car was a Suzuki Vitara, which he bought two years after he started his law firm straight from college with a mere Kshs 7000. He then bought a brand new BMW and currently he drives a Porshe Cayenne, Toyota Land Cruiser and Land Rover Discovery. The arrogant man swears that he will never drive a Mercedes Benz or Range rover. "I'm never into what other people like." 

That information about Ahmednasir Abdullahi is in the public domain. But there is so much more that most Kenyans do not know. Why for instance is he so feared by colleagues? What is the real reason for his sheer arrogance and abusive nature? Why will he forever regret having underestimated Gladys Shollei and treating her like trash without due process? Was Shollei guilty? What exactly did she do that triggered the vicious witch-hunt against her? 

Interestingly in the recent unfolding Gladys Shollei saga the name that has taken centre stage is that of this man rather than the accussed. Especially his sheer arrogance and abusive nature which have opened the eyes of many Kenyans to exactly what this man is all about. 

Colleagues who should know like to call him the most over-rated lawyer in these shores. Those who have encountered him in business circles call him a reckless but shrewd risk-taker. 

An arrogant man is an easy foe to deal with because for starters they will always tend to underestimate you. A quick perusal of the files at JSC should have reminded Bwana Abdullahi that Shollei had the unprecedented distinction of being short-listed for two major jobs at the same time. That of deputy chief justice and chief registrar before she ended up with the latter post. That is NOT the kind of person you just walk all over just like that, even if they happen to be a woman. 

There is no doubt that Ahmednasir Abdullahi will live to regret his brush with Shollei. Already the public spotlight is squarely on him and a number of journalists are digging around into some of his recent questionable real estate deals. Sooner or later you can be sure that some dirt will come out. More revelations in my latest Kumekucha's raw notes. 

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Anonymous said...


Where have you been? Where have you been for the whole entire month of August?

You have been MIA for the last four weeks without ever bothering to drop by at Kumekucha for a minute or two, let alone give a hoot about providing fresh posts and other weekly updates here and there.

By the way, did you manage to scoop up the plum assignment in Tunis, Tunisia, courtesy of that worldwide ... institution as rumour had it?

Anyway, back to the man who is so-called 'blind, arrogant, reckless and shrewd risk taker in the person of Ahmed Nasir Abdul Lahi.

Circumstances forbid that he ends up falling on his own politically and financially crafted doubled edged swords sooner than later.

Men like Abdul, call them 'shrewd risk takers' for all its worth, always forget about their obvious weaknesses, underbellies personified, and only concentrate on embellishing their perceived strengths to gain their short-term wants without ever taking the time to look beyond the horizon and adequately plan for the inevitable.

In Abdul's case, he has brought a lot of unnecessary attention to himself and seems to be oblivious of the fact that his Achilles heel will be exploited for all the wrong reasons by his good weather friends, former and current associates, seasonal business partners, an endless list of political opponents and personal enemies, when the time or season comes calling.

The man will live to curse the day when he bit more than he will ever chew by picking on the wrong opponent, Shollei, at the wrong time, and for all the wrong reasons.

A women like Shollei had been viewed as a pushover and expected to buckle under pressure given the underhanded mechanism brought about by Abdul and whatever company that supports his whims.

The spot light is now on Abdul and his underbelly is now exposed for a direct hit by anyone or group of people who will want to go after him and cut him down to size. His days are numbered and it is just a matter of time.

Anonymous said...

The bigger egos they develop along their politically connected paths to destructive positions of power the louder they get deflated and the harder they fall when all has been said and done. The writing is always on the wall and it is high time those who are drunk with corrosive power started counting whatever that is left over from their forty-days. Ahmenasir Abdullhi is no exception in that regard.

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