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Saturday, March 30, 2013

A time to heal

Emotions have been pretty high over the last few weeks. I launched my raw notes in 2008 and all these years I have never received a single angry email. In recent weeks I have received several from both sides of the political divide. From CORD when the info I gave seemed to favour Jubilee and from Jubilee when I publish something that seemed to side with CORD.

Clearly this is the wrong time for any analysis because it will be read by Kenyans asking themselves the question; which side is this guy favoring?

Those who have known me long enough know that I favour Kenya. I am patriotic to the bone and I worry about the future of our great nation. That is what Kumekucha is all about. Even on 4th March I did NOT vote for either Raila or Uhuru.

Indeed it becomes difficult to discuss politics with people who are not familiar with the history of our country and more importantly the biography of old man impunity who is still very much in charge of Kenya. But that is a story for another day.

That is why this post is not about any analysis. It is a cry to all Kenyans of goodwill to make a huge effort towards healing our country. Defeat is terribly devastating, especially when you believe that there was foul play. But we must all make the effort to put the elections behind us and move on.

Jubilee supporters and indeed the Jubilee government must take the lead in reaching out to their crashed brothers and sisters and lifting them up from the dust to console them. Loud celebrations must include CORD folks who are also Kenyans. Indeed if you voted for Uhuru make the effort today to call a CORD person and wish them well.

We must accept the Supreme court ruling and wait for the detailed reasons in 2 weeks time.

My dear brothers and sisters healing must be at the top of our minds now because that is the only place we can start from on Tuesday morning as we return to nation building.


Taabu said...


Healing is person and everybody who values health has no choice to make. We are better advised to learn from footbal. When you team looses cry your heart out and wait for the next roudn without hurting yourself or anybody. Just ask Nani and OT faithfuls.

Majority of Kenyans chose Uhuruto and the faster the rest learn to live with them the better. PEACE!!

Anonymous said...

If the recent voting trends for senate and parliament speakers/deputies is anything to go by then we are in for a rude shock..I mean "us-the Other Kenyans"..

Anonymous said...

You cant heal what's already rotten in the head.

Mutunga will resign. We all know that he is not comfortable. His judgement on this case was not a free judgement. He was constantly threatened to tow the line and let Kenyan Serbia win. We know Mutunga supports rule of law. A credible election is one without any manipulation. This is not his free judgement.

You rememeber Yugoslavia. The Serbs behaved like that what we see today in Kenya. You remember how a Kenyan community swore never to let power go to any other community, after 24 yrs of Moi rule. We are witnessing yet another mischief after the stolen presidency of 2007.

But I warn the Serbia of Kenya. Dont take people for a ride. "Croatia" is already fighting to exit. Albernia will follow, then Bosnia, then Cosovo, etc. If you want a united Kenya, dont cheat, corrupt and use unfair means. The country is greater than you Kenyan Serbia.

If you have ears to hear, eyes to see please do so.

May God Help Kenya.

Anonymous said...

There are some of us who have been riding the clouds of a celebratory mood for the last several hours, while there are those of us who are still struggling to come to terms with the momentous turn of events.

However, for those of us who will somehow be downcast for while, we should not let ourselves forget the fact that knowing how to deal with favourable circumstances on the one hand, as well as losing and failing on the other hand, is the key to rebounding and going on to be successful.

Hence, if there is to be an auspicious beginning or outcome from what transpired yesterday, then it should be a deeper collective reflection on human valuation beyond such things as political affiliations, social class, wealth, education and our innumerable backgrounds.

Sounds so cliche but we, the people, should not allow ourselves to be oblivious of the fact that Time flies. Time waits for no man or woman. Time heals all wounds. All of us want more time. Time to recoup. Time to stand up. Time to rebound. Time to let (go in due course).

And put Kenya kwanza in more ways than we have ever dared to do in the last five decades.

As someone put it, Kenya should now turn more boldly to the emerging markets of the east (China, etc) where the sun rises, and disengage from the submerging markets of the west, where the sun sets.

While at the same time, busy ourselves with talking - doing - more about economics, and deeply reflecting on human valuation from now hencefoward, rather allowing ourselves to be thoroughly consumed by the same old politics.

If Kenya succeeds, we all succeed, but if Kenya fails, we all fail.

Let us Put Kenya Kwanza more than ever.

Anonymous said...

Haiya! For the first time I agree with Taabu - something I never thought would ever happen (changed times, eh!)

As taabu as put it there it's up to the individual to get well.
I am divorced so I know very well how hurt feels. But you have to pick yourself up and move on with life, Begin to see things in a different way/better way.
Trust me, you can have all the counseling and treatment in this world but until you make up your mind, it means zilch!
The best way to deal with it is begin to say "it wasn't meant to be". And if you are more spiritual begin to say "all things work together for good, something good might come out of this".

Anonymous said...

After Mboyas death, Jomo said let's forget the past. many were killed by the old dictator. Then came Moi who perfected the art, making sure Ouko was eradicated, Bishop Muge, Fr Kaiser, etc were liquidated.

Then came Kibaki who took tribalism to another level.Stole votes in broad daylight which drove Kenya to a crisis never witnessed before.

And now the young Kenyatta has used Kibakis's vote thieving method in a cunning way and scared the judges with punishment if they dare block him in ascending to the throne.

Always Kenyans are told: Let's forget the past, Kenya is more important. Wenn will we see justice done in Kenya?

Uhuru and Ruto have killed many people more than Moi, Kenyatta and Kibaki did together. Wait for more. They will oppress, maim and kill anyone on their way.

I predict today that Uhuru will change the law of 2 presidential terms like Museveni. Uhuru will want to be president for life. Watch this space.

With too much blood in the hands, you can only be a president for life. UHURU WILL BE PRESIDENT FOR LIFE.

Anonymous said...

That which eats at you is [always] within you.

Why is that we, the people, always end up being our own worst enemy number one whenever the tide of our passionate political, economic or social desire turns or tilts in a very unfavourable direction?

As painful as a political, economic, or social divorce may turn out to be, how does one reach out, or even go about extending some of kind of assistance to an individual who is already politically, economically, or socially divorced from herself or himself, as well as from a given reality?

Further, how does such an individual ever get to accept their personal contributions or donations that precipitated the political, economic or social divorce in the first place?

And how does such an individual ever get to understand the fact that a political, economic or social divorce is never the end of the world as s/he has known it in the first place, because the sun will always rise every morning and it is up to him or her to embrace it and make the most out of it while it still shines?

Anonymous said...

Should we, the people, let bygones be bygones like Nelson Mandela did after a hellish existence on a secluded island located several miles from the South African mainland?

That is if collective healing is to be given a chance in order to start moving the whole nation toward a better future for all of its citizens.

One thing is for sure, that whatever myriad of emotions some of us are going through right now, or in the heat of the moment, 'they too shall pass'.

On the other hand, how sure are we, the people, that the two gentlemen in question did what is reported or alleged to have been done in the last five years?

Do we have any well documented data to support the serious allegations against them, or factual evidence that can be held high in any local and international court of justice?

In all fairness it not only took two to tango, but it took so many of us, the people, to engage in a tango of nationwide wanton destruction of property and life during that same period.

So, the real question remains, how many of our respective hands are also soaked with the same blood?

By the the way, have we, the people, ever bothered to look in our individual as well as collective rare view mirrors in order to really find out what we did done or did not do before, during and after the same time frame when the nationwide wanton destruction of property and life occurred?

Anonymous said...

The only thing we can do is keep them in check, as a person who never supported uhuru, I pray that in these modern times we the common wananchi educate ourselves on what a leader is supposed to do. It's absurd when people are going hungry or have no land, when single families are out there having farms of 10,000 hectares. we need land reform, and to right historical injustices. However it seems like uhuru is not his own person, like he is being controlled by dark forces or kiambu mafia, but they should know we are prepared to deal with them

Anonymous said...


Advocating for a time for the healing of our country and its people is a noble cause, however are Kenyans really ready, willing and able to learn from the past common deadly mistakes that still shadow their everyday lives?

Or will Kenyans continue to shoot themselves in the feet or slice off their index fingers for the next five?

As in failing to commit to taking care of their own defects while at the same time resorting to dutifully correct the faults of others.

Couldn't have put it better, How do you keep a venomous snake in your house and then complain that it bit your children?

The truth is that I have no idea how most Kenyans live with the election decisions ... then complain about corruption
- Kumekucha, Sunday, December, 30, 2012.

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