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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Why Snake Wanted To Bite Uhuru At Mombasa Church

To be very honest everything seems to be greatly favouring CORD just now. The Supreme court yesterday ordered the recounting of votes in 22 polling stations. This is very significant because considering the fact that they have such a short time in which to make a ruling (it has to be made by Saturday) the court cannot afford to do anything speculative. Meaning that already something of relevance has been discovered which will be made clear when the recount is complete.

Then there is emerging damning evidence about the IEBC computer system being hosted on the same server as those of TNA and that entries of the presidential results were actually being entered into the system by TNA clerks as they came in. I discuss that in my latest raw notes as well as reveal a clear link between Uhuru and the CEO of the computer service provider involved. Watch this video where an expert reveals exactly how it was done.

Still, there are a number of issues linked to Uhuru Kenyatta that point in the opposite direction and seem to suggest that Kenyans should prepare themselves for a Uhuru presidency whatever happens. Very strange things have been happening since Uhuru’s presidential campaign started. Even if you are not a superstitious person and do not believe in God who recognizes the existence of witchcraft, it is hard to argue with a bizarre incident that took place in Mombasa a few days ago. A snake made it’s way through a large church congregation and some of the president elect’s security detail and went straight for Uhuru. It was killed when it was almost about to sink it’s fangs into Uhuru. Reports conflict about how exactly it was killed. Some eyewitnesses claim that it was shot by Uhuru’s bodyguards while the Bishop of the church has an even more bizarre explanation claiming that it was killed by a small boy using a stick and that it was only a “harmless small snake.” The question begs how did the small boy with a stick get so close to the president elect? What was a snake doing in a church? The lady Bishop has an even more out-of-this-world-explanation. She says her church loves nature and is surrounded by all kinds of animals including snakes!!! Her statement to this effect was actually published in the mainstream media.

That snake incident was just a culmination of many other “signs” and “wonders” that have been following Uhuru. Spiritual experts have for instance linked the falling of a Mugumo tree in Nyeri to a Uhuru presidency. Then there was the sensational prophecy by the British pastor who also predicted Kibaki’s ascension to the presidency long before the 2002 general elections. Thomas Manton clearly declared that God had told him that the next president of Kenya, against great odds, was going to be Uhuru.

Most Kenyans think that they know the Jomo Kenyatta story fairly well but actually they don’t. The truth is that Johnstone Kamua (later to be called Jomo Kenyatta) was brought up by the most famous medicine-man in Kenya and beyond in those days called Magana. When Kamau was a nobody orphan struggling to make something out of his life Magana predicted a number of things about his life and his children and generations to follow (revealed in my latest raw notes). One of those predictions looked like it would never come to pass and it is said that Kamau gave up on ever being a great leader as he grew old and instead of being appointed a leader he was arrested and imprisoned for a crime he never committed. Little did he know then that the leadership promised to him by Magana was not too far off in the future. What a story!!

Jubilee die-hards will tell you that history has an uncanny way of repeating itself because Uhuru faced the same predicament in terms of ICC charges for a crime he did not commit shortly before he received his through pass to the presidency. In other words Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta was destined to lead Kenya whatever the odds or obstacles.


Anonymous said...


1. The tallying of the 22 polling stations (not constituencies) is to verify CORD's allegations of malpractices. CORD's allegation of the registrar is on trial here. If the tallying shows no massive discrepancies as CORD alleges, expect things to continue going downhill for CORD.

2. That video is complete nonsense and would never stand up in court. CORD released it for the court of public opinion where their supporters are going gaga over it.

3.These elections were Raila's to lose and he did not disappoint. Raila seems to have believed all the hype his supporters have for him.

kumekucha said...

Anon@ 7:21 AM

Thank you for the correction. The fact that I have had a hectic day is no excuse. Have corrected it in the article.

Chris Kumekucha

Taabu said...


What is wrong with you? Why are you reading too much in a mere serpent?

FYI we have gone East and Chinese have snakes as a delicacy.


Luke said...

Chris my superstitious brother,
"God" must have the most difficult job in the earth dealing with trouble makers like you&Taabu ama?

Well God knows everything and He/She must have known that "anointed" heirs to political thrones are doomed if they only rely on Former colonial masters religioue prophecies to win votes;

I guess even the hand of destiny needs a gentle push(read vote tampering) to help make God's plans happen God bless Kenya

Anonymous said...

Who is going to be conveniently scapegoated for the the sudden and ignominous failure at the polls on March 4th?

Will it be one of the following scapegoats:

a) IEBC computer system that cost the nation's treasury - but not the taxpayer - over twelve billion plus.

b) IEBC Chairman Hon. Issack Hassan (governor in the making) for having held the country hostage while demanding the powers that be part with several billions or else the electoral process would not function as expected - normally or satisfactorily.

c) IEBC's overrated and overpaid temporary staff that somehow was unable to operate the so-called latest technology - BVRs - at the national and local level.

d) IEBC's genial clerk who was rumoured to be a well placed mole of a rival party, and on the payroll of the one of the wealthiest finaciers in Sub-Saharan Africa?

e) Government officials who were said to have influenced the rolling of the dice in a certain favourable direction, but have already been cleared of any wrongdoing by none other than the DPP himself.

f) Dark forces that have been at play behind the scenes for several leading to the general elections.

The public can not wait figure out who will be the party to resort to attacking those presenting evidence at the petition hearing rather than confronting the evidence related to the hearing.

The real scapegoat to be grilled in every which way is yet to emerge. The kind of fall guy for the next five years.

Anonymous said...


That is the real Musaja wa Basaja as seen above.

The elders of the community have spoken - Musaja Tosha! - by granting him the ceremonial garb and three traditional tools for devine leadership.

What else or sign do people want besides the shooting star that was seen streaking above the Kenyan skies on the following day after the elections?

Anonymous said...

What is going on with our later day bishops? First, there was the recent political saga of Bishop Wanjiru, and now the public is being treated to another saga of miraculous escape occurred within the 'Well[spring] of Divine Grace' which happens to be under the watchful eyes and spiritual leadership of Bishop Kagendo.

Anonymous said...

Whoever wins will not feed me. I still have to work. Landlessness in Kiambuu and insecurity will remain intact. Luo-Nyanza will not change overnite either. Jamaa, tugutuke! Tusome tujenge Vioo natusaidiane kijamii.Hawa jamaa wana pesa na kamwe hawata kukumbuka wakiwa huko juu. Vaasa ya hii kesi, utasikia wanaanza kuzozana juu ya mambo mengine. Tulieni jamaa. Shida zetu nizile zile. These guys help there own but use us for political expediency.

Anonymous said...

The IEBC computer system and its cohort aka server are really to blame for the whole fiasco.

The the so-called cohort aka server was reported to have been smitten with so many offers of kitu kidigo, chai, pata moja kama kawaida, rusha roho, shikamana ukishikwa, karibu nyama choma, bonyeza dijiti anytime, hapa kwa hapa, usije ukala wali mtupu, siuje baada ya kazi, uchaguzi mkuu ni kwako, uliza upate, pakata pakata, etc.

The charm offensive accomplished the mission, and a multitude of alluring offers culminated into a denial of service when it was most wanted.

Anonymous said...

The recent rulings by the court on various issues is pointing out to the kind of verdict we should expect on saturday.The court has cleverly avoided to dig deep into the available glaring evidence on poll tallying anomalies citing technicalities and time.IEBC and by extension Jubilee knew this that is why they delayed giving information required to CORD.
When determination of justice is pegged on time as a constraint there are many stones that are left unturned.the result is that justice is thrown out through the window and replaced by "technicainjustice thuggery" aimed at maintaining status quo.

Anonymous said...

@7:39 PM
Why do people always allow themselves to be politically used, economically wasted and socially abused every five years by the very same bands of cutthroat politicians who never give a hoot whether their electorate live or die?

Anonymous said...

@3:38 AM
Have we bothered to take a good look on both sides of the coin? And if so, what would one have said had they been on the other side of the fence or equation during the ongoing petition hearing, especially when things seem not to be going in their favour as expected?

Mwarang'ethe said...

"The recent rulings by the court on various issues is pointing out to the kind of verdict we should expect on saturday.The court has cleverly avoided to dig deep into the available glaring evidence on poll tallying anomalies citing technicalities and time.IEBC and by extension Jubilee knew this that is why they delayed giving information required to CORD.
When determination of justice is pegged on time as a constraint there are many stones that are left unturned.the result is that justice is thrown out through the window and replaced by "technicainjustice thuggery" aimed at maintaining status quo."


Wewe wacha zako!

The PRIESTS on one side are talking to the PRIESTS on the other side.

Now, you wrote in your wonderful Katiba these time limits. Now, you can around and start yapping about the same. Aha! Grow up!

However, remember something we have consistently informed you. There is the Constitution, Statutes and the LAW.

This LAW, only [We] the PRIESTS understand!

So, chill out and join the CHILDREN in singing:


bwa ha ha ha ha ha he he ra ra ra

With that, it is time for some music to CHILL OUT from useless STRESS:

Easy Skanking:

Anonymous said...


Why would a harmless Coastal blind snake want to take a little sacrificial bite at the necrotic hand of any politician in the country?

The only snake that is to be really feared in the whole of the Coast region, is one particular type of a very deadly snake that has mutated over the last hundred or more years, and adpated so well to living both on land and in the sea, where it prefers to hibernate under the coral reefs.

Well, there are herpetologists, zoologists, anthrozoologists, marine biologists and other wildlife expersts who will disagree about the existence of such snake on the coast of East Africa.

While the venturous types among them one will silently set out to discover or seek out the most dealiest coastal snake known in the region.

The snake in question a crossbreed between a black mamba and a coastal taipan.

Several coastal taipans are believed to have found their way to the coastal shores of Eastern Africa through the cargo brought in on many old ships during the days.

The other explanation is that the snakes may have been brought to the region by snake charmers and pets owners, only to later escape or get released by the owners.

The mamtai snake as it is known by locals, is very aggressive, avoids humans at all costs, but will strike at its victim three to four times in flash of a second before taking off like speedboat on water, or race car on land.

The mamtai is known for its lightening speed when getting away from its victims or human predators.

Now, that is the kind of snake that should have been sending shivers down people's spines at Bishop's place, and not a harmless coastal blind snake that young kids and teens like to play with, or carry around in order tease and scare their peers.

Anonymous said...

Uhuru's escape from the slithering snake wihtout being scathed is a real sign that his destiny as predicated by Magana, the medicine man, has not yet been fulfilled or realized at all.

As time passes on, Uhuru Kenyatta's nemesis, sworn enemies, many other political opponents (who will soon miss out on enjoying the comforts of the State House) and the public will come to the realization that the attempted snake bite at the coast, petition hearing in Nairobi, the pending ICC trial at The Hague, and many other obstacles aimed at him, will not have any significant adverse effect on him, his presidency, business empire, and patriotic love for Kenya, its people and continent of Africa.

The man, Uhuru, had nothing to do with IEBC's dysfunctionalism on March 4th, malfunctioning of the IEBC's computer system, the mole of clerk at the IEBC, procurement of the BVRs, and above all, low voter turn out among people who supported and his political opponents.

Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta will survive the trials and tribulations and emerge to serve all Kenyans without any distinction.

Anonymous said...

Was the uninvited guest-snake at the place of worship, a sign of bad omen, or worse, a mountain of political and personal problems to come for Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta? But who sent the guest-snake, and what message was it bringing along?

Anonymous said...

The question begs how did the small boy with a stick get close to the president elect?

He was too young to be thought of as a threat, at least for now, in the important business of presidential election that was completed several weeks ago.

But the real answer can be found in location, location, location, as in Kisima Cha Neema Cha Mwana wa Daudi Church.

By drawing a parallel between the small boy with a stick and another young boy with a sling.

Remember him? His name was David, and he went on to become one of the greatest kings of his nation, and is known for so many outstanding military achievements and personal conquests, not to mention Bat Sheva, among others.

Hence, the real identity of the 'young boy with stick' should be kept a hidden secret just in case the emissaries from the neighbouring land of the Philistines come looking for him.

Or, the King's men figure him out sooner or later in the attempts to stop him from being anointed King of his nation in 2023 or 2028.

Who says ancient history does not repeat itself?

Anonymous said...

Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta is the president-elect, the petition hearing is still in progress, his other problems and related legal issues at the ICC will not be over anytime soon. So, the question is, who among his trusted lieutenants stands to benefit most in the event of a political windfall? Has Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta and his team of experts grappled with the symbolic equation of 'what if?', and made contingency plans should events take the unexpected route?

Anonymous said...

One of the worst political legacies inherited by present day Kenyan politicians has been the 60s, 70s and 80s political tragedy of short-sightedness that still reverberates after the 2013 general election.

The petition hearing has not been spared either, because residual political myopia and extreme ethnic political ideologies continue to rare their ugly regional heads.

So, what next after the petition hearing?

Will the jubilant winners and sour losers be able to kiss and make up for the sake of real progress in the next five years?

Or, will their usual brand of love-hate political relationship and regional pernicious rivalry be allowed to fester for another decade?

Anonymous said...


What will Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta or Raila Amolo Odinga and their crews of political sycophatic underlings do for the whole country in the next five to ten years, that they have not done or failed to do in the last ten years? And why are Kenyans blindly entrusting their lives and country, as well as investing their whole future in the necrotic hands of the two ambitious sons of former prominent politicians who never saw eye to eye till the very end of their lives?

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