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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Uhuru's Cabinet Nominees So Far 16 (2 to go)

Here is President Uhuru's list of Cabinet nominees so far:
  1. Fred Matiang'i (Information, Communication and Technology (ICT),
  2. Henry K. Rotich (The National Treasury)
  3. James Wainaina Macharia (Health)
  4. Amb Amina Mohamed (Foreign Affairs)
  5. Adan Mohammed (Industrialization)
  6. Ann Waiguru (Devolution and Planning)
  7. Davis Chirchir (Energy and Petroleum)
  8. Amb. Raychelle Omamo (Defence)
  9. Eng. Michael Kamau (Transport and Infrastructure)
  10. Phyllis Chepkosgey (East African affairs, Commerce and Tourism)
  11. Prof. Jacob Kaimenyi (Education)
  12. Felix Kosgey (Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries)
  13. Prof. Judy Wakhungu (Environment Water and Natural Resources)
  14. Dr. Hassan Wario (Sports, Culture and Arts)
  15. Najib Balala (Mining)
  16. Charity Ngilu (Lands, Housing and Urban Development)
  17. Ministry of Labour, Social Security and Services (Vacant)
  18. Ministry of Interior and Coordination of National Government (Vacant)


Taabu said...


Kusema na kutenda: there will be only 2 politcians in the cabinet, Mr President and I. Well, eating your own words never constipates. Eggs on the face galore.

Who is the BOSS?

Are you implying that the 50/50 Tower of Babel is creaking? Well, you better remember 'fahali wawili' tale' of yore.

So far so good with the 7 where the money is: Treasury/Education/Health/Interior/Energy/Agriculture/Transport.

No need to guess where Interior will go. That docket is a preserve for the right DNA.

So far 9 makes 50/50. Add Uhuruto, Githu and Kimemia and you have 13/22 (60%) of cabinet from 2 communities out of 40+.

Tyrany and shackles galore. MTADO?

Anonymous said...

Poor pensioner Taabe, kwani you wanted your divorsed wife appointed? Meza wembe ngombe hii

Anonymous said...

Profiles of Nominees looks impressive.
But will the politicians which made Jubilee win elections be satisfied when none of these nominees was went hunting in the forest?
The danger is that to appease these politicians,we might get them being appointed into the more powerful positions of the PS. This will be a reverse of roles where real managers will be politicians.
lets wait and see what unfolds.

Anonymous said...


Kuna tofauti kuu kati ya usemi wa kawaida na utendaji wa hali ya juu. Kwa hakika, kulea mimba si kazi, kazi kulea mwana.

Kwa hivyo, itawabidi rais, makamu wake na baraza la mawaziri wajikumbushe kila mara kwamba ni wajibu wao kulea taifa pamoja na kukuza uhuru, usalaama, umoja, uchumi, maendeleo, biashara, kazi kwa wengi, na viwanda mbalimbali kote nchini.

Kwa hivi sasa,haki ni yao, wacha wasema wapendavyo usiku na mchana, bali tu mwishowe watende yale yote ya mahana na maendeleo popote pale valivyo.

Anonymous said...

You like women treated equally, so this list should be good enough to you, or you are moaning again?

Anonymous said...


I thot you made up with your lost son. It looks he is still mad so much even calling his mum DIVORCED.

Please reach out to your lost seed.

Anonymous said...

What grade would you give - Uhuru's selection for - Cabinet nominees?

What do we, the people, know? And what should be known that has yet to be disclosed about the nominees?

Reverbrations from the business community have alluded to the fact that experts dominate Uhuru's new list of Cabinet nominees, and they will have to set brisk pace and be very well prepared upon confirmation.

Although what seems to be a somehow calculated risky inclusion of two names, Charity Ngilu and Najib Balala, struck a sour note at the announcement of the list of nominees.

Many people within the business community, civil society and elsewhere strongly believe that failure and mediocrity should not be rewarded in any way, shape or fashion within Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta's adminstration, as was the endemic tradition throughout the last three adminstrations where cronyism, nepotism, patronage and the worst brand of sociopolitical tribalism were the order of the day.

In the meantime, the nation and its people will only head in a better direction if Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta and his deputy, William Ruto, allow themselves to be surrounded with people who think differently than they do on various issues.

Furthermore, the president and his deputy should not hesitate to bring on board and retain experts - as opposed to 'yes men' or 'yes women' - who will challenge their thinking, so long as they are ready, willing and able to listen to the very same experts and establish prioties with the Cabinet.

Anonymous said...

Uhuru tayari amewapa mwaliko wa kuja kunyua chai na kuonja minofu ya nyama ya ng'ombe, mbuzi na bata mzinga, huko ikuluni. Taabu na wengine karibuni. "Karibuni chai, ama hamutaki chai?"

Anonymous said...

How names of the nominees will be withdrawn due to one reason or another?

And how many others will be rejected for obvious retrogressive political reasons, such as;

a) Mtu wetu should have made the nominees' list instead of huyu au yule because our ukabila bloc votes made all the difference when it counted most?

b) The usual lame justification bordering on claims such as our communities will end up in the ash heaps of history, and mounts of political marginalisation if one of own - tribal political lords - are not nominated to represent our ukabila best (worst) interests?

c) Most of the Cabinet slots should by all means be awarded to the (so-called) distinguished - fallen - former cabinet ministers and - rejected - senior politicians who have had illustrious ukabila political careers under the last adminstration.

d) The dishing out of the Cabinet posts must be done with a very keen eye set on recapturing the majority of seats in both houses during the 2018 general election and beyond.

Anonymous said...

Charity Ngilu? Tosha! Najiba Balala? Tosha! Done deal.

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