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Friday, February 08, 2013

High drama: Uhuru may be disqualified

What would you do if I told you something was not possible and then a few months down the road you asked me for a public clarification?

That is the situation that the Obama administration finds itself in now as the Kenyan government seeks clarification on its’ position concerning the candidature if two ICC suspects in the race for the Kenyan presidency and vice presidency.

“But Obama said…??”

Well it is very simple. President Obama’s video message was targeted at the electorate whilst Johnny Carson’s message was a reminder to the government of Kenya. Obama is a politician, remember? Were you expecting him to say in his message of goodwill to Kenyans that Uhuru is not suitable? That would be taking sides. It would suggest that America is dictating your choice by disqualifying one of your most popular candidates.

Kenyans are a very intelligent lot and the big mystery here is why it has taken so long to sink into our brains that a Uhuru candidature for the presidency is dicey at best.

Let’s go for “kamwana” (what enthusiastic voters are calling Uhuru all over Central province and beyond. It means the young man) but on condition that we can forget about cordial normal relations with America, UK and a host of other European countries. Kenyans may be barred from seeking further education in those countries, investors will shun us, companies may eve close down because of the economic impact of a Uhuru presidency.

It is worth noting that all this mess is courtesy of one William Ruto who thought that he would outsmart the entire Western world, after all Kenya is a sovereign state band in the middle of an island where we are self sustaining. Let’s see what colour rabbit he will pull out of his magic hat next, because he will definitely do something.

Already the Kenya shilling is sliding and looks set for an unprecedented free fall. But can emotionally charged Kenyans see the writing on the wall? Or are they waiting to be laid off enmasse for them to understand a very simple issue?

How will Uhuru supporters react to their man being disqualified?
What triggered the current chain of events...
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Anonymous said...

Amazing post. This is why I read Kumekucha during elections.

Mwarang'ethe said...

"Let’s go for “kamwana” (what enthusiastic voters are calling Uhuru all over Central province and beyond. It means the young man) but on condition that we can forget about cordial normal relations with America, UK and a host of other European countries. Kenyans may be barred from seeking further education in those countries, investors will shun us, companies may eve close down because of the economic impact of a Uhuru presidency."


Why is unemployment in Spain at 50% and yet, they have no economic sanctions? Why?

Look Mr. Chris and others like thee.

The Africans have come to accept as an ideal which is nothing, but a gigantic and cruel absurdity that the white man, through some miracles of his pigmentation is the master of the universe.

What are we saying?

If Kamwana is serious, he just need do what the FEUDAL LORDS of Japan did in the 19th Century.

So, the only question is, will Kamwana bite the bullet?

As such then, the issue would not be economic sanctions, but, whether he is willing to bite the bullet like the Japanese FEUDAL LORDS.

That is all we say for now.

With that observation, we retreat FOR FURTHER STUDIES in ECONOMIC WARFARE in the ANCIENT and the MODERN TIMES while enjoying:

No bullet can stop us now, we neither BEG nor will we BOW
Neither can be bought nor sold.

Anonymous said...

The game being played is smart.Very smart.
current power in statehouse knows very well that Kamwana's position can never be a winning ticket
They have brought in MM as the prefered project

look at timings-High Court will deliver their ruling (to disqualify kamwana) after the status hearing next week-14th February
what does this mean?- that there will soon (next week) an overdrive effort to convince TNA supporters to vote for MM-he of the soft and to be trusted hands.
The danger is that no statehouse project sells!
lets vote wisely

Anonymous said...

The new constitution says it all. You need not to be a rocket scientist to interprate it correctly. But Kenyans favour pple with big names, big money and big criminal backgrounds. Forget the loved rotten nyama choma. That's what Johny is telling us. Nothing more.

All Kenyans will terribly feel the economic pinch after 4th March and never say: we wish we knew.

Anonymous said...

Kenya is bigger than an individual. I am ready to abandon my presidential interest. A candidate declared that during Saitoti burial. Empty talks.

Kenya now risks losing everything due to 2 individuals. Is this justified?

Dont compare Spain with Kenya.

It is like comparing day and night. In Spain roads are good, you dont hire your own security, schooling is free, public land is there, public transport gov funded is working, rule of law is in place, there are thousands of millionares and thousands of low class while in Kenya there are a thousand millionares and millions of beggars.

Anonymous said...

I wouldnt recommend some presidential candidates to attend the debate scheduled for Monday.

There are people with bad intentions and dark forces guiding them.

There is no security in Kenya. Just dont attend.

Anonymous said...

Poor CordOMites, they have all realized that heir hair dyeing opinion poll president is going to bite the dust and they have now picked ICC as the issue to rant all over the blogsphere after the land isssue yielded no dividends...lakini wacga waendelee kuchizi and lets see how many votes will be brought by the likes of chris and other e-bloggers...nada, zilsh, zero....

Mwangalendo said...

'Kamwana's' followers will likely commit mass suicide if their man is disqualified at this eleventh hour. His supporters are like the Norwegian lemming who every so often commit mass suicide by jumping off a cliff....or so it would seem!!

Because of their association with this odd behavior, lemming "suicide" is a frequently used metaphor in reference to people who go along unquestioningly with popular opinion, with potentially dangerous or fatal consequences.

So like lemming, are we doomed to follow popular opinion and suffer the attendant consequences!!

Anonymous said...


Ending the endemic culture of corruption, mediocrity and blatant disregard for law, order and required ethical standards within the public and private sectors is next to impossible, and a herculean task to achieve several months after 4th of March, 2013,
unless several meteorites land in every one of the major cities and towns in the country, including the overdue revenge by Menengai Crater, Mount Longonot, Mount Suswa, Ol Doinyo Eburru and Ol Doinyo Lengai as they spew their anger in a four hundred mile radious for a wake up period of six months.

Unfortunately, Mount Vesuvius may have taught the people of Pompeii a lifetime lesson but it never ended corruption and bad politics in Naples, Rome, Milan, Turin, Sicily and elsewhere in Italy.

Anonymous said...

As the owner of KK, if you have to moderate comments, then ensure you check your inbox after every 10 minutes. People come to KK expecting to find the heart beat of the nation leave comments that are fluid and unfortunately you take like 3 days to post them.

IMO, remove this moderating thingie and let the Kenyans express themselves. After all, those who break the house rules will be prosecuted by the gava so why your bureaucratic levels???


kenny said...

I'm quite sure many other friendly countries are willing to work with Kenya,no matter who is in power.
We can not do our stuff based on what the west says so as to avoid sanctions! That in essence is "neo-slavery".
Being enlightened as we all are,we know that the west does not "help" Kenya for free!

Anonymous said...

Mheshimiwa Shujaa Fulani, Mbuge wa Podium,

Kwa hakika, during your presidential campaigns around the country, a lot had been promised about how you were going to deliver punch-by-punch on so many sensitive issues affecting the country's future, including a blueprint that would have offered the Kenyan people a glimpse of the leadership style they should expect from you and your government once you ascend to power after the 4th of March.

However, you ended up providing fudged explanations in one form or another, and half-baked answers directed at you by the panel.

Which left the audience, constituents of Podium, and public wondering what happened to the highly expected delivery of perspectives from a man whose mind is believed to have been forged in one of the world's great intellectual traditions?

The public is still seeking answers to a whole load of questions that you never bothered to respond to with a straight face as expected.

While at the same time they were left wondering why you spent eighty percent of your time at the podium skirting issues and questions rather than providing a substantial explanation of how you plan to govern the whole country - not just your home county and surrounding region - and what your immediate political, economic, social and international agendas will be once you are elected president of the fourty-two soon-to-be-united republics of Kenya?

And by the way, how comes you forgot to claim one of your briefcases full of books authored by the likes of David Hume, Immanuel Kant, Friedrich Nietzsche, Leo Tolstoy, et al that was left at the VIP's lounge in Langata - 'Wilson' - Airport, which will soon be renamed Kibaki National Airport?

It is rumoured that you have always carried the items around with you ever since the days you graduated from one of the institutions that is known to impart upon its brightest minds with one of the world's great intellectual traditions?

Mheshimwa Shujaa Fulani, Mbunge wa Podium, what went wrong? Were you tongue tied, or was it just a sudden case of suffering from a creative blockage from engaging the audience and rest of the public?

We, the people, especially the constituents of Podium, have not yet given up on you, however don't waste the political capital that was loaned out to you in December of 2008, because it may end up being repossessed after the 4th of March, at 8:35 PM East African Time (EAT).

Anonymous said...


Which Kenyans may be barred from seeking further education in the west?

I hope and pray that Mwarang'ethe tells them off and comes back to Mbere to RE-START his cosmetic biz.

Anonymous said...

Calling it as it is, a spade is spade, no more, no less.

Kenyans favour (always worship) people with Big Names, Big Money, and Big Criminal Backgrounds and from Big Ethnicities.

BN + BM x BCB = a 95% continuity of business as usual, impunity, government approved/parliament sanctioned corruption, and more developments of large upscale estates like Kibera, Mathare, Kawangware, etc in the next thirty years.

Who is really to blame? The greedy politicians are not to blame because they know the name of the game that has kept the majority of them in power for deacdes.

The blames rests on us, the ignorant Kenyan bred voters from all corners of the country, the type that never bothers with asking themselves about,

What is best for us, counties and the whole country?

What type of government do we need to serve us in the best possible-ways?

Why are we still in square one(underdeveloped-nation) since independence?,

Why do we keep killing one another so that the politicians and the wealthy Kenyans and their arrogant families may continue to enjoy their lifetstyles with impunity?

'What is next' for us and the country after March 4th, 2013, besides the musical chairs, the same old political tunes and millions of idle crowds milling around election caravans hoping for occasional hand-outs?

Anonymous said...


Beware what you don't wish for it may come true when kamwana ends up as the next bwana bubwa of the republic of Kenya by virtue of an overwhemling backlash of votes from the electorate and other seemingly sympathetic sectors of the voting populations.

Especially those who now ardamantly hold onto the notion that it was and still is very unfair to have singled out or targeted a kamwana of a former president with the sole aim of keeping him out of reliving his childhood dreams in the old colonial static house on a small mount located somewhere in Nairobi, regardless of whether he is or not held responsible post-election violence by the ICC.

While at the same time using the collectively engineered political crisis of 2007/08 and the ICC's peding trial against kamwana in order to propel another lifelong politician in the person of wuod (spl.) or omwana of a former vice president into the same old colonial static house on a mount for worst reasons.

All things taken into account, the outsider better known as Gabriel Moreno wa Ocampo, the mwana of Spaniard ancestral cousins is to blame for not having looked on both sides of the same coin and castigated both kamwana and omwana for their simmering selfish contributions that exacerbated the political mess of 2007/08.

Simply put, the two sons of former famous pre-independence politicians were wholly culpable for political national mayhem, regional lunacy, and near quasi-armageddon (amakenton/amagendon) that engulfed the country five years ago.

Therefore, before the drumbeat hints of kamwana's disqualification are allowed to saturate throughout the local media and political circles, there is a large segment of the electorate who are demanding to know why the outgoing president, his prime minister, six cabinent ministers (three from CORD and three from JUBILEE), and two Kenyan billionaires are not among the accused political crew expected to be grilled and milled for days by the various components of the justice machinery at the ICC?

By the way, who among kamwana and omwana instigated the post-election violence, and who got sacked into it after the fact?

One of the above mentioned acted on a whim without even having been provoked, while the other reacted as a countermeasure that srictly involved defending a defenseless and fleeing segment of the Kenyan population and urgent concerns their well-being, at a very critical juncture after the government - of Kenya - had failed to protect the lives and property of its own citizens - children, women, men and the elderly?

The real question remains, why have the majority of Kenyans not demanded for the disqualification of the presidential candidates from Jubilee and Cord, including their other former diehard lieutenant colonels who are now self-proclaimed frontrunners for the other inconsequential - seasonal - political parties?

So, why are Kenyans wasting their time and resources by trying to get rid of Peter Kamwana only to end up being saddled for another five to ten years by Paul Omwana?

Kumekucha, be very careful what you wish for, lest we forget the ever molting 'Black Mamba' of Zimbabwe and the now mottled 'King Cobra' of Zambia.

Anonymous said...

Do we ever hate to be reminded that the March 4th general election is akin to two weeks hunting trip or fishing season where the majority of us will be left without a single thread of dried utumbo or fish skin to bring back to our starving families and communities once the elephant or whale meat have been distributed among the powerful hunters and thier immediate high ranking supporters in our midst.

So, what-is-next for the majority of us after March 4th? What is in store?

Will March 4th general election end up without any tangible benefits or much needed progress as was the case when the World Cup tournament that was held in South Africa, and the London Olympics in the UK came to an end as expected?

FIFA and many other corporations took hundreds of millions of dollars out of the World Cup games held in South Africa, leaving behind nothing but huge debts incured during the construction of the stadium facilities in South Africa.

And will there be any real political, economic and social medals of constructive change distributed to the whole regions of Kenya after March 4th, regardless of who wins the presidential race and other regional political races?

Or, will all roads end up leading back to the confines of the political elite Nairobi and the very wealthy as they have always done in the last fifty years, leaving very little or nothing behind for the ordinary citizens of Kenya?

As matter of fact, the politicians are not to blame because they have always known our combined weaknesses and they will continue to exploit us every five years until we die off one by one, community after community, region by region, while leaving nothing behind for the next three generations

Mwarang'ethe said...

"Why are we still in square one(underdeveloped-nation) since independence?,..."


Bwa ha ha ha ha ha ha wa wa wa wa wa we we we we ra ra ra ra ri ri ri ir ga ga ga ga va va va va va da da da da ka ka ka ka

Ati, underdeveloped - nation since independence?

What a contradiction in terms.

An independent nation cannot be underdeveloped!

So, if you see an underdeveloped nation, then, the logical conclusion is that, it is not an independent nation.

Remember, freedom, whether of a man or a nation is of two types:

(a) the legal freedom, and

(b) freedom in reality.

As such then, you and many others confuse the legal freedom and the freedom in reality.

As an example of this CHILDISH CONFUSION. In YOUR new WONDERFUL Katiba, it is said EVERY Kenyan has a right to FOOD, HEALTH and even HEAVEN!

And, there is a REFORMED JUDICIALLY to implement it.

Does every Kenyan have food now?

Remember, or, ever heard of this:

"Reuter's Agency learns that CAPTAIN LUGARD will shortly leave ENGLAND for Ngamiland to take charge of an expedition whose OBJECT is to OPEN up that COUNTRY and DEVELOP ITS RESOURCES FOR BRITISH TRADE


The work of the expedition will include a GEOGRAPHICAL SURVEY of the country and the TESTING of its MINERAL RESOURCES.

The views of the PROMOTERS of the EXPEDITION are in ENTIRE ACCORD with Mr. Chamberlain's [PM] policy regarding 'UNDERDEVELOPED ESTATES."

Did you get that????

Kenya is an AN UNDERDEVELOPED ESTATE and not a nation!

They say that, what you do not know does not hurt you. They LIE!

Anyway, since some are even planing to SELL MOMBASA PORT, we are off to enjoy:

Ngai, we need Your Help:

Anonymous said...


Why do you always love to underestimate our collective ("national") intelligence?

After all, some of us are very proud of our banana (maligo) boat fourth estate, soon to be quasi-republic.

As it were, the majority of us have already been guaranteed a delivery of a half gunia of unga, ten kilos of sugar, 40kg of powdered milk, one large tin of cooking oil, three crates of fine beer, and a fattened goat to be slaughtered several days after March 4th, in celebration of our newly elected president, regional leaders and coalition government.

And our underdeveloped fourth estate will be promoted to the new status of a quasi-nation with a fully functioning Senate and parliament.

While the Brits, Amrikans, Canadiens, Chinese, Russians, Middle Eastern friends, and to some extent Iranians will offer us unlimited huge grants, aid, soft loans and manpower (but not womanpower) to fully develop our infrastructure, people and rest of the nation for as long as we need.

C'mon!!! Give our underdeveloped fourth estate some much deserved credit.

Anonymous said...

Pardon the irritating interruption for a moment, while some of us join many people from around the world and South Africans as they continue issuing their sympathies and condolences to the family and close friends of Pistorious' deceased girlfriend.

At the same time, the cold case in connection with the murder of Samuel Kamau Wanjiru, the former Kenyan iconic sports figure, should never be forgotten by those concerned.

In the meantime, the fans and especially diehard supporters of Oscar Pistorious, should not forget to petition the South African court to allow the 26-year-old Olympian medalist, blade runner, sprint runner, and T44 eventer, to get bailed out of the South African police jail for the time being until the ongoing investigation is completed.

And if possible they should also make recommendations to the South African courts, by seeking to have Oscar Pistorious' pending trial suspended for an extended period, or until after the next Olympic games have been held.

In order to enable Oscar Pistorious to adequately prepare for the Olympics as well as his defense and consequent clearing of his name in connection with the alleged murder of his former girlfriend.

This not a joking matter, however, if the ICC is willing or rather tinkering with the possibility of extending the trial date of several high profile suspects based in Kenya, the South African court should also extend similar measures on behalf of Oscar Pistorious, a national sports icon who is not considered to be a flight risk in any way given his well established roots in South Africa.

Anonymous said...

Why are our ballot boxes still imported fro the UK?..even after 50yrs of independence?

Ashame. And now we want to entrust even bigger criminals (against humanity) with leadership? Eeh?

Elsewhere you would be disqualified by telling a lie, by having acquired phd illigally, by having a mpango wa kando.

But in Kenya you steal billions (2 candidates)YK92, you kill 1300 (2 candidates), you ssupport biggest scandal (Golden-- 1 candidate) and you still find yourself on the ballot.

Anonymous said...

High drama in Othaya: One tenancious politician may end up being elected once the current clouds of campaign election dust have settled after March 4th.

Anonymous said...

Nay Sayers! Well Chris, the court has made it's ruling and kamwana is still on the ballot. What next for this blogger? PEACE bro.

Anonymous said...

@1:19 PM,

Recall the Minister of Education who was forced to resign after it was found out that she had plagiarized in pursuit of her PhD? The are many "Doctor So-and-So" out there who may have done the same but were lucky to escaped capture during "the good old days" when the Internet was not yet born.

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