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Saturday, June 01, 2013

Interesting comments on TJRC assassinations: Tom Mboya

The quality of comments from my last post on the Mboya assassinations was unusually high and some of them were extremely illuminating. I just had to share them in a main post;

"The culture of the Suba People IS VERY distinct from those of the Luo.

The Suba people practice circumcision as an initiation process from boyhood to adulthood. Mostly boys are circumcised. In some clans, even girls are circumcised."

Today many people in the islands and the highlands subsequent to the Victoria still retain the suba dialect that is closely related to the GANDA language although it is heavily influenced by the bigger Luo Language."


Taabu said...


    TJ is a classical case of benefiting in death what you would never achieve in life. Were TJ to be alive today he would have gone back to Suba or rendered politically irrelevant.

    Lack of political models leaves us holding to corpses for inspiration.

Anonymous said...


    Did you really have to go there, let alone remind those of us still seeking inspiration, that lack of political models leaves us holding onto to corpses for inspiration?

    Did you have to be so cruel at a time when the majority of us are desperately seeking in every which way for better political models and sane leadership throughout all corners of what is left of the Banana Republic?

Anonymous said...

    The rather naive and idealistic young politician, Tom Mboya, may have been misled into believing that the majority of the politicians and people of his day held onto the very same patriotic feelings, principles and nationwide efforts for a better Kenya as he did.

    When in reality, all that everyone of the leading politicians, post colonial vanguard and regional groups that had emerged after independence, ever wanted was to become Kenyanized versions of little Europeans aka Bwana Kubwas at the expense of real Uhuru, freedom, better governance, justice and equity for all.

    Mboya stood on principle and ended up becoming a real stumbling block in the eyes and path of those who didn't have the country's interests at heart.

    And that is one of the many reasons why Mboya had to be eliminated in one way or another so that he could not continue to complicate matters for those who wanted to own the country and run it as a tribal fiefdom once the last vestiges of colonialism and settler community had left the country's powerful political circles and business bastions of old boys privilege.

    The bottom line is that, the people who ended paying the highest price and continue to do so, are the ordinary Kenyans, given their current collective abysmal state of life fifty years after independence, as well as since July 5th 1969 when impunity won the day.

Taabu said...


    On reflection, a living TJ would have 'regretted' how politically NAIVE he was then.


Nyanza si Kenya said...

Hata Mboya alijua Nyanza si Kenya!

Anonymous said...

Wakaluo si wakenya. Ata nyayo anajua hiyo.

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