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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Mutula Kilonzo: The Real Man Behind The City Lawyer

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Prior to the 2002 elections, Mutula Kilonzo was simply known as the president's lawyer and was among the wealthiest 'learned friends' in the country. That was probably all that majority of Kenyans knew about him.

Behind the city lawyer is a man who came from very humble beginnings with his father being a night watchman while the mother was an illiterate housewife who struggled for her two siblings to ensure that they at least got one meal every day.

When young Mutula started going to school in his rural home of Mbooni it became evident that the boy was very clever and managed the first position from standard one to seven

He subsequently joined secondary school and continued with invincible streak before joining the university of Dar-es-salaam in Tanzania where he undertook a law degree and graduated with first class honors.

The young and ambitious lawyer returned to Kenya and opened a law firm in the small town of Machakos where he specialized in land cases and secured victory for most of his clients enabling him to buy a car only after practicing for one year.

As his work load increased, he moved to Nairobi and also started making contacts with the high and the mighty including the illiterate but powerful Machakos Kanu branch chairman, the late Mulu Mutisya who was to change his life forever.

Mutisya is said to have mentioned Kilonzo to Moi and heaped praises about his exemplary ability to argue for his clients and his loyalty to the ruling party then, Kanu.

The rest is history, Mutula became one of the president's many lawyers and in the process got some of the most lucrative briefs including the then notorious NSSF (National Social Security Fund) where Kilonzo is known to have made Sh 900 million from the fund in two deals whose details are scanty.

A philanderer and notorious womanizer, Mutula is a teetotaler but his amorous escapades are legendary as he is known to prefer women of light skin ranging from as young as 16 years. The man is in his 60s.

His own employees have not been spared either, a girl who works as a copy taker in one of the leading media houses told this writer that she had to stop working at Kilonzo's law firm after constant pressure from the randy lawyer to go to bed with him.

"One Friday morning, he called me to his office and told me that I should make my mind over the weekend whether I was going to go to bed with him and if it was not to the affirmative, I should not report for duty on Monday—I decided to quit the job," the girl told me.

Kilonzo is currently in his second marriage after divorcing his first wife who sired him two kids including Mutula Kilonzo junior, who has been pushed by the father to be a lawyer in spite of performing disastrously in 'O' levels where he got a weak division four prior to going to India to study.

The daughter is also a lawyer at her fathers firm but she concentrates in paper work at the office.

Mutula later married one Nduku Musau, a daughter of the late Machakos mega-tycoon Musau Mwania and have been blessed by two boys who are still in primary school.

Through Moi's corruption network, Kilonzo managed to acquire a fortune running into hundreds of millions and has vast investments in agriculture real estate and stocks both locally and abroad.

He could easily be among the top ten richest Kenyans and that could also be the reason why ODM values him so much that they have given him the spokesmans' role.

Even more shocking inside information is available in my raw notes.


Anonymous said...

Mutula Kilonzo junior, who has been pushed by the father to be a lawyer in spite of performing disastrously in 'O' levels where he got a weak division four prior to going to India to study.
* went to school with this chap,he was fairly smart.*

Anonymous said...

I have interacted on a personal level with MK Junior and found him to be intellectually stimulating... He is definitely smart and passionate about his profession!

Anonymous said...

I once tried to consult Mutula Kilonzo on a legal matter that was bothering me. He was so rude and arrogant when I ventured to speak to him, it literally took my breath away. It left me wondering what wrong I had done him as a potential customer, and why a lawyer would lack common courtesy, even towards an unknown person. Now that you mention that he likes light-skinned women, I begin to see what his problem was: I am dark-skinned!

Anonymous said...

...I happen to be one of the "light-skinned" girls that has slept with Mutula Kilonzo...he is a very sexy man.

Anonymous said...

i dont know much about the old man, but Junior is fairly a descent guy and though I did not got to school with him, he is smart and bright enough to be a lawyer

Anonymous said...

Good gents, jealousy makes bloggers comment hilariously.

Various said...

Good gents. what is the big deal blogs!!!

Anonymous said...

I am one of the top Kenyan models and have had all style sex with Junior and dumped me after several months... like father like son

Anonymous said...

u keep talking.. and their stars keep rising. by 6.45am while u r still deciding what shirt you'll wear to work.. you'll find both junior and kethi buried in meetings at their office. don't believe me, give it a call.. go ahead. take it from a client, they may be tough, direct and brute.. but that comes with the turf. like i said.. keep talkiing...

Anonymous said...

I hav interacted with mutula personally and i find him very hospitable despite of his status.i am dark n have seen no biasenes when it comes to color.maybe guys are just haters

Anonymous said...

He is a very good person very for sex any man would want to take advantage of a cheaply seduced woman..its so natural!
guys should stop hating.
In addition The elites associate wit fellow elites.sorry if u dnt belong to that clas!
Long life mutula

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