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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Was JKIA being run like a village stall? The shocking truth

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By guest writer who knows
A village stall it - JKIA - is and it has been managed like one for a very long time. And that is the truth.

The CCTV system at JKIA does not have an alternative location or secondary viewing capacity, and that is why the system was rendered useless or inoperable the moment the terminal was engulfed in massive flames.

The CCTV footage from a forty-eight hour cycle leading to the time when fire broke out, was damaged and there is very little for investigators to go by in terms of visuals forensics.

Furthermore, there is no use at all of having fake smoke detectors in very limited locations within the terminals at JKIA, at time when malfunctioning sprinklers are the order of the day.

There has always been zero routine checkup or maintenance of the fake - very poor quality - smoke detectors and sprinklers at JKIA and other major government facilities around the city.

Kenyans should not be surprised at all that the recently refurbished parliament at a cost of over several billion shillings is still very vulnerable to fire related disasters due to inadequate fire prevention measures within the buildings.

We, as nation, had it coming and it was about time to have a wake-up call of such magnitude because we seem to have already forgotten all about the embassy bombing and its aftermath more than a decade ago.

Complacency is our collective second nature as well as our Achilles heel. Very little outcome should be expected from the enquiry about the mess JKIA has become in terms of security and overall management the entire facility. 

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Anonymous said...

Are Kenyans shocked or surprised to find out that the ugly, corrupt and deadly business as usual is still the order of the day at the nation's international airport?

How comes that Sh3.4 billion (US $40 million) has been transiting through JKIA every month in cash without scrutiny and without the involvement of any bank or financial institution?

Who is really in charge of keeping track, a keen eye, record or rather policing those who are responsible for policing the general public, including wayward, rogue and criminal elements at JKIA as well as within the entire civil service?

Anonymous said...

Government employees - people - in high places continue to thump their noses, and stick their tongues way out and wag them at the general public and by association at the powers that be, daring them to 'come, come and try to get (arrest) them'.

On the face of it, what led to last week's JKIA Inferno, is a clear example where catch us if you can is written all over such criminal acts because those responsible know too well that very little or nothing at all will be done by the powers that be.

On the other hand, one of the major factors contributing to the existence of a pervasiveness sub-culture that continues to breed an endemic criminal mentality and unethical behaviour among senior government employees and their well protected partners in crime, is the fact that hush money talks.

And the dirty money goes a long way in greasing so many hands of several government employees - people - in high places, senior politicians, religious leaders, and the so-called civil society, all who have a duty to speak out against modern day crimes and evils that have been allowed to paved the country's public sector as well as private sector, 24/7.

When all is said and done, the hammer of overdue justice should be brought down by the combined efforts of the country's president, chief justice, attorney general, director of public prosecutions, chief of the CID, et al.

An example not only needs to be made, but it must be made of those responsible for what contributed as well as caused the JKIA Inferno due to their collective large-scale irresponsibility, lest the above mentioned powerful men in the country want to continue being viewed by the general public and international community, as a bunch of toothless top leaders in the country.

Anonymous said...


Is it any wonder that the airlines belonging to the Israeli, Americans, British, among other LAW ABIDING European carriers have developed extra tight layers of primary and secondary security measures to protect their personal as well as business interests whenever their airlines have landed at JKIA, including any type of cargo that is normally loaded onto heir respective planes?

Anonymous said...

What did the Americans and other outsiders - fair weather friends and economic hit men/women - do in the aftermath of the August '98 Nairobi bombings?

The Americans simply took the crucial time to investigate the attacks in order to figure out the main culprits and their rabid foot soldiers who were responsible for the Africa attacks in Nairobi and Dar es Salaam, then decided on a long term plan to pursue the terrorists by any means necessary at their disposal.

Thereafter, the Americans then reached an executive and strategic decision that it was in their best interests to relocate their diplomatic mission and a number of other US related facilities from downtown Nairobi to a more secure and higher ground.

In the meantime, Nairobians and most of the local businesses based in and around ground zero - former American Embassy - were left to fend for themselves without any further considerations from their government as well as the so-called 'Friends of Kenya' who left downtown Nairobi en masse, leaving residents high and dry.

So, whether we, Kenyans, like it or not, there will be repercussions and dire consequences in terms of how international airlines, businesses and travelers who had developed a liking for JKIA due to its convenience as one of the largest hubs in the East and Central African region.

Woe unto us as a country for having dropped the ball on all matters related to basic security measures at our nation's international airport.

Anonymous said...

There is no offense intended in any way, shape or form with regard to those concerned, given that political correctness has become the norm in our daily public lives - our private lives is another matter and separate domain all together.

Anyhow, our biology teacher only set foot in our village classroom - form one and two - at the beginning of the term and during the last two weeks of the term, as a result we, the village students, never had the golden opportunity to learn or study anything about living organisms, especially the plants and animals in our village and surrounding areas.

Which now begs the question several years later, which-is-which - case-in-point - between a 'gestational carrier' (GC), 'surrogate mother' (SM) and 'rented womb' (RW)?

One of the old time safest bus drivers from our village says that there is no such thing as a 'womb for rent' because it is contrary to nature as he and his ancestors have known it in the last several centuries.

While one of the twenty-eight none medical 'Doctors' - glorified PhD holders from our villager - agrees that womb-rentals have become a booming business among college and graduate students as a means to help finance their education and lifestyle in some of the developed countries.

So far, the former village graduate in me continues to maintains an interest in the subject matter, as the search continues for the equivalent of the above mentioned terms in Swahili as well as in the native language that is widely spoken in and around our village and region.

In the meantime, let us, the village people, hope that the 'womb rental' business will not find a fertile ground in our village, due to a variety of known and unknown reasons, given what the greedy middle-men (women) and the ambitious Chinese 'investors' are already doing to our village environment.

Lest we forget, the women who have been giving birth to six, eight or at times ten children, will agree to start renting their very healthy wombs for hefty financial rewards, and in the process end up changing the power base and upsetting the outdated oppressive structures that have kept them as ... pawns in our respective villages.

Anonymous said...

The more things change in Kenya - decades after the Nyayo era - the more they remain the same in many ways.

Forget the recent fires that raged out of control and razed to ashes what was once so-called an international - substandard - terminal attached to JKIA.

As the country continues to get very bad press when it comes to all things security in the nation's capital, and throughout the counties, including the dysfunctional mess, corruption and forty-five years of rot that has yet to be surgically removed from the CID, NSIS, GSU and within the rest of the country's entire police force.

Hence, it is not surprising nor shocking to find out that in a nation that is still heavily blanketed with many deadly layers of deep insecurities 24/7, basic security services continue to be rationed out in the protection of a select few.

Sadly, the security services and expertise of over four-thousand - 4000 - members from the country's crack units of the GSU, including other specialized security personnel from the regular police force and administration police still being overly under utilized on none essential police duties.

Further, in so many instances, million of manpower hours - time - and scarce resources continue to be wasted on none priority security details and private protective services of all senior and not so senior politicians, government officials, wealthy business men and women, their dependents, including their multiple properties scattered around the country.

The public has always been left wondering why would the residences, properties and businesses of current and former powerful politicians, some of who are departed, the very wealthy and well connected individuals, are still under police protection 24/7?

The above mentioned have enough resources to hire the services of some of the certified security firms and former GSU, police, administration police and military personnel in the country, rather than resort to taking advantage of the national police force at the tax payers' expense as well as at the risk of compromising national security 24/7?

The more Kenyans want or are made to believe that things have really changed since the despotic era of the 1980s and 90s, the more things have remained the same and even gotten far worse.

And the endemic culture of Animal Farm type of officially sanctioned anthem of four legs good (bad), two legs bad (good) will continue to be the country's modi operandi for the next five, ten to fifteen years, regardless of we, the people, like it or hate it in one way or another.

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