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Monday, May 27, 2013

ICC Drama... na bado

The shadowy Alfred "Anglo Leasing" Gitonga pictured here in London with President Mwai Kibaki (is that a Tusker he is drinking?) shortly before the 2002 general elections that brought Kibaki to power. Gitonga who went to St Mary's with President Uhuru Kenyatta is believed to be a key member of the current president's kitchen cabinet.

The very suggestion of Jomo Kenyatta being Prime Minister appalled the knowledgeable Kenyan middle class and high society in 1960. After all a court of law had confirmed his links to Mau mau, those terrorists who thrived on chopping off the heads of innocent white settlers and natives as well.

The very suggestion of Uhuru Kenyatta being president appalled the knowledgeable Kenyan middle class and many others in 2013. After all he was linked to serious human rights abuses and was facing charges at the ICC.

For the very reasons that people were terrified of a Jomo Kenyatta premiership KANU won the 1963 elections emphatically and formed the government.

For the very reasons that some Kenyans were terrified of a Uhuru Kenyatta government, JUBILEE won the 2013 elections getting majority seats in both the senate and house of representatives and formed the government.

There are uncanny similarities between the situation in 1963 and 2013 (50 years apart). Little wonder that the good book says there is nothing new under the sun. Still, there are a few rather huge differences.

About 2 weeks ago I predicted here that the ICC issue which had been getting pretty boring was going to suddenly come alive and get very interesting. That has now come to pass (na bado) but what most Kenyans are not aware of is that there is a master plan for the ICC where the Kenyan cases at the Hague court are going to be attacked from all fronts. Those ICC cases MUST go away. They MUST!!!! Details of this master plan are jaw dropping to say the least and will involve considerable taxpayer's resources. Sorry folks security in the country has to take a back seat for now because this is way too important. Even if it was you would you ignore self-preservation to serve the people?? Think about it.

But what are the political implications of the AU signatories to the Rome statute protesting the work of the court in one voice (53 states out of 54) and even pulling out enmasse from the ICC (if what they want done does not happen)? What will it do to the authority of the court now desperately struggling for credibility when many in Africa had seen as a light at the end of a long dark tunnel of bad governance and impunity amongst African leaders? The sad truth is that the political realities in the West have changed dramatically amid unprecedented economic chaos and financial uncertainties. They now need Africa more than ever before. Not to mention the fact that East Africa is suddenly oil rich with significant deposits of the precious and very political resource having recently been found in Uganda and Kenya.

Meanwhile a quite battle simmers deep inside the JUBILEE government where powerful sources are bent on clipping the wings of deputy president William Ruto. Those who believe that the president is strong enough to keep powerful forces watching his back at bay are naive. Indeed the composition of the president's inner cabinet which includes his mother and one Alfred Gitonga amongst others should enable anybody to make a fairly accurate prediction on what is going to inevitably come. 

See also; Why has Mrs Pauline Musyoka wife of former vice president Kalonzo Musyoka always kept a low profile and done her best to keep a very safe distance from the limelight that her husband’s political career has attracted? The answer to that question is mighty interesting to say the least.


Taabu said...


Watch your back and DON'T ROCK THE BOAT please. Peace coma must grow.

Kenyans are simply being conditioned to the inevitable NON-COOPERATION with ICC. Forget that fad of ICC 'is my personal responsibility'.

Uhuruto is Kenya and Kenya is Uhuruto, mtado?

Choices have consequences, PLEASE MOVE ON.

kumekucha said...


Why r ur comments sometimes loaded with so much meaning and info in these dark days of self-censorship and see no evil from my dear tribe?

Chris Kumekucha

Anonymous said...

I will borrow Kumekucha's clarion call;


Anonymous said...

Who actually elected Mpigs and other Princpigs? Were they Kpigs or Crazpigs? How can this country turn into an animal farm?

Nyanza si Kenya said...

Nyanza si Kenya

Pwani si Kenya said...

Pwani si Kenya

Mwarang'ethe said...

Anonymous said...

Who actually elected Mpigs and other Princpigs? Were they Kpigs or Crazpigs? How can this country turn into an animal farm?

5/27/13, 10:41 AM


Bwa ha ha ha ha ha he he he ra ra ra ra re re re ta ta ta ta wa wa wa ga ga ga ga fa fa fa fa da da da

Ati, who elected them?

Kwani this is your first time here? We repeat for your benefit:

They were elected by the IDIOTS, FOOLS and DUPES who live in the world of DELUSIONS, ILLUSIONS and CHILDISH FANTASIES where OPIUM SESSIONS are the in thing!!

Sample this:

"Speaking to the Nation on Tuesday, the SRC chairperson Sarah Serem said governors and members of the county assembly were also among the State officers who had joined the MPs in the push for a pay review.

She appealed to the public to drop the confrontational tone over the MPs’ pursuit and said it was wrong for the public to “isolate” MPs for negotiating better terms.

“The SRC is open to dialogue. I do not want us to isolate Parliament, they are part of the system. Parliament is just one of the stakeholders. These parliamentarians are our leaders. Let’s treat them with dignity,” Ms Serem said."


NB: The Kangaroo court called the ICC has ZERO, ZERO and ZERO effect on your life!

Anyway, since Kenyans are very clever and wise, as they TAX themselves even MORE so as to DEVELOP themselves, the African Teacher, retreats to enjoy some music:

Love of the Common People:

Taabu said...


Please confirm or deny that you were nominated for Mbeere county Sergent-at-Arms but didn't make it.

Anonymous said...

Labels: ICC cases against Uhuru and Ruto set to collapse

Take a serious think. WSR will be sacrificed.His will continue as the victim's lawyer (Nderitu) argued that WSR MUST attend all hearings.Did he say same for UK?

Anonymous said...

Pwani ni Pwani, there is doubt about it because they have always been Pwani since the golden era, dating way, way back before some crude intruders began landing on the East African shores during the early part of the 4th century.

Just in case you were not aware, Pwani ni Pwani because it has been able to sustain itself without any type of support or usual handouts from the mainland and rest of the outside world.

What about Nyanza-Kenya, the landlocked country with a small hived section of Lake Nyanza attached to it?

And will Nyanza-Kenya be able to sustain itself without reaching out for the usual brand of handouts that have become part and parcel of the fabric of certain societies in the country?

One more thing, when and where does the sociopolitical history of Nyanza-Kenya begin besides the myths and the rest of it that passes for folklore?

Will Nyanza-Kenya be able to survive the worst of itself - self inflicted wounds - then go on to thrive and blossom in the same way present day Rwanda continues unfold?

Nyanza ni Kenya and Nyanza will always remain part and parcel of Kwnya, for the next eight decades, come rain or shine.

Anonymous said...

A house divided can not ...? And the only way forward for such a dvided house is one that is bound to fall apart soon or later.

A wise man like Ruto must have clearly known - estimated - what he was getting himself into, and he will have only himself congratulate when things workout for him.

However, he will also have himself to blame when and if things end up not working out for him as expected, or given the way things are being worked out by some of the shadow characters within the dreaded Kitchen Cabinet that is alleged to be in existence at the State House.

There is a large segment of the Kenyan population who will not shed a single tear should Ruto's sudden rise to power end up crashing and burning before 2017 or 2018.

He seems to have made a quick fleeting political deal with the devil's gang while he was strategically seated at the crossroads of his political life several years ago.

So, if what Chris alludes to is what's really unfolding and happening behind the scenes, and between the Kitchen Cabinet and Ruto, then let Ruto lie in the bed of political opportunity that he took the time, calculated the pros and cons, and made for himself, given all of his own selfish political, economic and social ends.

As it were, let the story of a house divided or at war with itself continue to unfold before things fall apart without ever affecting the rest of the country.

Anonymous said...

Indeed the composition of the president's inner cabinet which includes his mother and ...

With all due respect to the president's mother, it is hoped that the former first lady has already learned from the worst kind of mistakes committed by past regimes, kitchen cabinets, political cartels and ethnic groups from the 60s and 70s, some of who are alive and still involved in high circles of government.

Unfortunately, the whole country is still reeling from the worst kind of past political, economic, and social mistakes that continue to have a huge negative stronghold on the whole nation.

The best she can do as a mother of her dear son - as opposed to the
being the president's mother with a chip on her shoulder - is to allow her son to be the good leader he can be without any undue motherly influence, or trying to relive the past she once knew from the despotic 60s and 70s, and the type of politics that have no place in present day Kenya.

The Queen Mother should always do everything possible in the best insterest of her son's kingdom and subjects therein, in order for there to be a Pax Kenyana for the next five to ten years.

Time will tell.

Anonymous said...

An East African politicians like Ruto still believes that he can fly to the point where he will be able to become Kenya's next president in the future.

But unbeknown to him, his political wings are bound to get clipped one feather at time until there will be nothing more left to ffly with or cover his plumage by time he decides to take a shot at the presidency.

So far, the deck at the State House is stacked against him, and he will have to always play the hand that has been dealt to him at a table surrounding by entrenched powerful sources who are have concentrated their efforts on protecting what they have come to believe is rightfully theirs under the return of the Kenyatta presidency.

Plumage or no pulmage by 2017/18, Ruto seems to be a cooked goose by all accounts, because all that was ever he required of him was to help consolidated extra legions and then guide and lead Uhuru's legions to the promised land.

That was it and the rest is now for the history books describing how a mighty warrior lost the prize once the hunt was over.

Mwarang'ethe said...

Taabu said...

Please confirm or deny that you were nominated for Mbeere county Sergent-at-Arms but didn't make it.

5/28/13, 5:15 AM


Bwa ha ha ha ha ha he he he ga ga sa sa sa wa wa wa ba ba ba ha ha ha na na na

The African Teacher is WISE enough to UNDERSTAND the human FOLLY.

For instance, it is a fact of history that, the period of DECLINE of nations is also, a time of GREAT POMP and DISPLAY of LUXURY as IDIOTS vie with one another for positions of splendor.

For instance, during the 17th Century as the Spain DECAYED, you will find that:

1. The LOCAL governments were not filled by a patriotic gentry, but, MONEY MAKING posts thru which the nobility diverted the income of the local governments and in particular TAX COLLECTION to their own purses.

As such, this not noble nobility, shifted the tax on to the middle and lower classes, but, actually, made a profit collecting them.


2. What about the "EDUCATED" ELITE?

Their "education" was not a training for CREATIVE NEW SKILLS, but, was meant to prepare them for the static bureaucratic posts.

The EMPHASIS was STATUS and HONOR while rejecting the RISKS and pressures of productive enterprises.

Sounds familiar?

How many Commissions do we have filled by the IVY LEAGUE of FOOLS in Kenya today?

Haya, if you doubt that analysis of the human FOLLY, sample this:

And, see this guy. He DELUDES himself just like the rest of the "EDUCATED" IVY LEAGUE OF FOOLS that they are "working" for Wanjiku:

And, what about this:

"NGOs, [WELFARE] insurance [PARASITIC] lead the pack as best-paying employers, says report."

Anyway, as usual, we are off to enjoy nice music:

Anonymous said...


Do you know who I am? Do you know who you are messing with? I can make a few phone calls here and there and you will find yourself without a job.

What are you? Wewe ni kitu gani? Look at you! Eeeeh! Look at you! What do you think you are in the first place? Wewe bure kabisa.

Mmmm! No wonder you that's the only kind of job you will continue doing until you die.

You know what? Poeple like you are beneath me and don't deserve any intelligent reasoning with people like me.

Kwenda huko! Kwani wewe ni nani?What do you think your are?

Women like Mrs Pauline Musyoka will never subject other Kenyan women and men to such redicule - as above mentioned - just because they happened to belong to certain social status in life.

However, women like Mrs. Pauline Musyoka should be commended at all times on matter of principle because they are not in the habit of riding the express coattails of their spouses from day one to the end of their political or other careers.

Mrs Pauline Musyoka and other like minded spouses in Kenya are the type of people who seem to be very secure in their own skin unlike some people out there who will always make sure that the whole world knows about their glorified social status including the political standing or the wealth of their spouses.

The type of people who will make sure that the world knows their membership within the so called high society, gated communities, etcetra.

Mrs Pualine Musyoka has always lived her life on her own terms while her husband was stationed within very powerful political circles, and associated with the mighty and fleathy wealthy versions of Kenya society.

While many spouses former MPs and ministers continue to grapple with how to readjust to "normal lives" removed from the political lime lights of the past ten years, given the many failed re-election bids in March of 2013, Mrs. Pauline Musyoka will not have to deal with similar worst case scenarios other than continue living her life as she has done in the last twenty-five years with minor changes here and there.

She never looked down upon anybody and she will surely have no reason to look up to other people for the repayment of past political favours and social relevance at all.

She understands the fact that life must go on with or without her husband being drenched in various political and social circles.

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