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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Mutula, murder it most probably was plus vetting shockers being cooked by the desperate

They say what goes round comes around. Former Internal security minister George Saitoti was an expert at cooling off public interest on issues where a cover up was imminent. So much so that you would predict with a great deal of accuracy exactly what he was going to say;
"It would be wrong to speculate at this juncture and I urge wananchi to be patient while thorough investigations are carried out... blah blah."

Well the same tactics were used to cover his own heinous murder and to add insult to injury the report into the inquiry on his death was released by the Kibaki administration at the height of the 2013 political campaigns. That should tell any intelligent person that there was mischief in the timing meaning that the government must have been involved in the murder. Few Kenyans even noticed that the verdict was pilot error. My heart goes out to the families of the gallant pilots of that chopper because we are now being told that they were incompetent and dead people can hardly defend themselves can they?

Some Kenyans who in this digital age are accustomed to listening to the news and repeating what was said like parrots and without using the great tool the Almighty gave them that is between their ears are anxiously telling others NOT to speculate about the death of Senator Mutula Kilonzo. Some are even threatening others and insinuating that there is a law against speculation. These "bongo lalas" are playing right into the hands of those keen on covering up their tracks. When people are told to wait, time passes, important details are forgotten and evidence is obliterated. Months from now when the issue will be brought up again Kenyans will have moved on and that will be the end of the story. And as Waititu would say; hio ndio style yetu (that is our way of doing things in the banana republic).

It is important to realize that thinking for yourself does not cause sheering pain in the brain. Indeed the brain is like a muscle where you stop exercising it and it will go all "flabby" and continuously ineffective. This is one of the reasons why reading habits are critical to the development of a person, irrespective of their age. Crossword puzzles are excellent too. But that is a story for another day.

There is nothing wrong with the public asking questions about the strange death of an important public figure in the reform agenda of the banana republic. Especially when we know that those reforms are being fought very strongly by some very powerful people. People whose gravy train is going to be greatly compromised by some of the "inconvenient" laws in our new constitution.

We know that people who are teetotalers (like Mutula was) and in perfectly good health do not just suddenly die in their sleep. kwani Mutula was as old and sick as Jomo Kenyatta was in 78? We know that when people foam in the mouth it is one of the classic signs of poisoning. We also know that the government pathologist who messed up with evidence from the Saitoti crash site is the same person who took vomit samples from the late Senator's house on Saturday (so we should prepare ourselves for anything). We also know the names of the people who are set to benefit from the death of the late senator. Indeed two of those individuals can be linked to convenient sudden deaths of others in the past. There is a clear pattern that I discuss in great detail in my latest raw notes.

In the old days the Kenyan public were sold all kinds of stories to explain away murder and there is no reason to expect different in Mutula's case. Probably the most hilarious such story was that of the Robert Ouko suicide theory. Government officials told Kenyans with a straight face that they had conclusive evidence that Ouko committed suicide. Taking into consideration the facts that were available to the public even then, swallowing this theory would have meant that Ouko broke his leg, shot himself and then set his body ablaze. You can't beat that kind of determination to die can you? And in those days in the banana republic you could be picked up by the special branch for contradicting the government position on such a sensitive national matter.

Kenyans should NOT tire of asking questions about Mutula's death and those questions MUST be asked now. In the event that the post mortem shows that he died of a cardiac arrest, Kenyans should NOT be naive enough to end the issue there. We know that heart attacks can be induced on perfectly healthy people. It has been done many times even in Kenya (including very recently indeed when a very well known public figure very conveniently died just before the general elections).

Just two more quick things I want to say today.

Let us mourn Mutula, a great son of Kenya and console the family for their devastating loss but even as we do so Kenyans need to be aware of the fact that extremely powerful political forces on the ground are busy plotting to make sure that neither Kalonzo Musyoka nor Harun Mwau end up taking over Mutula's senatorial seat. These forces know that thye have considerable support from the voters on the ground. Nothing new about that the secret weapon they plan to use will surprise some and delight many others. Details in my latest raw notes.

Lastly vetting of the cabinet secretaries starts tomorrow and must end within 14 days, according to the constitution. Some members of the opposition are busy gathering "evidence" to embarrass the nominees (whom they know will comfortably pass the vetting process thanks to the tyranny of numbers). This "evidence" will come from members of the public. Hope you catch my drift.

See intimate controversial profile of Mutula Kilonzo (not recommended for those who sanitize the dead)


Taabu said...


Please MOVE ON, Mutula is dead and you are alive. Nobody will bother with you.

Speaking of which why are you playing the Ouko broken record? Kenyans given that name when he COMMIITTED suicide have completed university already.

You are lucky Kibunja is muted as he waits to join cabinet. Otherwise you remain a candidate of MURDER/HATE SPEECH. Watch out.

Mwarang'ethe said...

"Please MOVE ON, Mutula is dead and you are alive. Nobody will bother with you."


In deed.

Just to add on the above, it is time for MENTAL SHIFT as the Chief of the PRIESTS would say.

Without saying more, it is time for some Music:

Glass House:

Anonymous said...

Nothing wrong with that muthukui he ate that night.You have never seen young health people die sudnely?nobody killed that man even saitoti .Kenyans love to gossip nobody dies a natural death in kenya somebody kills them.GIVE US A BREAK LET THIA MKAMBA RIP.

Anonymous said...


Mutula boned his way to death. He kulad too much Viagra. Postmortem will show myocardial infarction. Nausea and vomiting have long been recognized as common gastrointestinal manifestations of acute cardiac pain.

You as an "insider" must be knowing where the ndogo ndogo he had in his house is, the one who drank Pepsi out of a can.

Anonymous said...

We know where you are hiding. Come out of your hiding Ouko, otherwise we shall punish you. These were the words of a Kenyan President. Then he said: Ouko shot himself and then set himslf ablaze.

JM has mistakenly got lost somewhere in Ngong Forest, said the first President. After the inquiry the President said: Lets forget the past: Lets move on.

Mboya was shot directly. Njega said: Ask the big man. The big man answered: Lets forget the past. Lets move on.

Now it is Mutula's. What will the big man say? Lets forget, lets move on....

Anonymous said...

Proud to be a Kenyan who lives in a country where people become symbolic political martyrs rather than the awaited messiahs that could lead the country in a very different direction for a change.

Anonymous said...

Please MOVE ON, Mutula is dead and you are alive, Nobody will bother you.

Why don't you just let it be? Be a real man like others, move on with your life and learn to forget the worst that has happened to your grandfather and uncle.

Your grandfather and uncle are dead but you are very lucky to still be alive after having survived the horrific attacks several weeks ago.

Count your blessings and enjoy the new lease on life that you have been given. The bright future is all ahead of you.

We can assure you that you're now very safe, and nobody will bother with you or come after you ever again. So, let bygones be bygones.

Those were the very words uttered by the leader of the council of elders in their desperate attempts to try and desuade a twenty-one year young man from the village of Mbalamwezi.

The young was bent on organizing a posse in order to exact some sort of an immediate revenge against the murderers responsible for the death of his sixty-three year old grandfather who was a local trader, and forty-one year old uncle.

That was then, this is now, and unfortunately, the thugs who murdered Mzee Mshimba ended up killing eight of the twelve members of the council of elders, two months later after Mzee Mshimba's murder.

The leader of the council of elders, his five bodyguards, including countless number of innocent children, defenseless women, the elderly and men from the village of Mbalamwezi ended up losing their lives at the vicious hands of marauding thugs in a ten year period, 1985-1996.

As for Mzee Mshimba's surviving fourty-three descendants, including his most beloved grandson, they did manage to move far away from Usiku-wa-Manene region in August of 1986 and ended up settling on a sun drenched tropical island located thirty-two kilometers off the coast of the republic of Jamhuri, on the east coast of Africa.

An island that is better known for its second chances, abundant opportunities, peace and tranquility.

And which has now become the permanent home for the majority of the Mzee Mshimba clan members, who are now prolific producers, manufacturers and traders in ukwanjo - tamarind - and its byproducts.

While the other members of the Mshimba clan, or Washimba as they have come to be known on the island, now own and operate successful eateries, nightclubs, scuba diving, big game fishing, parasailing, waterskiing, jetskiing, custom group tours, spas, BnBs, etc, businesses on the island.

Fortunately, the demented gang of marauding thugs ended up being contained and systematically eliminated by local authorities with the help of a special police unit, and a lot of assistance from the national government.

However, the dark clouds of destruction, constant fear and overbearing stench of death still linger in the air above the whole area even after the deadly night on November of 1983.

There were many local residents who were not lucky enough to escape the chaos that followed, while others never managed to relocate themselves to alternative regions, in the manner Mzee Mshimba's descendants did several years ago.

So, all they have done in the last two and half decades, is live with the conquences of negligence brought about by their deceased leaders and members of the council of elders who refused to come to the aid of Mzee Mshimba's beloved grandson and avenge the death of one of their own elders.

Who knows, if the descendants of Sen. Mutula Kilonzo may one day decide to resettle in a far away region if thorough investigations into what really happened to Mutula Kilonzo's mysterious death by all accounts is not carried out diligently by the authorities as well as an independent body, without leaving anything to chance.

Some of us, couldn't agree more with the fact that, what goes around, comes around and it may come back to bite us deep down in our collective wazoo.

Anonymous said...

To make a short story very very very long, the so-called proverbial mkumbwa or munene had nothing to do with Mutula Kilonzo's untimely but somehow expected demise in the comfort of his kingsize(d) bed, no pun intended.

Lest we forget the fact that numerous deaths of people who met their untimely demise at one point or another like Mutula Kilonzo, comes as no surprise to many professionals who work or have worked in our country's dysfunctional but yet slowly evolving health care industry.

Why? Simply because, there are a lot of people, if not five million adult Kenyan males between the ages of 28 and 68 years who lead very unhealthy lifestyles, and are in what can be termed at the moment as poor health by all accounts.

Yet they look very normal externally, whereby their appearances show or betray zero signs of ailments and afflications that plague milllions of the usual candidates who are soon to be bound for their final trip to the graveyard park or village of no return.

Many people, especially adult males, in Kenya have a myriad of health problems, some are severe, while others are mild, yet the majority of the adult males always tend to ignore the warning signs or are oblivious to the usual obivious health conditions that eventually lead to medical related complications, so long as they can still walk on their two feet and go about their daily businesses unhindered.

Probably someone in our family, extended family, village, clan, place of work, or neighbourhood is one of them, including many of us who do not have the slightest clue that we are ticking time bombs because our health systems have already been short circuited or compromised at one point or another.

Unfortunately, it is always just a matter of time before our systems shut down courtesy of a variety of stressers and triggers in our personal lives, as may have been the latest sad incident with Mutula Kilonzo's unexpected final departure from our midst.

Anonymous said...

May Mutula Kilonzo's soul Rest In Eternal Peace.

Although the following question begs answer, how many pathologists - foreign and doemstic - does it take to determine the COD of a prominent politician in an African country like Kenya?

When will we, the people, ever have any faith in the body of work carried out or performed by our local pathologists?

Does the lack of faith in our pathologists has anything to do with their their questionable past track records that seem to precede them wherever they go?

Or is it just a collective mentality of fully trusting sub-standards goods, suspect food items, and many other counterfeit imports from China, India, Nigeria and elsewhere, yet at the same time having a lot of mistrust in well known and qualified local pathologists?

Maybe it is high time the country trained or even hired new breed of diagnosticians who will be trusted by the general public in the city of Nairobi as well as in all the counties.

Sadly, it has always been such a shame that no ounce of trust exists between the current pathologists and the public, and especially where and when it matters most, such as with current situation involving the remains of the late Sen. Mutula Kilonzo.

Anonymous said...

Let us hope that the Abacha type of worst case scenario is not what transpired in this case.

And even if it did occur, a tight lid will be put on the mouths of anyone with first hand information or eyewitnesses, regardless.

The best cause of action would be to 'say nothing, hear nothing and see nothing' that is not worth divulging to the mavulture press, or creat a frenzy of activity among the cartels of gossip, and kings and queens innuendo galore.

Anonymous said...

Mmmmm! One of the best trained police detectives and a byproduct of Kiganjo Colonial College, was quoted by the Daily Nation as having said, we are exploring suicide, heart attack, poison or an overdose of drugs as all point to the condition his body was found in.

Our UKW - utumishi kwa wote - detectives are somehow known to be experts in the art of indentifying the nature and cause of possible death related cases.

Although they have yet to learn how to conduct and master the art of securing crime scenes, diligent collection, baging, tagging, transportation, and storage of all valuable evidence that may be deemed necessary in helping their respective investigations and cases.

However, since when did Kenyan police detectives start doing double duty as certified substitutes for professional medical experts?

Where do our highly experienced police detective get the ... nerve to provide their so-called version of comprehensive health, medical information, symptoms and diagnosis information in a matter of an hour or two about a victim or a body of dead person?

Some obvious types of suicide casess are easy to determine on location by seasoned detectives, but cases involving cardiopulmonary related deaths, poison ingestion, or drug overdosing - with or without empty containers in the vicnity - are very difficult to be determined unless the toxicology results have been confirmed.

Seems as if the NPSC, IG and the country's only police academy have a very long way to go with regard to overhauling the way the entire police force operates.

Anonymous said...

How did he die? Is a katzungwa to blame? And if so, who allowed or let the katzungwa sneak out of the premises unnoticed during the early hours of the day?

Anonymous said...

Chris you're a very stupid kenyan....kenyans have to ask y...wait till they kill one of ua own ndio utajua....brukhenge wewe

Anonymous said...

'Move on' is African mentality which has made African continent a dark point in the world, where Mobutus, Amins, Obotes, Mois, Kenyattas, Abachas, Musevenis, etc do what they want and kill at will.

A Kenyan values money than life. It doesnt surprise me that many dont want to ask questions and demand explanations.

I honor 'traitor' Atwoli-Shouter, Kibera stone thrower, rail protester the detained and freedom fighters more than boot lickers, fence sitters,Mungiki generals and mugumo tree razor-blade sharpeners.

Read comments in The Nation and see how many Kanu way of thinking has taken over our once-progressive country.

Anonymous said...


Any new leads as to what may have brought about the sudden death of Mutula Kilonzo, the first senator of Makueni?

Have the investigators establish who left the bedroom door slightly open and why?

Was it Mutula Kilonzo, while he was trying to seek some quick remedy from his study, livingroom, kitchen, small medical cabinet in the hallway, or as he tried to call one of his trusted worker for emergency help?

Or was it the work of a mysterious hand or person(s) who was in the wrong place, at the wrong time and for all the reasons that were not in the Mutula Kilonzo's best interests?

So far, there have been a lot of inconsistencies with the several versions of accounts given by his ranch workers, including people who claim to have been the last to see him before he retired for the night.

The reported sequence of events leading to the time frame when his death is believed to have occurred are not adding up at all.

How comes the two gentlemen - one a former politician and the other a Nairobi businessman - who were supposed to meet with the deceased during the early morning hours did not show up as it had been expected?

Anyway, some of us may be reading a lot into - or out of - the death of Mutula Kilonzo, which may end up having been brought about by natural causes, or some sort of health complication that had gone undetected for some time by his personal physician as well as Mutula Kilonzo himself.

kumekucha said...

Anon @9:42AM

The info u want is way too sensitive. Kindly email me at and I will give it to you.

Chris Kumekucha

chola said...

The answer the question is ,Who is the beneficiary of this vacant seat.

Anonymous said...

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