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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Breaking News: Machakos Country Bus Explosions

Multiple explosions at the busy Machakos Country bus station today shortly after 7 pm has left at least 3 dead and scores injured. At least 21 people have been rushed to hospital with various injuries, some of them very serious.

Initial indications are that the explosions may have been caused by hand grenades in what appears to be a terrorist attack. The timing of the explosions shorty after 7 pm seems to have been deliberate to cause the maximum number of casualties as this is usually a very busy time at the terminus with many people getting on buses to travel to various upcountry destinations.

It is not clear how the injured people will receive attention given that the ongoing nurses' strike has crippled normal operations in most public hospitals across the country.

There is still no official report on the incident.

Security experts in the country have over the last couple of months been on a high alert expecting a terrorist attack and it was highly expected that one of the upmarket shopping malls would be targeted by the Al Shabab from neighbouring Somalia who have taken heavy losses in the hands of the Kenya Defence Forces.

We will give more information as we receive it.


Anonymous said...

This has nothing to do with what is happening in Somalia.

Coalition government is dysfunctional

it is an election year and the forces that are will cause maximum fear and despondency.
They may even try the clause on "declaration of emergency if Kenya is at war........but again, Amison came in and technically,Kenya not at war.

ASK PANUA/intelligence service

our greatest threat is Kibaki/PNU who, against his wish will do anything close to Mugambe if not stopped.

Ati elections in 2013,when even cabinet settled for Dec 2012

Daggers are drawn as confirmed by Raila asking for "Ruto and Uhuru to be locked up'

let the game continue

Anonymous said...

@Anon 1:25 PM,

Same thing I was thinking. Also expect the usual election year bank robberies to pick up starting mid-year.

About Raila asking for Uhuru and Ruto to be locked up, please provide a link. In his speech, he never said that.

Anonymous said...

Oops, anon 1:25 PM here and clarifies that Raila did say they should be arrested.

Anonymous said...

Saturday’s attack was the deadliest in Nairobi since one in June 2010, not attributed to Islamists, during a public meeting against the adoption of a new constitution, in which the death toll was also six.

DM-Nairobi said...

Its so painfully obvious that once again the Kibaki wing of the GoK is behind this latest moronic attempt to intimidate Kenyans through violence in an election year.

If this was truly Al Shabaab, far too many soft targets exist in Nairobi that they could have hit at will such as Westgate, Village Market, Sarit and the Junction - and for greater international publicity. May I point out that the security in those places is amateurish and nothing to write home about.

May the blood of the victims be on the heads of all those Lords of Impunity in the GoK who still believe that Kenya is their personal shop to fool around with as they wish. May God bring swift judgment upon them!

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