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Monday, April 08, 2013

Uhuru Appoints Raila Envoy to Tame Tension

President-elect Uhuru Kenyatta has measured up to the bigger call of duty by walking the talk of healing a divided Kenya after the bruising elections. Appointing Raila is not only statesmanlike but a decision that defied all conventional political modus operandi.

With a single act, Uhuru has smothered the tyranny of numbers into magic of numerals and digits. Uhuru's actions puts to shame those destructive elements who took to the streets to protest the decision by Supreme Court to dismiss the petition against his election as Kenya's fourth president.

But credit too goes to Deputy President-elect William Ruto who agreed to joining hands with a hitherto political enemy who almost rendered him political irrelevant where it not for his shrewdness to gang the Kalenjins to play for him.

Raila now must show respect the boss who showed exceptional magnanimity in victory to heal Kenya. He must renounce his activist traits and join hands with Jomo Junior's winning team to help propel Kenya to the next level.


Anonymous said...


I just realised what the day is today,lol.

Anonymous said...

Kutuny saw it coming when declared everybody to be voted back to his birthplace: Uhuru to SH, Kibaki to Othaya and Raila to Bondo.

Anonymous said...

Maybe you can put it this way:

Raila is chosen by Uhuru to lead Mungiki Freedom Fighters, trying to liberate Kiambu from colonial yoke.

Raila has nominated Maina to be his deputy. Maina is now hunting down Bensuda and Ocampo.

Meanwhile Maina has mistaken Spectre Int for the Hague and has stolen presidential ballot papers from the compound. They were hidden there by Uhuru.

Anonymous said...


The depiction above is not a political representation of UMK's image nor does it have something to do with one of his well known favourable pastimes.

It just so happens - unbeknown to the artist - to be one of the most accurate depiction of UMK's exact features that will be common place at a time when the majority of us - cracking our ribs - are no longer residents of our wonderful villages, resilient slums, fortified upscale neighbourhoods, sovereign state of Kenya and inhabitants of Mother Earth.

A suitable caption should have been attached to the depiction with the following, UMK, circa April 2, 2053.

By the way, Taabu, don't forget to congratulate the newly confirmed President-elect of Kenya, H.E. Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta.

Anonymous said...

Pensioner Taabu must be foaming from the mouth. The old hag really hates mount Kenya folks with a passion but it looks like they will continue to dominate kenyan politics for the next decade. Ata do??
Will the pensioner survive that long to enjoy the benefits of a UK govt??


Anonymous said...


Kwani Taabu alikula nini yako? I hope you are not paying him in bile for the damages.

And by the way are you cut? You sound full of furry/nyege.

Anonymous said...

If only one tribe wants to rule Kenya by force for ever(and this is what happened in 2007 and has happened in 2013 and will happen in 2018, etc), then soon there will be no Kenya.

MRC is just the beginning. If you are a patriotic Kenyan just think about it.

Anonymous said...

Get a hold of yourself for a second. It is not the end of the world as you know it or knew it just because things did not turn out the way you had really wanted.

Your brand of political thinking will only land people in a no-man's-land in one way or another.

So, where will you be in the world of politics and how old will you be if and when your 'group of choice' becomes the 42nd ("tribe") to ascend to power?

Anonymous said...


Put some much needed oil deep in the spook of things and keep it moving on a daily basis, or so often.


Anonymous said...


The people of Usiku-wa-Manane County do not feel spited at all by the fact that all sorts of updates, news and views from their county perspective are no longer getting the same prime coverage they once got during the colourful campaign season and election week, because they just glad that 'outsiders' - hungry news crews - have packed up and left the county in one piece.

Things have not fallen apart as predicted by some village analyst, other than everything seem to have quieted down a lot in my father's former village of Ukingoni, including other neighbouring villages that constitute the County of Usiku-wa-Manane.

There is not much political discussion going on anymore among the revered council of elders, ordinary villagers, dreaded political experts, ujimoto clan, other village hot-heads, and itinerant traders who always shy away from engaging in unnecessary talks, debates or petty arguments.

Further, it is not hard to understand why ninety percent of Usiku-wa-Mananeans have already reconciled themselves with the fact that things are - and will be - the way they are for a while in the nation's capital that is located eighty-eight hundred miles away, because they very well understand that it takes time to transfrom or overhaul systems that have been in place for over four decades.

Otherwise, election campains are now a thing of the past and farm owners are busy tending to their palm, coconut, cashew, tamarind, mango, cloves and papaya(papayi)trees, etc.

While business seems to have picked up beyond the normal expectated rate at the local markets of Kinazi Upepo, Kivukoni, and Mlandizi, where the supply of fresh vegetables, fruits, eggs, fish, meat and other essential commodities contiue to flow as usual.

So, far, the good news is that residents of Usiku-wa-Manane County are so much relieved to know that their Jamuhuri will no longer be mentioned in the same darkened context with countries such as Zimbabwe, Ivory Coast, DR Congo, C. African Republic, etc

But Ivorian political class was not quite ready for smooth handover of power that had been witnessed next door in Ghana. Instead, the Zimbabweans and Kenyan elections seemed a better model - teaching politicians than even if you lost the cup final you still walked away with a hand on the trophy - April 2011.

Anonymous said...


We, wananchi, all know it that a nation can not start the much needed healing process on an empty stomach.

Today is Friday, what is on the next week's special menu?

The food items that are still being served from Monday's menu are no longer fresh to eat nor pleasant to look at.

Tourists and usual patrons are still waiting for the waterfront breakfast that is still taking too long to be served.

For how long will it take? Is there any alternative place or location where people can go and get breakfast on their own?

What is really happening at the front office, and what is going on in the kitchen?

The manager on duty has been avoiding us since 6:45 am, and now it is almost 8:55 am.

Why are the grills at the waterfront restaurant not being fired as they used to during the peak seasons?

Is it something to do with the temporary chef's who has been around for far too long that he no longer cares about the establishment just because he never got hired?

What about the rumours regarding delayed week long strike to the seafood and meat suppliers?

Why not go ahead and get the issue resolved, contract steady supplier of the necessary products required to keep the place in business for a long time to come?

Or has Kumekucha Waterfront Resort been hit hard by lack of occupancy due seasonal politics, as well as the economically motivated travel advisories that are issued at will by your other ancient business adversaries from across the seas?

C'mon do something about because a nation can not take the step toward a long term healing process on an empty stomach.

Anonymous said...

In summary,We want healing and al that
But equally a strong opposition in Kenya

That's the only way we can avoid moism

Anonymous said...

Moism has just been the tip of a fifty year old iceburg that still floats in the heart of the nation.

What about the other isms? When will we ever come to grips with our isms? And will they ever be avoided for the next ten to twenty years?

The sickening political climate of business as usual will only be avoided or changed in all regions and counties of the country if there is a strong opposition that is really willing and able to walk the walk.

As in walking the walk along the path of active - not passive - resistance against all sorts of corruption, impunity, political-ukabilaism, wasteful government spending, nepotism, cronyism, and bigman mentality ('mheshimiwa knows it all').

Without forgetting the endemic laziness and tolerated mediocrity in the entire civil service, and worst of all, the pervasive culture of eating together among politicians - seasoned birds of prey - from both sides of the isle, etcetera.

The worst that can happen to a country's emerging democracy is to have a bunch of people who only end up induldging in a so-called 'quasi-strong opposition' just because they missed out - big time - on the golden opportunity of realizing their much awaited turn to eat together for the next five years.

Last but not least, the sixty foot white snake that continues to slither through all corners of the country is political ukabilaism which is - has been and will always remain - the major deterrent to economic development.

Mwarang'ethe said...

"Last but not least, the sixty foot white snake that continues to slither through all corners of the country is political ukabilaism which is - has been and will always remain - the major deterrent to economic development."


Bwa ha ha ha ha ha ha he he ra ra ra ra wa wa wa wa ta ta ta ta da da da de de de ga ga ga

Surely, how does ukabila become a major deterrent to economic development?

Is ukabila the cause of the mess in Cyprus? Greece? Spain? Italy?

And, what exactly does word economic development mean?

Anyway, since the TUTORED CLASS specializes in using BIG words without FIRST defining them, we leave to enjoy:

WISDOM is better than gold and silver:

Anonymous said...

What particular definition of economic development needs to be clarified or verified?

Is it the one according to the UN, WB, IMF, EU, AfDB, ADF, AU, EABDA, EAC, SADC, CBK, etcetera?

Wisdom has always been a very valuable commodity since time immemorial, however, humankind does not live on sapience alone but has managed to survive and thrive courtesy of every morsel that is procured through the trading of gold and silver.

Anonymous said...

EU's brand of political ukabila was the main cause of the current financial mess in Cyprus, Spain, Greece, and Italy.

Lest we forget, the European Union's wealthiest country of Luciilinburhuc is their next target of choice.

Economic development should be all about investing every ounce of our combined constructive sociopolitical ukabila energies in maendeleo rather than wasting over twenty-nine billion shillings on siasa bure every five years during the general elctions.

All done in the name of ni lazima mtu wetu amiliki ikulu ili sisi kwa sisi tuweze kupata wadhafa wa kupora mala ya uma kwa daima. - Mzee Kishombo Mbwatele, December, 1966.

Anonymous said...

News from a very reliable source says, Raila has flown out to South Africa to seek refund from his witchdoctor after charm failed to help him clinch the presidency.

Anonymous said...

we wait and see..well said kenya ina wenyewe ask KIDERO!I pray for the man..he is surrounded by the worst goons and ruthless thugs from city hall who wont accept change!!the two are about to be sworn in..they have alot on their hands..will Raila make a comeback..lets wait and see....they continue to recklessly make promises will they fullfill even half??lets wait and see.....Bensouda and the ICC lurking around the corner,they will get their they are sticking out like an ugly sore Jubilee want to get rid of...Peace won on this occasion albeit feigned in an endless cloud of pretense we were all held back by the ICC and could only take it out on facebook and twitter...ranting about penises vs theft.we await the together to build a better will this be done..the ball has been thrown their way..Mutunga gave them the coin toss win...Kenyans wacheni story mob...lets wait ...AND SEE!
Charles nairobi

Anonymous said...

Pointless trying to change the whole government and country from the outside, at a time when ninety percent of Kenyans have refused to change - from the inside - their unpatriotic mentality and plain old bad habits on a personal level.

Anonymous said...

Kumekucha would you do a commentary on this clusterf**k that is Bashir's invitation...
What is Uhuru thinking-SMH

Mwarang'ethe said...

Anonymous said...
What particular definition of economic development needs to be clarified or verified?

Is it the one according to the UN, WB, IMF, EU, AfDB, ADF, AU, EABDA, EAC, SADC, CBK, etcetera?


So, how can one word have so many different definitions?

Doesn't the fact that we may have such diverse "definition" of one or two words tell you something about the TUTORED CLASS who inhabit these DEMONIC institutions you refer to?

Anyway, you choose whichever definition you mean and then we take it from there!!!


Here this guy now!

"EU's brand of political ukabila was the main cause of the current financial mess in Cyprus, Spain, Greece, and Italy.

Lest we forget, the European Union's wealthiest country of Luciilinburhuc is their next target of choice."


We inquire, is the financial mess the CAUSE or the EFFECT?

As concerns the WEALTHIEST country in the EU, we inquire, can we first, please, define what we mean by the word WEALTH?

Once we define that word correctly, you shall see the STUPIDITY of calling that nation the wealthiest in Europe.

As we await, we depart to enjoy:


Anonymous said...

How comes the "we" and "we" still communicate in the very language of the people schooled, brainwashed and tutored (tortured) with a Euorpean social class mentality? Are the "we"and "we" more well-informed than their peers?

Anonymous said...

" "We" inquire is the financial mess the CAUSE or EFFECT?"

"We" need to crosscheck the works of well renowned scholarly teachers like Prof Causa Causation, Prof Varia Variable, against Prof Causality's quarterly reviews on the hypothesis of 'chicken and egg' quantization.

Anonymous said...


Did you manage to join the rest of the exclusive contingent that has already left for the well deserved week long family vacation cum ostensible retreat in the amazing Mala Mala Game Reserve (Sabi Sand) that is located in Mpumalanga province of South Africa?

Extend warm regards to the rest of them and let them rest assured that the historic inauguration ceremony will be documented in its entirety by a very professional TV crew from Deutsche Welle, and several copies reserved for them.

In the meantime, enjoy the all the best that the Sable Camp at Mala Mala has to offer to its cherished guests from around the world.

Anonymous said...

In politics if you want anything said, ask a man. If you want anything done, ask a woman. - Margaret Thatcher.

Time does fly by so fast as the world continues to go around us while we are busy caught up in the daily web of a making living.

The former Prime Minister Baroness Thatcher's 1988 trip to Kenya can hardly be remembered by many Kenyans under the age of thirty, in the same way Queen Elizabeth's 1952 visit to Kenya can hardly be recalled by another generation of Kenyans under the age of fifty.

Nonetheless, a picture is worth more than a thousand words, case in point, the photograph of Margaret Thatcher's 1988 visit to Kenya speaks volume.

She is seen walking side by side by her host, the former second president of Kenya, after he had welcomed her on arrival at JKIA.

While the out-going third president of Kenya can be seen in the immediate vicinity walking behind the two former leaders of their respective nations.

The year was 1988, the month was January, and not a single soul in their right mind would have entertained the thoughts at the time that Mwai Kibaki would end becoming Kenya's third president.

And who even knew at the time that a twenty-six year old man by the name Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta, who was busy taking care of his own personal affairs, growing pains and gains as well as tending to his family's business empire, would also end up becoming Kenya's fourth president in thirty years time.

Time does fly by so fast to the point where some have began to ask whether Kenya's president-elect will be accorded the right and facilitated with the essential travel necessities in order to attend the funeral of the former Prime Minister Baroness Margret Thatcher?

The president-elect of the Republic of Kenya needs an international platform where he will be able to see and be seen by his colleagues, and at the same time make sure that his good side is showcased cased as well.

Anyhow, where were some of us in January of 1988?

There are those of us were still toddlers, in elementary school, high school, college, university, 'footing' pavements in search of employment, gainfully employed in the public or private sectors, conditional guests of the GK Prison system, unemployed and wasting away in the countless villages and slums, diaspora, etc.

Luckily, milions and millions of Kenyans under twenty-four years of age were not yet born, because many of them will be well and around - alive and fully awake - by the time April of 2037 comes flying by through their offices, businesses, homes, farms, vehicles, etc.

Mmmmm! Wonder who will be Kenya's ... president in April of 2037?

And wether the Chinese would have built a speed train that will it eaiser to link most of the country's regions together.

Will Kenyan voters have the courage to ask a woman - president - to get it done before then?

Anonymous said...

Chris wa Kumekucha,

Believe it or not, but it is the intention of some us to once more rub salt in the eyes and ears of those who may still be wishing otherwise, or holding onto a different view and script of what could have been.

Nevertheless, it is now official, Habemus Presidentum in the person of Uhuru Muigai Kenytta.

And the nation can not wait for him to introduce the citizenry to the great minds - not political personalities - that will make up his Cabinet, and be responsible for molding the political philosophy, socioeconomic policies and giving birth to a wide variety of much needed reforms within the entire government system('s').

It has been noted that you have been missing in action since the highest court of the land reached its final decision several weeks ago, and the citizenry agreed to abide by it.

Which begs the question, have you also joined the top brass from the other side of isle?

The lucky few who have already taken a convenient leave of absence from our soon to be scenic city of Nairobi, and either flown out to Mala Mala Game Reserve in South Africa, or left the continent of Africa for a much needed timely recuperation in Bora Bora Resort, situated on the French Polynesia island in the Pacific Ocean?

Well, if that is case, then enjoy the moment, let the good times roll, make the most out of the much needed recovery, and don't forget to get in touch with the rest of us - rank and file - at Kumekucha once you have made it back to the wonderful Republic of Kenya.

Oh! By the way, if you were lucky to have flown out to Bora Bora, then do not take anything for granted, especially all that the island has to offer to first time visitors, because it is once in a lifetime opportunity.

So, forget all election politics and just embrace Bora Bora in all of its fullness 24/7, including every drop of the Sun's sweat, Moon's warm tears, the Wind's massaging breeze, and the kneading of your feet by the Sea.

One more thing, it is all okay to allow the hula dancers to mesmerize you and your guests, but do not get caught up in a rhythmic trance courtesy of the Mauian, Maori, Tahitian, Samoan, et al, well documented ancient hospitality, otherwise, you may never find your way back home to Kenya.

Habemus Presidentum, Kenya 2013.

Anonymous said...

Where was Lucy

she missed this both 2008 and 2013 Presidential swearing in ceremonies.
we will miss her genuinity

Anonymous said...

Why was Bi Lucy Muthoni Kibaki missing in today's historic action?

The former first lady was gracious enough not to rain on the inaugural parade nor steal the limelight from her successor, the new first lady, and understandably so.

The outgoing first lady first sought permission from the incoming first lady, then after some heart-to-heart discussions, she opted instead to concentrate her final efforts on a good course.

Which was to cordinate the organizing of a send off bash for all the good friends, close neighbours, all kinds of well known associates and staff who have been there for her, as well as those who have accompanied her husband, family and her close-knit group of women friends in the last twenty years.

The former first lady plans spending the rest of her days on various charitable projects, such the active support for Mama Lucy Kibaki Hospital, the children home for 500 children that will be built some where in Nairobi, and other good causes around the country.

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