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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

You'd Better Behave Yourselves Male Mpigs

In the 10th parliament the most stunning "chics" in the house were Kathiani legislator Wavinya Ndeti and nominated MP Rachel Shebesh both are married but had to endure endless passes and lewd remarks from some crude legislators. Is that why Ndeti developed a serious pot belly just a few months into the life of that parliament (to have some peace of mind)? Now the current house of representatives has numerous drop-dead gorgeous ladies. Among them is Muranga women's representative Sabina Wanjiru Chege (pictured) who is a former CORO FM presenter. Word on the street is that certain legislators were falling all over the place asking her to posh hotels in town on sighting her during the campaigns. What will they get up to now that they are elected and in the house with her? Could this be linked to the stubborn insistence by the MPigs to be paid at least a million bob every month? 

Behave yourself male MPs and in case you lawmakers forgot, the new constitution clearly criminalizes making unwelcome passes at female Kenyans.


Anonymous said...


Usithubutu kuimezea wala kuitemea tamaa sura hiyo ya binti fulani wa fulani.

Kwa sababu, the extremely beautiful looks and a million dollar smile are strictly for your eyes only and nothing more.

Do not even entertain the slim thought of craving for her digits even you happen to cross paths in an official capacity during public or private function in the big city and around the country.

Mhe Mme Binti Fulani wa Fulani is known to be quite - not the vociferous type -, polite, dignified and never has a flair the dramatics.

It is hoped by many that she will bring some much needed value to the not so-august house in the coures of the next five years.

Well, well, well! On the other hand, who was it that is quoted for having once said all people are created equal?

Where is the equality in distribution of beauty among Muumba's creations in our republic of mosaic faces, not to mention in the - wondering - eyes of so many earthlings?

If people are really created equal then why are half of the women from Murang'a or other parts of neighbouring regions and rest of the country not created with extremely good looks similar to one of the newly elected women's representatives in the house?

Why was Muumba so stingy in the department of granting and endowing some of our very own with DNA sequences that would give rise to three Mhe Mme Binti Fulani wa Fulani types in every ten people out there?

There those in our midst who will not fail rebut in some way or another with remarks such as, "looks are not everything". "There is more to a woman than external looks, or meets the plain eye".

"Why do you people always like to objectify women?" "Don't judge a book by its cover". "What do they (ngiri) know about real beuaty after all?". Yada yada yada yada yada.

Anyway, one thing is for sure, whoever said that "the beautiful ones are not yet born" was definitely wrong, because people like Mhe Mme Binti Fulani wa Fulani and few others out there have already debunked the ancient myth.

More power to her, and may she be a real force to be reckoned with not just due to her good looks but also when it comes to conducting the official business in the not so-august house.

As well as being an agent of constructive change for the women of Murang'a, and a real voice that speaks out for those who cannot speak for themselves due to a variety of reasons.

Usisahau, for your eyes only upende usipende.

Anonymous said...

Nimekubali! No more comments. Some people are nothing but excellent , and you are one of them.

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