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Friday, April 26, 2013

Big Problem Ahead With One Nominee NOT Ngilu or Balala
A very fascinating and almost unbelievable thing is happening in Kenyan politics.

Uhuruto are rapidly picking up a massive additional support base from people who voted for CORD in the just concluded presidential elections but now seem to have fallen in love with the JUBILEE government. Still it is too early in the life of this administration to draw any long term political conclusions. One of the reasons being that every political administration goes through the initial crisis phase or as some would crudely put it; the-shit-hitting-the-fan phase. This usually changes everything and is yet to happen to our honeymooners although the pressures of the office are beginning to mount rapidly.

Why this rapid rise in popularity? Young Kenyans say that this administration "has swag." Actually it can all be attributed to the new approach and way of doing things which has turned out to be the much needed fresh air in the stuffy room called Kenya that people have been waiting for, for such a long time.

Meanwhile it is emerging that there are major challenges and hurdles ahead for Uhuruto when the vetting process for their nominees commences in parliament next week. Everybody knows that the JUBILEE alliance has an overwhelming majority in parliament which would suggest that numbers will be used to quickly approve the president's nominees. This is true BUT that is NOT the issue. The big worrying issue for the duo are the facts and extremely embarrassing accusations that will be brought to light during the public vetting of the cabinet secretaries and in particular one of the nominees (NOT Ngilu or Balala) who can be linked to massive corruption mega deals in the past. But even more damaging is a claim that he was involved in a very recent fraudulent and very fishy deal according to CORD legislators in the vetting committee. What exactly did he do and why will it have such a huge impact on Kenyans? I discuss this in my latest raw notes published just a few minutes ago.

The said individual is said to be very close to Deputy president William Ruto.

Meanwhile speculation is rife about which individuals will fill in the last two cabinet slots. However Kumekucha has very credible information about who they are (discussed in my latest raw notes) and there is a problem once again because both are politicians.
This is bound to raise temperatures considerably in parliament and Kenyans should expect a very interesting two weeks to come with some heart-stopping revelations being made against some of the nominees.


Anonymous said...

What seems to be the real big problem? And who is it? What say you?

By the way, deadwood politicians like Nagilum, Balalam and company, will always be the big problem with regard to the manner in which high profile adminstrative positions managed (evolve), and how most institutions of governance in the country are ran in 2013 and beyond.

Anonymous said...

Just so that soem people know, there are two alternative potential nominees ready to be named should anyone of the nominees on the already released list ran into a confirmation hitch or some sort of political backlash for whatever reasons.

There are several names on the A-list, then others on the B-list, and C-list, just incase the first two nominees are rejected by special interest groups in parliament, in the course of the so-called thorough and diligent examination of each nominee's private life in a public review.

Anonymous said...

By the way, did the majority of the MPigs get vetted before, during and after they were sworn in?

By all accounts, vetting is a worthwhile process that ends up safe guarding the public's interests in the short term and long term, regardless of whther it is carried out by unvetted MPigs who have already drawn their shapened axes in the hopes of chopping some of the nominees down to specific pieces.

Let the MPigs bring it on during the two weeks or so process of careful and critical examination on the floor of the not-so-august house.

Anonymous said...

What's the use of visiting this blog only to be sent to the so called raw notes that requires paying some cash tokens to Chris? Crap!

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Anonymous said...


Are you talking of massive corruption mega deals that are on the same scale as the ones that allegedly took place in the Ministry of Health and later Ministry of Water and Irrigation when a well known individual was in charge?

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