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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Confused Kenyans

Kenyans are their own worst enemies.

Kenyans are also very confused just now and stuck like the proverbial phonograph record with the needle circling the same spot again and again.

We also have some politicians who do not understand the role of an opposition. They think it is like in a school debate where just because you are on the opposing side you have to rack your brains to find ONLY good points to oppose. Always oppose for the sake of opposing.

These three things are about to derail what would have been a wonderful new beginning in the right direction for the banana republic called Kenya.

"Now Kumekucha has been paid by JUBILEE," I can hear some of my faithful readers from those dark 2007 days saying in their minds. And so let me start by stating my position clearly.

I am for the people of Kenya and anybody who looks like they are serious about improving the lot of ordinary Kenyans will get my attention. I have fought against bad governance for a very long time and I will continue to do so. But I will not oppose or criticize something for the sake of criticizing. Or based on my personal emotional feelings from the last elections. So you can go ahead and shoot me or stop reading this if what you are after is a piece that shoots down JUBILEE so that you can feel good. You will find plenty of those pieces on the web and in social media. Besides there are any ways to feel good without frustrating efforts to improve the lives of impoverished Kenyans, even if it is in a very small way.

Uhuruto had started very well with clear indications that they intended to focus on what they promised the electorate. Indeed they have been fresh air in the very old, tired smelly room called Kenya by attempting to do things differently. Alert Kenyans have been excited but many others have been waiting for them to trip and stumble. The latter have not been disappointed because as I write this, and despite the president's firm assurances just yesterday that the cabinet list would be out by 9am at the very latest, the full list of nominees has not yet been released. What is the delay all about? What is really going on? Why has it taken so long?

During the Moi days all kinds of people were appointed to the health docket in his cabinet. Mwai Kibaki an economist and former Chief of general staff General Jackson Mulinge were some of the best performers in that docket. They had no previous training in the medical profession. Indeed doctors are usually NOT good managers. They are not trained to manage the health of an institution, they are trained to manage the health of an ailing human being.

The problems we have in health currently require a manager. Indeed the JUBILEE promises of free maternal care require colossal funding and financial management and so it makes sense to appoint a money man as cabinet secretary.

Yet doctors have been very loud in protesting the appointment of somebody who is NOT a doctor to the health docket. They are saying that they would like "one of their own" to be appointed. My question is what if the president chose to appoint a politician? What would they have said?

The behaviour of doctors this time round is strange and any keen observer cannot help but wonder what the real motive here is. It is quite possible that our good doctors are bang in the middle of our emotional politics. It is no secret that many powerful doctors supported a Raila Odinga presidency, could this be an extended protest over what they saw as a stolen election? If it is then they are doing grave injustice to the common man in Kenya as are all others who want to oppose everything the new government is doing for the sake of ensuring that they fail.

We are all aware of the dangerous buggage that Uhuruto are carrying with them, but you tell me how it will help us opposing and frustrating them in their work? Will it change the presidency before 2017?

Okay assuming that we all decide to work very hard to make the JUBILEE government fail, who will benefit? Naturally it will greatly satisfy the emotional needs of CORD supporters. But how will those CORD supporters benefit at the end of the day apart from feeling good? The ordinary Kenyan has many problems and what will benefit them most are initiatives that will make their lives better even if that change for the better is miniscule. I keep saying that somebody who eats three square meals a day and has some money in the pocket and in the bank can never understand the plight of a hungry man who can't even fart because there is nothing to fart.

You will not believe it but there are way too many Kenyans who are very distressed by the fact that we do not have an all powerful president who is flexing their power and giving road-side directives. Or one that is arrogantly calling the people who elected him mavi ya kuku and basking in the fact that nobody can dare do anything about it. In a way you can't blame them because they do not know anything else.

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