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Saturday, May 04, 2013

Mutula Rumours

This Mutula issue is already getting tiresome and one of the main reasons are all the rumours circulating around about his death. They range from the ridiculous to the plausible.

Who is spreading and promoting these rumours obviously designed to promote confusion? Who is this so determined to divert attention and to ensure that this issue is forgotten by the Kenyan public as quickly as possible?

Those with long memories will remember that during the Moi administration a rumour emerged and quickly suffocated Nairobi that Moi had throat cancer and was actually dying. To fuel the rumours even more President Moi abruptly stopped making public appearances. Many Kenyans started speculating on who the next president could possibly be (which is what I suspect was the motive of those who launched the rumours in the first place). Tensions and anxiety in the country rose to fever pitch. And then suddenly Moi reappeared as healthy as ever and going about his business of roadside declarations and appointments as if nothing had happened.

There are the usual rumours idlers start on social media and then there are those detailed rumours that are launched and aggressively promoted with a clear objective and motive in mind. It would seem that the current rumours on Mutula's death are designed to muddle the waters, cause confusion and divert attention from the plausible motives and real killers of the late senator for Makueni. And it is working like a charm more so because the official news on the issue is boring and full of the usual cover up rhetoric. Rumours will always escalate when you keep information away from the public.

Meanwhile news that is official points to the fact that Mutula was poisoned. Now when you were very busy being tribal with the just concluded presidential elections the Rawal commission report on the Saitoti/Ojode helicopter crash was quietly released after gathering considerable dust in Kibaki's state house. Even if you paid attention to the release of the report and it's findings which concluded that the whole thing was pilot error, chances are that you had already forgotten what pathologists told that commission. They found traces of poisoning in the charred bodies of the six victims of that chopper crash. Even more shocking was the fact that they said they suspected that the victims died in the air from poisoning before the helicopter even came down. Wow!!

Now there seems to be an emerging link between the Saitoti assassination and the Mutula assassination. And that is apart from the obvious which is that both were poisoned, they knew each other and both were linked to crucial ICC evidence to prosecute a prominent Kenyan.

Meanwhile the rumours rage on. And "clever" people are saying that suggesting that Mutula did NOT die a natural death is just a conspiracy theory that has no basis. They add that it is too much for two prominent Kenyans to die one after the other and for both to have been murdered. Every Kenyan from a superstitious family never dies a natural death but is always killed even if they were 150 years old, they emphasize.

As the clever people debate the body count linked to the ICC cases continues to rise. But whose paying attention?


Anonymous said...

To win an erection you need the following:

1) Two tribes with many voters

2) Election commission: Promise the Chairman a lot of cash and 3 ministers from his region.

3) The Judi. Promise the members a lot of cash and threaten them.

4) Manipulate voter registration(see 2)

5) Manipulate voting machines or simply buy faulty ones.

That's all. You are assured of 50.007%. It doesnt matter whether people start calling you President 007.

Whoever perfects this process will win the 2018 Erection clear and fair.

Dont forget to threaten the exit poll registers from US.

Lets move on, we need to settle down for food from Mr Goldenberg and Angloleaser.

Anonymous said...


I told you I did it. Now move one!

Anonymous said...


In your previous posting, I had told you what killed Mutula and it was not a conspiracy as we Kenyans love to believe.

Mutula overdosed on Viagra, plain and simple. The lady in question is the one who unlocked his door and called his workers for help. There are more than enough traces of her presence in the house. After his family/friends got involved, they resolved to hide the truth.

Nation is now piecing together the story

Taabu said...


Please MOVE ON, will you?

Anonymous said...


Do not move on for a while because the answers to why would a wealthy warrior from Ukambani, a man with humble beginnings in Mbooni, build a multi-million castle on a several acre ranch only to have it christened Valhalla?

Were the ancient warriors of Ukambani whose souls now rest in and around Mount Kilimambogo, offended by being disinherited by one of their own in favour the Viking warriors from a very distant place?

Unfortunately for the owner of Valhalla, a castle of mythic proportion that was built in Maazoni, it did live to the true meaning of its ancient name and reputation, by making sure that the rightful owner - a warrior in a sense - was finally inducted into the real eternal Hall of the Slain warriors.

The difficult issue that will have to be determined by those concerned, is whether, Odin the son of Bor and Bestla, did in deed send an angel of comfort to pay a courtesy visit at Valhalla mansion in Maanzoni to iron out a few over due business dealings?

As it turns out the owner did not have the ancient patent nor the mythological property rights to the ancient warrior name of Valhala.

The rest of us will find out whether the issue of trying to resolve the intellectual property rights (IPR) between the owner and the Viking agent may have somehow gotten out of hand with deadly consequences, given the multi layers of generational differences between the Vikings and the now deceased owner of Valhalla Castle in Maanzoni.

It is only mythological creatures in form of Viking warriors who are able to have unlimited entry and exit to all Valhalla castles around the world at will with very mimimal questions asked of them.

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