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Sunday, August 07, 2011

I met this pot bellied Kenyan who is yet to donate Kshs 10 to the hungry

Even as Kenyans get involved in an unprecedented effort to feed their starving fellow citizens mostly in the Northern parts of the country, we still have pot bellied men (and a few women) gorging themselves with their usual nyama choma in a most unhealthy way who are yet to contribute even the minimum Kshs 10 towards their starving fellow citizens.
I know because I struck up a conversation with one such Kenyan just a few hours ago and got really angry and disgusted. I watched in fascination as this fellow took in such huge quantities of nyama choma that I was genuinely surprised when they did not pass out at the end of it all. Instead they just belched and took a long swig from a bottle containing cold Tusker (can you imagine a sweating cold drink in this Kenyan winter?)

It was difficult for me to hide my disgust, especially when I discovered from a casual comment that they are yet to show any kind of mercy to starving fellow citizens.

Well, it is not mandatory for every Kenyan to contribute to the Kenya for Kenyans initiative and I fully appreciate the fact that this thing is voluntary however in this day and age those of us who live in such an unhealthy manner and yet have no compassion in our hearts for those less fortunate than ourselves only remind me of our political class.

These guys not only continue to gorge themselves with public funds (they have refused to pay taxes and those who have, have done it for publicity with much fanfare so as to score points in their bid for the presidency). Not only that, these guys continue to campaign for 2012 and are really angry that some of the limelight has moved away from them and is now more focused on ordinary Kenyans and their gallant efforts to save the lives of their fellow citizens.

I am really sorry if you are reading this and yet you have this big huge pot belly, so huge that if you ended up at a maternity hospital in the city with your pregnant wife, you might just get taken into the labour ward first. Nothing personal and to prove it I will be doing a post later to help you look much better minus that heavy thing you are carrying.

I have a message for you even if you will have no compassion, even if you are saying that the hungry are well taken care of now because of the huge contributions being made. Even if you are saying that this is Kenya and some of the funds will get embezzled tupende tusipende. Whatever your excuse, that is up to you and your conscience.

My message today is very simple. Just try and skip a single meal tomorrow and then see what you feel. Maybe then you will start to have a little compassion. Save that money you would have spent on that unhealthy lunch and send it via Mpesa or any means convenient to you to the Kenya for Kenyans initiative. Just send it! Do your part and the rest of us will do our part in ensuring that NO single shilling will get into the wrong hands. (Kumekucha already has people hovering around waiting for somebody to try something stupid.)

This is a strong appeal from Kumekucha to all you wonderful Kenyans out there to stand up and be counted. Please don’t slow down your giving. We must feed these people until well after the rains come (nobody even knows when that will be). We can do it and we must not get tired.

But what jazzes me most of all, above everything else is that we will keep sending this message to our political class which they do not like. The message is that we don’t need them and they should start packing their bags (with their presidential pipe dreams) because any government that cannot accomplish something as simple as feeding it’s own people has no business being in power. Any legislator who sits in parliament silently as Kenyans starve to death has no business being an MP.

If you support the contents of this post, please forward it to as many of your friends as you possibly can. If you read this through facebook ask all your Facebook friends to re-post it.

Kenyan lives depend on it.

The future of our beautiful republic depends on it.


Mwarang'ethe said...

"But what jazzes me most of all, above everything else is that we will keep sending this message to our political class which they do not like. The message is that we don’t need them and they should start packing their bags (with their presidential pipe dreams)..."


Up to this point, we agree 101%.

We should organize our lives/families/communities to make politicians irrelevant. That is the spirit of FREE MEN and WOMEN.

NB: Just talked to a guy in the rural areas and he said, he will never waste time with OPIUM again.

He is waking up to the reality that, there is only one BALLOT that COUNTS, i.e. the shilling, £, $, gold, in your pocket. All else, is an ILLUSION.


"...because any government that cannot accomplish something as simple as feeding it’s own people has no business being in power."


Having stated that, we can do without useless idlers who call themselves politicians, you go back to SAVIOR STATE mentality. So, with this, we disagree 101%.


Yes, we should feed the hungry. However, having fed them this time, it is more useful if we engage in serious WEALTH creation as opposed to USELESS PAPER WEALTH which we have been chasing.

NB: Keep an eye on PAPER WEALTH (stock exchanges) morrow in USA, EU,Japan and such places.

When we are engaged in serious real wealth generation, our people shall have PURCHASING POWER within their hands to feed themselves.

It is from this spirit, KK readers have heard us complaining of the VAT's and such robbery which the GOK is asking those who wish for instance to do irrigation.

It is such ROBBERY which is retarding our ability to create wealth which is the real problem.

Anonymous said...

Do you really think Africans care about their fellow Africans? Africans have never and it will take thousand of years for them to care about their fellow Africans.
If you don't believe me why did they sell their fellow Africans to slavery? If you read the history of slavery you will be shocked to learn Africans sold their people to the white and Arab devils just to settle village debts. Slave traders did not take Africans by force, rather they were sold to them by their fellow Africans in exchange of a price like brandy and sweets.
Black man is his own worst enemy.

luke said...

what do you have against the ONE PACK KITAMBI?

I will be back later on to comment on that picture

Anonymous said...

How come we Kenyans complain about individuals not paying taxes but when it comes to the Big corporations /foreign)who arent paying taxes we keep mum, what about other governments operating in Kenya these are the guys that ought to pay tax and people should also ask themselves what happens to the profits these corporations make, where are they invested and who are the workers?

Anonymous said...

I think it's ridiculous to try and guilt people into giving. It's a matter of personal choice and your disdain has no relevance whatsoever.

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:51 pm. Good question. Its only Mwarang'ethe who consistently asks that question. The rest of KK readers are busy reacting to political intrigues and mexican soap operas. You can read Mwarang'ethe's take on EPZ robbery from the archives of KK.
By the way Chris, do you have info on whether all the main churches and numerous ministries have contributed to the kitty? I am an anglican and I would love to know where my church stands.

Anonymous said...


I have to disagree with you. This Kenya for Kenyans initiative is pure rubbish. This Starvation is as a result of mass irresponsibility by Kenyans - especially the seemingly "educated" middle class, upper middle class, the wealthy Kenyans, the Church (both catholic and protestant) and the politicians who they put into power as a result of their mass irresponsibility. This is a tragedy that did not have to happen. It could have been avoided.

Some Examples: There are areas of Kenya which are overflowiing with food and milk but cannot help because there are no roads! There are also other areas of Kenya where cereals are rotting because the cereals board has offered farmers very low prices (below the cost of production)

Next year we will be doing the same exact thing: People will starve in the arid areas of Kenya and then predictably these same clowns will line up to "Donate." Perfect BullCrap!!!

To them this is just an exercise where they can be SEEN (emphasis is mine) to "donate" so as to massage their ego's - another perfect exercise in FUTILITY.

Like I have stated, this "Kenyans for Kenyans" initiative is pure rubbish. Come next year we shall be doing the same nonsense all over again instead of really solving the problem at its root.

Mwarang'ethe has repeatedly told us that instead of engaging in useless OPIUM taking sessions, all of us should make wealth creation and its facilitation our focus (and, by the way, NOT FIGHTING poverty as what you resist will always persist)

Just my 2 cents

Anonymous said...

And is operating cosmetic biz WEALTH creation? Hope you get paid in GOLD and not useless paper money. And please make sure you BURN all the plastic money/cards in your wallet. LOL.

Anonymous said...

Managu Managu has gone quiet. That's uncharacteristic. Maybe he saw the PM --as he and his supporters in Jukwaa were fiercely *demanding*? Poor old Waldorf Astoria, the WRATH of Jukwaaists awaits him.

Anonymous said...

Americans are really arrogant. In their defence to credit ratings, they (including billionaire Warren Buffet) are bragging that the great USA cannot default on their debts coz they can just as well print more dollars.
So here is the thing. I give you a loan of 10K, after spending my cash you tell me not to worry about your ability to pay coz you can still print more notes from worthless paper and pay back. And this is supposed to make me sleep better? You print useless notes, inflation goes up meaning my 10K is now worth 2K and you expect me to still rate your credit worth AAA. You gotta be kidding me yankees!!

Anonymous said...

To them this is just an exercise where they can be SEEN (emphasis is mine) to "donate" so as to massage their ego's - another perfect excercise in FUTILITY.

I couldn't agree more, because it was a chaotic circus and the very theater of the absurd, watching Mzee King Emelio, Waziri Mguu wa Mkuu, and His Excellency Mh. Kigeugeu-Kipepeo-Kiruka(Njia)-Katika trying to outdo and outshine one another in showing comapssion, generosity of fatherly spirit, overly political concern, and busy sore carding political mileage, while trying to distribute food (that had already been DONATED by USAID) to the poor, hungry and starvation Kenyans based somewhere only the media cameras seemed to know so well.

One would have expected to see or find the trio distributing foodstuffs made or produced in Kenya by local industries rather products - maize, beans, rice, soybean oil, and bulgar - that were clearly marked USA, as in AID from the People and Government of the United States of America.

A sad scenario that reminded me of very frustrating times when I worked for a certain European aid agency, whereby millions of dollars in hard cash were raised to help victims of drought, famine, political unrest and other refugees at Kakuma "City of Shame".

Those incharge of the front office operations would have their pictures and videos taken while distributing already donated food - by USAID and SwissAid of course - to the deserving African poor.

But unlike the Kenyan political trio, those behind this particular aid agency were very evil, manipulative, conniving and fraudauent ba_tar_s who had made a very lucrative industry out of poverty.

They would first empty the already donated USAID and SwissAid into various containers that had their big logo attached to them, then have several pictures, slides, videos, newsreel and series of mini-documentaries taken while they were distributing food they hadn't purchase in the first place, and then have tha footage of the whole exercise (fraudulent action) sent back to their home country.

Those were agonizing and frustrating times where we - local Kenyan staff - wondered how our fellow starving Kenyans and refugees from across Southern Sudan, Ethiopia and Somali, could manage to consume food worth five to ten million dollars on a quarterly basis.

POVERTY was an industry then, POVERTY is still an industry now, and POVERTY will continue to be and industry for decades to come.

Anonymous said...

Anon @5:39 PM
Americans are addicted to comfort foods, addicted to foreign gas, and now they Chinese have just said it as a matter of fact that Americans "should stop being addicted to debt" and living beyond their means.

Anonymous said...

Chris, where did everyone go??

Anonymous said...

Some have DISAPPEARED because the truth hurts so bad, the one about the pot bellied Kenyan population who can no longer afford to look at themselves in the mirror anymore.

...we still have pot bellied men (and a few women) gorging themselves with their usual nyama choma in a most unhealthy way who are yet to contribute even the minimum Kshs 10 towards their starving fellow citizens.

Talking of the ones who are better known as the "Portobello Mushroom, Tumbo-Mbele, Wanavitambi, Bwana Kubwa, Kibaba-Kibaba (Kimama-Kimama) Hujazi-Kitambi, Kula-Kula Hujenga-Kitambi, and Maendeleo ya Stomach-Mbele class" have taken to the hills.

While many other concerned Kenyans with moderate bellies are very busy at the moment helping out with the various drought-famine-initiatives around the country and from abroad.

On the other hand, the ongoing tumult in the global markets has not made the situation any easier, because inflation is going to climb in various countries on higher food prices.

In the meantime, there are those in the UK who have been kept away from Kumekucha due to widespread rioting and looting that spread to at least eight areas and broken out for the first time in another big city in Britain.

Lest we forget, "rioting and looting" was once considered as a reserve for the uncivilized people on the African continent as well as sub Asian continent.

Let's continue with good cause to support the 'Kenya for Kenyans Initiative' by remembering to donate the minimum Kshs 10 to the hungry.

Anonymous said...

Politics is always an easier subject to deal with or respond to at any given time, unlike hunger, starvation and senseless deaths of fellow citizens.

Anonymous said...

PBK - Pot Bellied Kenyans.

The systemic presence of live 'pot bellies' among a segment of the Kenya population is in itself a case of mind over matter.

As someone has already mentioned in the past, instilling a realistic mindset and right attitude plays a greater role in the fight against obesity in the form of pot bellies that are a major cause of a myriad of health related complications.

The surprising thing among many Kenyans is that they have never viewed the existence of 'pot bellies' that are so common in their midst, as a very real mental health issue.

It's been reported that two-thirds of severely obese - pot bellied people - have some time suffered a psychiatric illness, mostly major depression.

Untreated or unstable major depression among the pollied population is a concern to mental health experts and providers.

When people gorge (binge eat) themselves with their favorite comfort foods, it's always due to or brought about by patterns or clusters of unhealthy behaviours that must be addressed in clincal settings.

Pot bellied people who eat from an emotional need, must be helped to understand their relationship between mood state and food. Mood vs Food!

Hence, mental health providers do find ways to help in raising awareness of both internal and environmental triggers that cause pot bellied people to engage in binge eating such as gorging themselves with nyama choma among other foods.

The gradual reduction of a pot belly and conseguent wieght loss - if needed - in the other areas of an individuals body can be managed and maintained through rigorous lifestyle changes that are usually accompanied by struggles in the an ongoing fight against obesity.

Further, a realistic attitude is key in any personal fight against avoiding or preventing the development of a pot belly, the number one killer of many males and females between the ages of twenty-five to sixty years of age.

Anonymous said...

Did you know that pot bellied Kenyans are among some of the greatest gossipers, rumour mongers, backstabber, envious goons, and suffer from inferiority complex? Now you know! Just remember to be a good observer when you're in their company.

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