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Friday, March 29, 2013

Uhuru's election valid or not valid? Supreme court retires to decide

Wacha, wacha ma-bosses. Ngoja Supreme Court iamue

A few minutes ago the 6 Supreme court judges retired to write their judgment for a historical case that will be talked about and analyzed for generations to come.

Kumekucha's predictions on the outcome not with standing it is expected that whatever side wins the analysis of the controversial elections will start to flow thick and fast after tomorrow.

It is imperative that Kenyans must first analyze the media which is supposed to the fourth estate but in these elections confirmed that they are nothing more than the press release media. Apart from reproducing press statements word for word and then analyzing them, sometimes the press releases come with cash rewards included in the same envelope to help "oil" the journalists analytical abilities.

There were journalists at Boma and they witnessed the jeering when certain results were announced (long before the final tallying). Nobody has written about that. But I guess it is because that is also hate speech. Writing any truth does that not favour the government side is hate speech and incitement.

It is highly unlikely that you will see any article in the press focusing on the missing fourth estate in these elections. But what you are bound to see a lot of is an analysis of the campaigns. There is no doubt that Jubilee executed an amazing campaign that needs to be studied more closely because fiddling or no fiddling it was one that was hard to beat and that is the truth.

Kenya is holding its' collective breath for tomorrow. Did somebody say it's Easter weekend?


Anonymous said...

Who in the world really cares how the SC rules? I honestly feel sorry for the six judges. Whatever they rule is of no consequence to us Kenyans.

We Kenyans will remain as petty as we always are and look at the ruling based on our tribal affiliation. BASTA! We will unintelligibly intellectualize our tribal bias.


Mwarang'ethe said...

"It is imperative that Kenyans must first analyze the media which is supposed to the fourth estate but in these elections confirmed that they are nothing more than the press release media. Apart from reproducing press statements word for word and then analyzing them, sometimes the press releases come with cash rewards included in the same envelope to help "oil" the journalists analytical abilities."


Bwa ha ha ha ha ha he he he hu hu hu ta ta ta

Ages ago, the ABUSIVE African Teacher from the Gikomba University wrote in this blog something like PRESSITUTE!

Do you recall?

If not, pole pole tuu, you shall come to appreciate what the ABUSIVE African Teacher writes on this blog.

In any case, we fail to understand what is thing you guys call analysis.

Is analyzing OPIUM SESSION worthy the name the name analysis?

Bure kabisa!

Anyway, we leave to enjoy:

I Tried:

Anonymous said...

Ati constitutional crises if ODM wins in this case.
bring it on.
we have a government in place and we can redo elections all the time. some ministers are already senators!
mambo ya Kenya ni diambo! mtado?

there is no power vacuum. Collission gava still in place until the "new" gave is in place

Anonymous said...

If we would add something to the petition, then we would know that this election was not fair.

Vote buying were done heavily in Nyanza, Western and Coast. If Oraro could have included this fact, the best organized campaigners of Jubi (just like the rich "hard-working" Kenyans)would long be exposed.

Two provinces can not win against 6 provinces. Never.

Luke said...

Chris my superstitious brother,
Bure kabisa wewe ati SUPREME court inafanya kazi weekend? That is HATE SPEECH wapi Mzalendo Kibunja

Anonymous said...

Allowing some people to the ballot was contravening the new constitution. You remember: Because of threats to the judges they were allowed.

Now it is "those six old people" sitting. Another threat, belittling and disrespectful to our institutions. You now know how they will treat them.

I think electing these 2 people is against our hard fought constitutional laws.

A Kenyan president must be a man or a woman of integrity, who can freely visit Barack, David, Angela, Francois, etc without getting scared to be arrested on the way.

Anonymous said...

Take your pick between free state visits to Europe and North America, and a $10bn port project in Mombasa or Lamu.

A Kenyan president must be man or woman of integrity, as well as of the people, willing to serve Kenyans from all walk of life, and a president who will always put the country first above all else.

The old days of free state visits in order to be granted a free formal dinner in five years by the likes of Barack, David, Angela, Francois and the rest, only to return to Kenya empty handed are over and done with.

Kenyans would rather have international partners who are willing and ready to seek closer ties to support Kenya's renaissance, as well as play a major role in Kenyan infrastructure development despite tough conditions that are still prevalent in the country.

Remember the time when Kibaki returned from his state visit to the White House empty handed in 2003?

All he ever got was the usual handshake, a smile and a session for a photo opportunity to document the event.

While Jakaya Kikwete is still waiting for the aid in radical agriculture that he was promised during his 2009 visit to the White House.

Yet President Xi Jinping had no problem nor difficulty visiting Kikwete in Tanzania several days ago where he leaders signed several co-operations agreements with Tanzania, including the inauguration of a $10bn port project in Bagamoyo.

Xi Jinping would have liked to visit Kenya as well had we gotten our act together and new president in the State House. Unfortunately, the current political confusion in the country made it impossible.

So, what is next for Kenya as from 2013 to 2020?

Anonymous said...


We, the people, voted for a new constitution, and later had it promulgated without any complications.

We then haggled over several dates for the general election, and settled on March 4, 2013 instead of December, 2012 or worse on August 2013 as many parliamentarians had been craving for due to obvious reasons.

Then recently, we went to the polls to elect the next crop of our leaders despite their well known political and personal tons of imperfections (they are already demanding or be paid over Ksh800,000 a month plus unlimited perks).

Apart from the computer malfunction that occurred, the rest of the electoral process was carried out without any sort of mayhem as it have been widely anticipated by many outsiders, the international media, and other dark forces hovering over our country.

And as if that was not enough, some of us decided to extend the election process by declaring that the final results be settled by the highest court of the land, and our wish was granted.

So, guess what? It is Easter weekend, the deliberations have taken place, and today, Saturday, is the day most of us have been waiting for, regardless of whether it the final outcome will be a big relief or a real shocker.

The bottom line is that, the buck will have to stop with us, the people, on Saturday the moment the ruling has been issued, regardless of whether it turns out to be favourable or unfavourable.

Kenya, our beloved country, will have to be put first above all else.

Anonymous said...

We will hate to be told or reminded once again that Mutahi Ngunyi was right all long, and we should never have taken the tyranny of the numbers with a grain of salt.

There was not any impropriety found to have been committed by Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta and his Jubilee Coalition, nor any irregularities found to have been committed by the Isaack Hassan and the IBEC.

In the end, it is the numbers in favour of Jubilee Coalition that spoke for themselves when it mattered most and all had been said and done by the Supreme Court.

It is all over and there will be not a secound round or another fresh presidential election held in a couple of weeks.

The highest court of the land has spoken and its word is final.

In the meantime, the cozy vacation time for the EU observers is over as well, and they shild be getting ready to return to their usual lives and places of residence until they are needed in five years time.

Anonymous said...

Happy Easter Chris, and thank you, really thank you for when everyone threw common courtesy and compatriotism out of the window and resorted to mindless ethnic bigotry, Kumekuchans had a channel to agree and disagree modestly via you blog.

Anonymous said...

Let us worry so much about the pending Supreme ruling, bur very weary of the already disgusting necrotic MPigs who have starting clamouring for bloated salaries in order to recoup the millions and for some billions of shillings they wasted or spent lavishly during the election campaigns.

Anonymous said...

We should have listened to Mutahi Ngunyi from one day one. Sasa, it is a done deal, mambo kwesha, and a time to get back to our usual business kama kawaida. The was bound to be one winner, regardless. The ministers who had refused to resign and handover their offices, must now "resign forthwith" and return all the ministerial paraphernelia, etc.

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